Le Serpent Rouge

The President of France has spoken out against nationalism. https://rosamondpress.com/2018/03/11/brotherhood-of-the-swan/

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Dan Brown fails to explain where he got, and why he used the term “Rose Line”. Below is the post got me evicted from several yahoo-groups, after I suggested my family is a rose line, which by THE RULES suggests my family was a candidate for a Holy Grail Bloodline. Did Brown read this post – two years before he wrote his famous book? This rose-thing infuriated several published authors – and the Sinclair family – who just banned me from their clan on facebook, after I suggested they help me establish a religious base for the Buck Foundation. They may try to do so behind my back, which is par for the course. I made it clear that according the THEIR RULES, this bloodline had to be OPPRESSED for two thousand years – and counting! If the shoe fits – wear it!

“Is anyone oppressing the Sinclairs?”

The legal…

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