At Our Mountain Table

Once per month during a full moonrise at sunset, rangers on Mt. Tamalpais, just north of San Francisco have a moonlight walk. This is the only chance to see this place at night because the park closes at sunset. It was hot, dry and windy above the cold fog. You can literally walk from the cold fog to the hot winds and back again in just a few minutes!

The wind bent the trees and grasses as the fog rolled quickly over the lower hills at Mt Tamalpais on a late spring evening. Most of the time when there is low ocean fog, the skies are clear, so seeing higher clouds in the sky is a rare event. I used a 1/2-second exposure to show a little motion in the fog and the foreground grasses. I like including motion whenever possible even if it is extra work. I had to shelter the camera and tripod with my body in order to avoid camera shake.

The top of Mt Tamalpais during the May-October dry season is a great place to watch the fog flow and the sun set. Hiking can become hazardous, as the dry grass is very slippery. But the views are well worth the risk! This is why California is called ‘The Golden State.’ Not because of the Golden Gate, or the discovery of Gold in 1949. I chose an extra short exposure to show detail in the grasses, as there was not enough wind to show lots of motion. I chose this exact location to show where the redwoods meet the grassy curve on the left and show a peek of distant hills on the right horizon.

I took Rena to the top of Mount Tamalpias. She had never been higher than a hill in Nebraska. I still couldn’t take my eyes off her, years later when she is long gone. In this photo I get an idea, of what, of whom she saw, a man with such blues eyes, scheming on how to keep her in my life, forever. I am there again, studying every approach and angle of her perfection, my Rosamond genes screaming at me to be beautiful…….and multiply.


About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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    Rena was my Work of Art.

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