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I got an e-mail from the school district where three Presco children went to school. They coud not find our school, and thus fake teacher that Julie the Witch conjured up to create a fake sibling rivalry with a famous dead artist so she and other outsiders can make money off CHILD ABUSE. Vicki Presco lured my seventeen year old MINOR daughter into her camp. We were making plans for me to attend her High School Graduation. My letter came back. Heather’s phone – went dead. Two years later I find her via Vicki’s son. Heather said; “Just because you can’t get along with your family, doesn’t mean I can’t! They still want my family history that includes the Jensen brothers.

Rosamond Press

There is an ongoing discussion about employing sports to combat addictions. My grandmother Melba raised the Jensen Brothers after their mother had a nervous breakdown. She was a single mother struggling to raise three teenage boys. One would become the most famous sports star of his time. Jackie Jensen was titled ‘The Golden Boy’. His brother, Bobby Jensen, taught art at McCheznie Junior High. He rendered scenes of Jack London Square. Mark and I emulated the Jensen Brothers. Mark played on Oakland High’s champion team. The watercolor I did when I was thirteen was chosen to tour the world in a Red Cross show. Our famous sister did not take up art until she was 24. Christine Rosamond’s brothers offered her the only periods of sanity she knew. We raised our two sisters. Rosemary was hardly ever home. Vic never gave us a dime of child support. He spent…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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