The Granny Goose Caper


Bond’s With Angels


Jon Presco

Copyright 2018

I just compared the actor Philip Carey to Patrick Warburton – who may have based his Control Freak Character on Mr. Granny Goose. Carey has been compared to James Bond! Wow!  He played Philip Marlow and drove a Ford similar to the one Uncle Vinnie gave me.

Two months ago, my old Private Detective friend called me. I had not heard from him in six years. I thought he was dead! He was trying to CONTROL what I wrote about him in the blog. If I wanted to rag on his ass, and I believed he was dead, what, or, who, is going to stop me from really going to town – on his ass! Believing he was going to die, my friend became a Control Freak. I asked him if he recalled what caused our falling out. He didn’t remember either. In watching the Marlow video, it came to me. He challenged me about my claim that I met Bill Lindhart, Caryl Chessman’s Private Eye. Wow! Cary, as Marlow may replace my friend.

My friend drove me to Christine’s funeral – in a professional capacity. When it was all over, and as we drove back to Oakland in the dread of night, he delivered the greatest PI line of all time!  Raymond Chandler would have ripped it.

“I’ve never been to a Theme Funeral before……..”Don’t let the dream die!”

I have tried to top this brilliant utterance, and have so far, fallen short. Here is my idea for a movie or T.V. series starring Chessman.

Vic was a Control Freak, and I told him so. At the end of his life, he worked on letting that bullshit go. He was no good at it! No one, but his No.2 son had the guts to tell him.

“Now, take your No.1 son. That’s a Control Freak – and a half! When we stayed at your mother’s house in the tent – so as not to dirty-up inside her home – he told me he was Tent Boss, and, if I didn’t do as he says, he was going to confiscate by Uncle Scrooge books!”

Mark Presco might be the Founding Father of the ‘Make America Great Again Movement’ that will take us back to 1950, to recreate the culture of that time. Goose was headquartered in Oakland, and thus put baseball cards of the A’s in their bags. Great stuff!

Almost every evening, when Vic got done with his deliveries, he would back his delivery van with the Granny Goose logo on it, into our driveway, open the garage door, make room for some more hijacked chips, and, here come the kids in the neighborhood. They all got a big bag of expired chips that were susposed to be dropped off in the landfill. When we held out out hands, for some, we got;

“You got enough chips. Have you been helping yourself?”

“No sir!”

“Well, you don’t want to ruin your appetite.”

Vic was the Big Shot, Mr. Chips, Granny Goose……to our peers, who smirked at us.

When I was seventeen, Vinnie gave me the Ford you see. He gave ten of our kin a half million dollars. I got a Ford truck.

Philip Marlowe is a 1959–1960 half-hour ABC crime series, featuring Philip Carey as Marlowe, the fictional detective originally created by Raymond Chandler.

The private detective Marlowe -as portrayed by Carey – departed very much from the original character.

The show first aired October 6, 1959 with the episode: “The Ugly Duckling” with Virginia Gregg and Rhys Williams

When the world famous artist, Christine Rosamond Benton, was four, she took a brick and threw it at a large picture window of the vacant house next to our home in Empty Chair California, and shattered it. Either I came upon the scene of Rosamond’s crime, or, she went and got me in order to be a witness of her intentions. Pointing to a phone sitting on the living room floor, she exclaims;

“I wanted to call grandmother and tell her to come get me.”

This was not exactly a worthy scene for the cover of The Saturday Evening Post, with his title

“She just wanted to call her grandmother.”

However, Rosemary thought it was cute, and conducted some PR work with the neighbors who had their doubts. Was my little sister, crazy, like her parents?

The reason Christine wanted to go to Grandma Melba’s house, was Vic and Rosemary Presco were fighting – again. She couldn’t take it anymore, and was trying to make a break for it. She was just trying to save herself. I dont think she considered her two siblings wanted a respite from hell – too.

