Rosamond’s “Journal Entries”

Bonds With Angels


Jon Presco

Copyright 2018

What is the name of the mystery city, and, the name of the mysterious kindergarten teacher that recalled how my eldest sister rendered adult-like works of art? I figured she was about ninety when the Outsiders found her. They don’t give her name. Where did she teach? I looked at the history site of this tiny town, and, they would be happy for these photographs, because there was really nothing there – there! There was nothing to take a picture of, but, the Dairy Queen that gave away free ice cream now and then. Spielberg would love this shared memory – or would he?

A famous Jazz Man lived there. They don’t know about Rosamond. They are trying to promote the arts in this bedroom community. I am sure they won’t take too kindly to my late sister. Too much intrigue!

The Presco’s are highly toxic. We have a court-appointed ‘Caretaker’. My muse said there was nothing there for me in Nebraska after I felt her out about moving there. There was a rodeo down the street. Can’t find any photos of it, though. My muse said she had become a Redneck. Well, the real Rednecks went West, and lived in our tiny hick town. The title of the painting above is ‘Room For Thought’. Rednecks need a lot of room – to think. So, why disturb them?

The town with no name has an Art Association page, from where I ripped the chair. I didn’t dare ask if I could put it on my blog.

“No fucking way, dude! We know all about your crazy-ass selfish sister! We want nothing to do with her. Do you paint?”

In my only conversation with Executor, Sydney Morris, he said;

“I hear your sister was a real pain in the ass!”

He thought Stacey Pierrot had gotten all the Presco’s eating out of her hand. Years later, Vicki told me Sydney combed trough my letters and papers I filed in the Probate, looking for a death threat – that didn’t exist! He was hoping and preying it did – after the ghost writer threatened me if I didn’t sign a Non-disclosure Agreement. Morris said he sold it all to Pierrot so she could write a biography, and make a movie – in order to reverse a waning interest in her Rosamond’s art.

I don’t encourage anyone to read the two book about Rosamond, that demonize her, and destroy her reputation. For this reason I put a black mask on the little cowboy town we lived in for a few happy years, before we were moved out onto The Flaming Planes of Hell. Just for future reference, let me rename this city ‘Empty Chair California’. It is my hope my attorney will put Lynch to a test – in court!

The Empty Chair Journals

noun: journal; plural noun: journals
  1. 1.
    a newspaper or magazine that deals with a particular subject or professional activity.
    “medical journals”
    synonyms: periodical, magazine, gazette, digest, review, newsletter, bulletin; More

    newspaper, paper, tabloid, broadsheet;
    daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly
    “a medical journal”
  2. 2.
    a daily record of news and events of a personal nature; a diary.
    synonyms: diary, daily record, daybook, log, logbook, chronicle;

    “he keeps a journal”
    • Nautical
      a logbook.
    • a record of the daily proceedings in the British Houses of Parliament.
      plural noun: Journals; plural noun: the Journals
    • (in bookkeeping) a daily record of business transactions with a statement of the accounts to which each is to be debited and credited.

Above are copyrighted photos of Christine Rosamond Benton taken in 1951 when she was four years old. Our house number was 2742. I forgot the name of the street. I may have to go back into hypnotherapy. This number is real. Almost everything else is a Salvador Dali hallucination – thanks to the Outsiders. This number is a 8, the number of the Infinite. Is it any wonder a Surrealist Artist would arise from this morass, along with the most highly commercialized artist of our age, surpassing Walter and Margarete Keane.

Married folks can do just all they want to one another, as long as they don’t lay it on the kids. Tom Snyder says Shannon lost her virginity to default – at the age of ten! This tid-bit caused his book to fly off the shelf – not! What part of “commercialized” don’t they understand? I’m not out for money. I want – creative revenge! Ever heard of that? I don’t need no gun. I got me a……keyboard!

