I Am The Rock

I was going to reveal some profound information on the Swan Brethren, but, will wait. I asked Lara Roozemond to go to their house and video tape.


Fig. 18
Skellig Michael, South Peak. The Needle’s Eye. Its entrance is reached by a short traverse of dry-stone masonry at the
top of a steep rock face. The masonry has deteriorated, bulging and subsiding dangerously.
Photograph by Walter Horn.

It could be said artists are not so much interested in living a meaningful life, but, dying a meaningful death. Our enemies rendered the life of the artist, Christine Rosamond Benton, meaningless, because, they have no death scene. This is because we are a part of The Never Ending Story that is forever writing itself. We get glimpses, now and then. Sometimes we behold the full Monty!
We are The Ancient Sea Wendlings. We learned Alchemy from John Dee, and came to California with Sir Francis Drake.
It is time for a New Renaissance. I beseech business men and women to put down the club of the Neanderthal, and take an artist and poet to lunch.
This is it! We have arrived!
Jon Presco
Rosamunda Bolger (née Took) was the mother of Fredegar “Fatty” Bolger
and Estella Brandybuck. She was married to Odovacar Bolger and was
known as Rosamunda Took prior to the marriage. They lived in
Budgeford in Bridgefields in the Eastfarthing of the Shire. Rosamunda
and Odovacar both attended the Bilbo’s Farewell Party in 3001 along
with their children.

Rosamond Press

I am The Rock

This morning I realized I had founded The Church of the Rock when I founded The Church of Art. In looking at the horrific inequeties of my mother, Rosemary Rosamond, I had to face the truth, that she did everything in her power to destroy me. She succeeded. I died. I was reborn. Rosemary destroyed my bond with my sister, Christine. I long wondered why she named us John and Christ. She destroyed her father, and my father. How about my brother? She was irate she was born a woman. She is the embodiment of the false and corrupt Catholic church that has stifled the return of the Son of God. Vic said;

“She was writing a book, using everyone as mere characters.”

Rosemary was born of Mary Magdalene Rosamond, a devout Catholic, whose cousin was Mary Dominica Wieneke, the head of the Order of Saint…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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