What our parents were fighting about is Vic had just lost his bond for ripping off Granny Goose Patato Chips, and could not get a job, because the owner of Granny really had it out for my father, was doing all he could to destroy his reputations, because Vic jeopardized Granny’s reputation. Vic drove a Granny Goose truck with the image of a goose borrowed from Mother Goose painted on the side. Mark, Christine, and myself, were proud of our father because our peers thought this truck was a big deal, it parked in front of our home when Vic was not making his rounds.

Victor William Presco was supposed to throw away the old stale chips that had reached their expiration date, after replacing them with new, fresh chips. However, having three mouths to feed (his great criminal excuse) he thought “What a waste!”

In no time our garage was full of Granny Goose products, and every time he opened it in order to take Vic’s Recycled Chips to his new customers, the kids home for the summer would beg him for some.

“Please Sir. Can I have some more?’

Vic understood that most Americans are addicted to potato chips, and as he tossed a shit load of chips into the landfill, he had a brilliant idea. If he could step-on the deal just once, he could make his fortune. If he could just insert himself into the chip action, he could make the million he sorely deserves. This is like stepping on a shipment of cocaine, or, giving bad loans to folks who are in Default. Vic did not have to pay a dime for his chips, and could sell them to retailers for a fraction of what the other Granny Goose Guys were selling their chips. Vic was undercutting everybody, and realizing a %100 percent profit – on what should have been garbage!

Something went wrong, or course. Perhaps a customer asked for his money back after biting into a stale chip, and not getting his money, wrote the president of the company, who soon discovered Victor had grabbed part of his operation, and was the other chip guy, the Dark Chip……Granny’s Godfather.

When Vic’s aged mother was dying, she asked to see Vic’s four children before she EXPIRED, because we WERE in her Will – as was Rosemary! This was very upsetting to my father, because some of his kindred were guilty of disloyalty. If somehow Vic could insert himself between the Grim Reaper come to take Old Granny to the landfill, and, the disloyal ones, then only he would get all Granny’s chips when she cashed in.
The solution Victor arrived at, was to stand at the foot of him mother’s deathbed, and, hat in hand inform her none of her grandchildren gave a rip if she died, and told him;

“Good riddance to bad rubbish!”

No sooner did Vic leave the hospital, then Melba sent for her attorney, and disinherited everyone, but her loyal and loving son.

Vic then sold hos mothers home, and invested it in his famous daughter’s art. He got Vicki Presco to invest $60,000 dollars. Christine has quit painting .
so she could raise her youngest daughter, Drew Benton, properly. Vic talked her into letting her father and sister step on the deal – just one more time.
For a variety of reasons, the four images rendered for the Family Partnership did not sell. They had a face value of over $3,000,000 million dollars.
Eight thousand prints were made from four paintings. Here was Rosamond – bagged!

“Bet your can’t eat just one!”

Stepped on
When a illicit powder/rock based drug has other products/drugs added to increase weight and maximize revenues.

* * *

Clint Eastwood is a fake Good Guy. He never took on a real Bad Guys, like I did, yet, he was employed to put billionaires in the White House. I employed Clint in several letters to describe what I believed was a crime in regards to Lawrence Chazen who was my father’s private lender, he making high interest loans, and then, buying up homes that defaulted at auctions. I told my mother about my theory, how this was like the movie ‘Paint Your Wagon’. She became alarmed, and told me;

“Stay away from these people. They will kill you!”

CBS is going to air a new series ‘Vegas’. It’s about a real Good Guy’s battle to keep the Mob out of the gambling industry. My mother worked for Big Bone’s Remmer in order to support her four children, because Vic did not pay one dime of child support he was ordered by a judge to pay. We just weren’t worthy it. That my father inserted himself in the Family Art that Bill Arnold and I established, and Christine sustained, has filled me with rage – and is now very topical.

The day after Rosamond’s life EXSPIRED, outsiders plotted how to insert themselves into our family tragedy, step on Christine’s fame, and make million’s of dollars. They wanted to capture Rosamond’s beautiful women – before the funeral, and before my beloved sister was put in a incinerator and rendered into ashes.