Take a good look at the boy above. This simpleton thinks he’s going quail hunting in Connecticut. He’s got his new hunting coat on.  I got an imagination on me – that won’t quit! Anything to – get away! My brother picked the same clothes I picked. He was in full survival mode. Captain Vic didn’t have to growl at Mark, call him a moron, shame the shit out of him;

“So, I bet you think you are somebody in your new duds. You look like one of those home-grown homos they got up in Maine. Lumberjacks – my ass!”

Vic practiced his best stuff on us before he took it to the local He-man bar, and acted like the tough guy. I am five years old. At four and half, Rosamond biographer claims I was doing works of art beyond my years, because my mother only wanted me to become a famous artist. What did she see in me? Why didn’t Rosemary save my works of art? She never saved Christine’s stuff, because she executed her masterpieces in the closet, by flashlight. My question is, where did she get the money for the fucking batteries!

I found this image of a rose that Christine rendered in school. I think the assignment was to make your mother a Mother’s Day card that she will squirrel away – forever! I found it in Rosemary’s famous jewelry box ten years after she died. I was not told my mother was dying, because I had a falling out with Mark and Vicki Presco when they blessed Tom Snyder’s wretched biography – of us! I did not get to say goodbye.

Here is that copyrighted rose. The L is backwards, as is the word LOVE, or LOU. I think her mysterious kindergarten teacher came along – and rescued her! Is that her hand, she pretending to be a child of four? No mother wants to see that her child is a moron. LOV… mother.” Why not LOVE to – MY Mother?

I notice things like this, even though I can’t spell worth shit. Thank God for spellcheck! I know I had a learning disability. Wouldn’t you if you were severely punished and ridiculed for not wanting to sit in that Redneck Dunce Chair all your life, making yourself look as empty-headed as can be. Those who have mocked me will be licking white dog-doo in hell, because I am writing one of – those books!

On second thought, my brother does look afraid, and pissed, at what Vic is doing to him. Did you know I can read photographs telepathically? I looked at the JFK assassination book – while on Woodrose. More about that later. Here is Vic and our Psychically Reconstructed California Conversation…

“What do you mean I look like a fag wearing these shades. The reason your favorite  barflys sniff your ass when you walk in, is because, they smell Rosemary’s money in your wallet. Your ass always smells like perfume!”

I bet you never dreamed you’d be reading a novel like this. These are Safe Post-abuse Dialogues. I will read your photographs, give you a PRCC – for a fee! Beware of Frauds and Pretenders!

“Will one of you adults get over here and tie my poor sister’s shoes! How long is this shit going to go on?”

In the photos with us, is Uncle Vinnie and Aunt June. I think they are on a rescue mission. It looks like they took us shopping. Mark and I are sporting new earmuffs. We got on the same clothes, lest there arise come dreadful sibling rivalry. But, it looks like my brother scored a tricycle. Grandma Melba may have gotten this for Mark, because he was her favorite, and, she and Rosemary had been i a vicious battle over him since he was born. Note the smile on his face. He always did well in the Family Fights, while I am demonized by special Executor, Sydney Morris, and all the outsiders he invited to come on in, and run our cursed show. That these outsiders FAILED, is par for the course, and proof of what I had been saying since Rosamond drowned in 1994.

The Mail Box of Unopened Evil

Rosemary bought our new Tract Home with her GI loan. She had served in the WAVES. She had dropped out of school in order to served her Country. At first, it appeared we Prescos got what everyone in the hood got. We had a front door, a doorbell, and a house number. What we had that no one else had, was a ‘Mailbox of Evil’. It was our Pandora’s Box. It gives me chills to look at it. From it flew ‘The Early Arguments From Hell’. Vic had got caught ripping off Granny Goose, and lost his bond. No one would hire him. The bills poured in. There were raging verbal screeching. Rosemary was about to default on her loan. Her credit would be – shot to hell – along with her husbands. We kids had no clothes to wear to school. Our shoes had holes in them. Victor made sure he got to the The Box of Untold Evil before Rosemary did.

