Lara and Floris Roozemond

I am not trying to exploit Lara Roozemond, but, give her a leg up. I see her as my Heir to so much history, and legend, I have compiled in this blog. Last night there was a synchronistic connection between Burgit Schuurman and the short film ‘Fictional Characters’

When I first looked at images of Lara, I saw a young Elvis Presley. She could be his sister.  A female Bond who can do a great Elvis impersonation? Perfect! If Lara made a video, and got that up-turned lip, right, she would bump Sean Connery to the curb. BAD! And she writes poems on napkins – in a frenzy!

I see a scene where Victoria Bond is on another date with her Champion Austrian equestrian, her blue ribbon doll. They are just finishing dinner, when the waiter comes to the table;

“Ms. Bond. It’s time for your number.”

“What’s he talking about? What number?”

There are several running gags with this Austrian of good breeding, who tries his best not to be shocked, then rude. Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers! I believe Lara can be a great comedic actor.

I am trying a new way to make movies – from the ground up! The Writer meets the right Muse who inspires the story. Then comes the others, all the way to the top. My artwork toured the world when I was twelve. Artists don’t go to their empty canvas with a gang of folks, with their lawyers. I am poor, and powerless outside the Creative Sanctuary. I think Lara could promote herself, sell the movie built around her. She can start – today!

Jon Presco

Copyright 2018

“Knight Floris van Roozemond (spelling varies with o/oo, s/z and d/dt), accompanied by the Indian Sindala (Bergman), returns home from a trip around the world only to find his castle occupied by Maarten van Rossum, the commander in chief of Charles, Duke of Guelders. Charles, who controls Guelders, is involved in a power struggle against Philip the Handsome who rules the Burgundian Netherlands, the rest of the Low Countries. Floris had so far been neutral due to his absence, but after he finds his castle stolen, he sides with Wolter van Oldesteijn, who is allied with Burgundy against Charles, Duke of Guelders. Charles and Maarten van Rossum are aided by the Frisian pirate Greate Pier partly as an ally, and partly to do the dirty work.


Apart from Sindala and Floris, all the characters are based on historical figures. Another divergence from history is the presence of the pirate Greate Pier: although a contemporary, he was not active as a pirate before the death of Philip the Handsome. In the series Pier is either guarded or surrounded by members of the Arumer Zwarte Hoop (called “Gelderse Friezen” in the series).
Although intended as a children’s series, it was very popular with adults; for example, Floris’ sword fight with two swords in the castle in the first episode looks surprisingly realistic. The series also had an educational element: customs, like timekeeping with bells and the origin of words such as “vernagelen” (“to spike down”), being explained by example. While Floris is portrayed as a typical knight-hero – not too bright but a good swordsman – Sindala is the clever one, using oriental scientific knowledge for practical applications (which also had educational value).
Locations included the medieval castle of De Doornenburgh, close to Doornenburg in the Dutch province Gelderland (part of the historical Guelders), and the Belgian cities of Bruges and Ghent.[3] Floris van Rozemond Junior, son and heir of a long line of knights of that name, refuses to go in the military ‘family business’ and becomes an actor, a profession scorned by his homonymous father, the general of the under-age duke of Burgundy. The duke chose this year to pay for his people to have bread and butter, rather then canons for the army, but relies for Floris senior’s defense force on a novelty Holy relic from the East, a nail from the Holy Cross, supposedly rendering invulnerable, smuggled to his court in an inconspicuous place- a horse’s arse, yet the men of his rival, the duchess of Gelre, think they got it from the stripped body of the courier. Now Floris Sr. is charged with transporting it, but hides it in cheeses, which get sold to the duchess and distributed to her men in Christmas bonus packets. The Gelre side decides to kidnap Floris Jr. and exchange him for the relic, but a Chinese, Pi, helps him escape; when Floris Senior won’t even hear their plan, they start the quest on their own, enlisting common folk, and infiltrate the duchess’s castle on real relic hunt while she plays the magical healer…

Floris, de kleinzoon van de oude Floris, wil zijn vader bewijzen dat hij een held kan zijn, net als zijn grootvader, de beroemde ridder Floris van Rozemond. Hij wil ervoor zorgen dat het heilige relikwie met wonderlijke krachten nooit in verkeerde handen terecht zal komen. Samen met zijn oosterse vriendin Pi neemt Floris het op tegen de Hertogin van Gelre, Van Rossum jr. en Kleine Pier.

Rosamond Press

I have traced Lara Roozemond to Floris Roozemond-Roesmont. I have an Heir. This is a undiscovered branch of the Rosamond Tree. Three years ago I began a painting of Fair Rosamond. because I didn’t like any of the portraits I saw. The one by Rossetti, is terrible. Everyone around me was very disagreeable about me doing this. They are out of my life. Doing Lara’s portrait is the end of my autobiography ‘Capturing Beauty’.  This has been a Knight’s Quest. Floris 111 is kin to King Henry 11. We are in the Labyrinth with the Rose of the World.

Lara’s poetry and complaint is the continuation of Samuel Daniel’s quest to immortalize Fair Rosamond, place his Muse amongst the great Muses. I held a copy of his work. That a male attempts to see the world thru a Beautiful Woman is the story and study behind the mask. To get…

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