Jon Presco

Copyright 2012

Granny Goose is the name of an American brand of potato chips and other snack foods.
Its logo and mascot, also named Granny Goose, is an anthropomorphic cartoon goose. In a series of television commercials first aired in the 1960s, the company’s spokesperson, who self-identified as “Granny Goose”, was portrayed by actor Philip Carey as a tough James Bond-style spy.[1]

Granny Goose Foods, Inc., was originally founded in Oakland, California, by Matthew Barr in 1946. In 1993, the company acquired the Laura Scudder brand from Borden, Inc., but still could not make a profit due to intense competition from PepsiCo’s Frito-Lay and Anheuser-Busch’s Eagle Snacks, so the entire company was put up for sale in 1995.[2] The company moved most of its operations from its corporate headquarters in Oakland to Kaysville, Utah in 2000.

The brand was claimed by Snack Alliance, Inc.,[3] who also produced and marketed chips under the Laura Scudder brand. Several products formerly produced by the original Oakland-based Granny Goose were also available from their new owners, such as the Hawaiian Kettle Style line from Tim’s Cascade Snacks.

On March 1, 2010, Snack Alliance, Inc. was acquired by Shearer’s Foods, Inc.[4]
An idiomatic use of the company name was popular in 60’s California “hippie” speak. One would say so and so has more of x than Granny Goose has potato chips.

Carey was born in Hackensack, New Jersey.[3] A former U.S. Marine, Carey was wounded as part of the ship’s detachment of the USS Franklin during World War II and served again in the Korean War.[4]

One of his earliest roles was at Lt. (jg) Bob Perry in John Wayne’s Operation Pacific. Carey also made appearances in films such as I Was a Communist for the FBI (1951), This Woman is Dangerous with Joan Crawford (1952) Calamity Jane with Doris Day (1953), Pushover (1954), The Long Gray Line (1955) and Monster (1979).
Carey’s career started with ten characters in ten episodes of the Ford Theatre, a highly popular 1950s drama television series. He also narrated thirty-one episodes of the documentary Untamed World. He portrayed fictional detective Philip Marlowe in a 1959 ABC series of the same name, Philip Marlowe. He portrayed four different characters on as many episodes of ABC’s mystery series 77 Sunset Strip starring Efrem Zimbalist, Jr.
On April 22, 1997, my best friend, Michael Harkins, sent me an article from the San Francsco Examiner about Lawrence Chazen’s battle with Andrew Cuomo of HUD in regards to preditory loan practices. Micchale was a Private Investigator for the famous PI, William Linhart who was employed by Caryl Chessman.

Chazen claims Cuomo is playing politics – in 1997. Chazen claims he is a victim as does his business associate. I sent e-mails to several Congressman, and our investigation to the Attorney General of California – who ignored MY WARNING! Too bad! Millions of people are going tolose their homes – along with their money!

In separate interviews, broker Charles H. Oliver Jr. and San Francisco investor
Lawrence Chazen angrily objected to the cross-fire of publicity and politics
surrounding a 4-year-old loan to Mattie Aikens and her son Wilbert. Oliver and
Chazen said they’ve been the target of abusive telephone calls. Oliver operates
Homeowners Resources Corp. of Hayward along with his wife and partner, Cindy
Oliver. The Olivers said they are outraged that U.S. Department of Housing and
Urban Development officials publicly said, before investigating, that they
believed Aikens’ case was an example of predatory lending practices. He compared
himself to Richard Jewell, widely suspected of planting a bomb during the
Olympics in Atlanta until the Justice Department conceded it lacked sufficient

Meet Captain Victim’s Private Lender

Meet my mortal enemy, Lawrence Chazen, one of the greedy monsters who helped
Bankrupt America. He was Garth Benton’s good buddy and Vic’s private lender. Vic
discribed Chazen as “a top financial advisor for the Getty family.”
Chazen was investigated by Andrew Cuomo of HUD for loan sharking, he threatening
to take the home from a black grandmother in Oakland where I grew up. I went to
school with her grandchildren. As fate would have it you can see this woman’s
son, Willie Aiken, in Mark’s High School football team photo. k

“I think there’s a real problem that (HUD) is trying to solve, but that this
loan does not fall within the problem,” Chazen said Friday.”Media being misled’
“I think the media is being misled, and I think there are a lot of political
overtones from both local attorneys and politicians in Washington,” he said.
Chazen was/is the No.1 Creditor in the estate of Christine Rosamond Benton.
Chazen was a partner in the first Carmel gallery. He is/was a partner of Mayor
Gavin Newsom and most of the Getty family in the PlumpJack resturants. Chazen
tried to get a Superior Court Judge to appoint him executor of Christine’s
estate. There was tax fraud going on when my late sister died. The battle to
control information was, evil.