It was Christine who came to our rescue. One crisp Saturday morning we woke early, and going into the kitchen we saw a coffee pot on the floor where it had been violently thrown across the room. There was a big streak of coffee on the beige drapes, For two aspiring child artists, this was too much. Here we are rendering creative works of art (Christine hid in a closet to draw) and our parents are acting like destructive untamable brats. I noticed my sister had slipped outside, and I went to find her. I found her next door, inside the identical, but empty house next door. Vic and Rosemary had driven the occupants away with their screaming. The world famous artist, to be, is on the dead phone.

“Hello, Grandma! I want you to get your fat ass in your fucking car and come take us away from that Son of a Bitch our Mom married! He’s a fucking bum. Instead of paying the bills he goes get drunk with his buddies – with Mommies money!”

Did you know Rosamond swore like an old sailor’s parrot, as she rendered anatomically perfect horses that would have made Da Vinci green with envy? Just kidding.

The truth is, Christine had picked up a brick and thrown it thru the window in order to get to the phone – to call Melba! She had had enough of Big Daddy Victor who had taken his family hostage, and created a Closed Family System in order to keep the Presco Family Secrets – safe! This cry for help ended up in a Monterey Superior Court – and might be a movie someday – my movie! Not theirs!

Vic flew into a rage when he saw the earmuffs Vinnie had bought Mark and I.

“What the fuck do they need these for? This is California! Vinnie is just trying to show me up, make it appear I can’t take care of my kids!”

Victor deprived us of any frills. He needed all his extra money – not to pay his bills. We heard it was our fault – all the time! He took our earmuffs and threw them in the trash.

When I was fifteen, I got tired of hearing Rosemary rag on the SOB, and asked her why she had four children.

“You knew he was a bum after you had Mark! Why didn’t he wear a rubber?”

“Becauuuuuuuuuuse………….your father said it was like taking a shower with your socks on!”

“What are you saying. What?”

“What I’m telling you, is the only reason you were born, why you are in the world, is…..”

“Never mind! I’ve heard enough!”

If Vic had gotten over his aversion, then, Christine’s teacher would not be born. Christine would be born, after Vic’s Rubber Fixation – returned! How convenient that would be. This is like an immaculate Ejaculation, and goes well with all the Insidious Fiction Sydney Morris allowed to be published by – INOMPETENTS!

I pointed out to Sydney Morris and Judge Richard Silver, that Stacey Pierrot claims Rosamond’s first biographer, Susan Falkner, conducted interviews with Christine just before her death, and thus these notes belong to my nieces – the Heirs! I also pointed out that Falkner rendered the images of Dunkin the Frog, that are said to have been done by Christine. I found this frog on Falkner’s website, that she took down, then ecounded with the advance, according to Vicki. They were going after the movie that would be based on the book the ghost writers were hired to write. My nieces would realize no profits. Julie Lynch has written two scripts. This morning I found this.

“In journal entries”

Tom Snyder said this in his biography;

“These contributors are virtually the only sources of information on Rosamond……..There were not diaries, no extensive articles…….On occasion Christine speaks for herself…….The bulk of her comments however, consists of scattered thought and the ideation of a woman who was not well at the time she wrote them down.”

Vicki showed me a 276 page rough draft of our sister’s autobiography, that I also mention to the executor and probate Judge. Here is proof, it existed. How stupid and ruinous these parasites are. This is more evidence of many attempts to defraud the estate. They did not want any of our family history to fall in the hands of the adult Heir, Shannon Rosamond, who accused several family members of sexual abuse.

In journal entries, Christine articulated that, for her, painting was not only a means to a better life, it was also a way to prove that Rosemary could no longer control her. This rebellious energy is what I believe led to Christine’s success and can be seen in her now classic portraits: Summer Mood, Denim and Silk, and Simone.

I am now free from the controlling influence of the Outsiders who are waiting to exploit the children in my family – some more! Tom Snyder says Vic took Christine out to the family car to molest her. Vic said this was true, but, Rosemary suggested it. Sometimes when a marriage is on the rocks, and a woman is about the lose her husband because he has lost interest, and, he just can’t win………a Sacrificial Child is offered up. In our case, it was more than one.