“I am a member in good standing of the State Bar of California and an attorney
on record for 50% interest in Shannon Rosamond. In my 16 years as a member of
the State Bar California, I have never experienced a more deliberate fraud on
any court or more reckless and calculated attempt to fraudulently take control
of a probate estate at the exclusion of the lawful heirs and total manipulation
of a tester’s intent that the present efforts of Attorney’s Robin Beare,
Lawrence J. Chazen and Garth Benton, the descendants former spouse.”

“Over the specific argument of Ms. Beare, Judge Silver refused to appoint Mr.
Chazen. Neither Ms. Beare nor Mr. Chazen disclosed to the court the very
critical fact that Mr. Chazen has the largest single creditor’s claim against
the estate and is a former business partner and business associate of Garth
Benton who the court had removed as Special Administer just moments before.”

In separate interviews, broker Charles H. Oliver Jr. and San Francisco investor
Lawrence Chazen angrily objected to the cross-fire of publicity and politics
surrounding a 4-year-old loan to Mattie Aikens and her son Wilbert. Oliver and
Chazen said they’ve been the target of abusive telephone calls. Oliver operates
Homeowners Resources Corp. of Hayward along with his wife and partner, Cindy
Oliver. The Olivers said they are outraged that U.S. Department of Housing and
Urban Development officials publicly said, before investigating, that they
believed Aikens’ case was an example of predatory lending practices. He compared
himself to Richard Jewell, widely suspected of planting a bomb during the
Olympics in Atlanta until the Justice Department conceded it lacked sufficient

I found a class action complaint against Transamerica for defrauding Seniors in
“Reverse Mortgages”. This is ten years ago! This is when I started writing
letters to Attorney General Lungrin.”The complaint alleges that Transamerica
took advantage of the senior citizens’ need for cash income by selling “reverse
mortgages.” Under the reverse mortgage scheme, the complaint alleges seniors
borrowed against the hard-earned equity in their homes, but were charged
unconscionable and excessive fees and were assessed unfair charges unrelated to
the loan.

I met somebody who knew Lawrence Chazen. He saw him a few times at home default
auctions. What I suspect what he was doing was befriending realestate guys in
their favorite bars – such as the Copper Penny in Walnut Creek – and becoming
their private lenders. All one needed in order to make a loan, was a California
Realestate License. These loans would be bundled up, and when some one
defaulted, Chazen bought their home for a song at auction, and resold it.

Dear Honorable Gavin Newsom;

By an incredible twist of fate it appears our paths have crossed in regards to
Lawrence Chazen and the Getty family. There exists in the Probate of my late
sister, Christine Rosamond Benton, a overwhelming scandal that may become the
focus of much public attention in regards to Gay Marriages. In my sister’s
probate are letters I filed protesting the advertisement of the Lesbian novel
‘Love Match’ which is about the marriage of Martina Navratilova to a Beauty
Queen. The author os this book was authoring the biography of my sister who
drowned at Rocky Point. She was a partner of Lawrence Chazen in her Carmel

I am asking you to champion my cause and help me be represented in this Court of
Law that has so far utterly ignored my ‘Family Values’. The two oldest
structures in San Francisco were brought around the Cape in a Clipper in 1849 by
my great grandfather , Carl Janke, who set them up in Belmont. Janke is the
co-founder of this city where he built California’s first theme part
‘Tansforan’. These homes were later moved to S.F.I am writing a biography of my
later sister.SincerelyJohn Presco

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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