Rosemary had considered taking flight – with Mark. She did not want Vic to get to her eldest child. Then, Vicki was born. We were told not to let Vic take Vicki anywhere. The divorce was final. We thought our prayers had been answered. We were wrong. Outsiders kept the evil divorce – fresh and alive – until they got it all!

Last night I studied these copyright photos, and noticed my toes are curled. I do this when I get nervous and afraid, and, do not want to show my fear. I am terrified of my father. These exist no photo of us together.

When I saw the movie ‘Radio Flyer’ I saw myself, and Christine. My brother was fixated on his own survival. It appears nothing phases him. He is happy that I am the family scapegoat, the broken one, the dumb moron who acts like a retard because it is DANGEROUS FOR ME TO KNOW.

I was in hypnotherapy when Mark told me Vic raped Shannon, and Christine is blackmailing him in order to get money to put her in therapy. After my first session, and after my therapist brought me back, he asked;

“What children does your father have access to. Give me their names and age!”

By law, Martin Schafer was required to report incidents of child abuse to law enforcement. In this photo, Vic looks like a Wise Guy.

The blessed effort of the Outsiders to disappear the truth I was Rosamond’s mentor, is only surpassed by the truth there were TWO WRITERS in our family, as well as TWO ARTISTS! At a very early age, Christine and I became THE PARENTS of our family. We both – flew away! We both died on these beautiful rocks…………by the sea.

I saw an angel when I died. We saw angels. God returned me to life in order to tell our story. It is – HIS STORY! This is our Third Step. Christine and I were Brother and Sister in AA, where we are encouraged to keep a Recovery Journal. Your Sponcor would encourage you to keep a journal . My aftercare package said “Write! Write! Write!?

Six months ago I ordered anoter copy of Snyder’s biography, and went into shock for months. I gave my first copy to Shannon years ago. I had skimmed through it. What occurred to me, after I read the contribution of Christine’s sponsor, I knew she was in a rage about what they did to OUR SISTER. I wondered why she did not speak up. I sent her an e-mail. No answer. Why? Did Tom Snyder have her sign a NDA? How many people signed a NDA? How many did so, then sent their contribution, thinking it would be published? Thanks to a Porn Star and a Playboy Bunny, we know a smart lawyer knows how to………………………..? And there is a term for this, that I can google, but, I don’t want to. I want to save it for the end of this book.

Did you notice there is such a thing as a bookkeeping journal? Snyder’s book reads like a business accounting, and a final divorce decree. Garth and Christine Benton were being investigated by the IRS. Vic turned them in thinking they turned him in. Garth knew about that journal. Was it a bookkeeping recovery journal, wherein my sister talked to herself about a way out, and real solutions? One solution she might have jotted down, was to turn her diary into a book, and the book into a movie. However, this would mean throwing some people under the bus.

Tom has Garth coming away with no flies on him. Snyder is a neighbor of Scott Hale, who he renders a Hero. Did both of them go together to get aunt Lillian’s story – after she signed a NDA? Shannon’s father told me he and Scott were best friends – before he went for his wife. I’ve asked Larry to send me a NDA. He has some legal training. Did Scott pay his taxes? Did he make sure Christine, did, when he managed all her affairs?

One attorney who would know all about a NDA, is Lawrence Chazen. He was Christine’s partner in the first Rosamond gallery. He was Vic’s private lender, and an advisor for the Getty family. Did he help J.Paul get members of his harem to sign a NDA? Chazen tried to become executor after his friend, Garth was dismissed. Controlling the information is critical – especially now that we know Christine kept a articulate journal.

Then, there is the owner of Rocky Point, a real fan of Rosamond. Was he giving her business advice that she made notes of?  This is not about a sibling rivalry between children learning how to spell LOVE. We are watching these devious information games played out by the Billionaire President of the United States.

My brother, whom I have struggled all my life to love, disowned me after he threatened to do so – if I did not sign Snyder’s NDA. Mark is a suspected source of the money Stacey got to buy the estate. Mark told me our nieces would not be getting everything. Shannon was a threat to write her story. Why hasn’t she after all these years – many Rosamond Fans – wonder? I think Mark and Stacey filed Shannon’s input in the cyber ashcan – after she signed a NDA. Does Christine’s Journal, that Vicki said she made a copy of………….still exist? Who was in control of it – before Christine drowned?

Who would kill for that journal? Let me title that missing journal ‘The Empty Chair’…….by the sea. Consider this blog my Recovery Journal.

Journaling in Recovery

Keeping a Journal as an Addiction Recovery Tool

Journaling is an effective tool for anyone who is recovering from an addiction. Some claim that it is the cheapest and most easily available form of therapy. It not only helps to reduce stress and improves mental health, but it may even lower the risk of relapse. Journaling is also a way to track progress and increase motivation. The benefits of keeping a journal are undeniable but still people will have excuses for not doing so. In most instances the reasons for not journaling will have an easy solution.

Types of Journaling

There are many different forms of journaling but the ones that are probably most beneficial for people in recovery include:

* Stream of Consciousness Journal. This is where people just sit down for an allotted period of time and write down whatever comes into their head. The key to this is to not make any attempt to edit the writing. There is also no need to worry about spelling, grammar, or punctuation as these interrupt the flow.
* Diary Journal. This is where people write down all the important things that have happened each day.
* Gratitude Journal. This can be particularly useful for those individuals who are dealing with a lot of negative thinking. By putting an effort into focusing on the positive things in life it helps to change their outlook.
* Spiritual Journal. This is where people write regular observations on their spiritual development. It is like keeping a travel log only in this case the journey is internal.
* Exercise/ Health Journal. This is where people outline their efforts to life a healthy lifestyle. This can be important if the individual wants to get the most from their recovery.

The Benefits of Journaling in Recovery

Here are just a few of the benefits that people can look forward to if they keep a journal:

* Keeping a journal means that people can learn more about themselves. When things are written down it makes it easier to observe patterns and find causes.
* Writing things down is a type of venting. It reduces stress levels because the individual is able to express their inner feelings externally. Just allowing emotions to pour out onto the paper can be noticeably therapeutic.
* Keeping a journal increases accountability. By keeping a journal the individual is being more honest with themselves. They will be less able to use denial to ignore any bad behavior or unwise decisions.
* If people are feeling a lot of negativity it may be because they are misunderstanding the situation. By getting everything down on paper it makes things a lot clearer. This means that the individual will be less likely to act on their faulty interpretation of events.
* Writing down any goals in a journal increases the likelihood that they will be achieved. It may mean more success and progress in recovery.
* Journaling is a wonderful way to track progress. It is nice to go back in time by reading older entries. The individual is able to see changes that they may not have otherwise noticed. People change slowly over time and it is easy to miss out on what has been achieved.
* This type of writing can be a way to come in closer contact with the subconscious. This can mean improved intuition and occasional life changing insights.
* It encourages people to think critically. Most people never examine their thoughts and assumptions. This means that they are usually functioning with a lot of flawed information influencing their decisions and actions.
* When the individual writes in their journal they have no need to worry about being judged. This can encourage them to be more open and honest with themselves.
* People in recovery can get periods where they are struggling to stay on course. By reading back on their journal entries they will be able to remind themselves of how far they have come. This can motivate them to reenergize their efforts to build a life away from addiction.

“Pierrot later bought the business from the estate, royalties
from which go to Rosamond’s daughters, Drew now 11, and Shannon, 28.
Pierrot has a determined vision of where she wants the business to
go. A poster of Rosamond’s creation “Dunkin the Frog” will be
distributed to children in hospitals. T-shirts and tote bags will
also be produced featuring the whimsical character, Pierrot says. All
manner of upscale merchandising is contemplated using the images from
Rosamond’s paintings…bed linins, throw pillows and other elegant
household items.”


Denim and Silk: The True Life Story of Rosamond (Drama/Biopic) by Julie Lynch

The Cynosure Screenwriting Awards seek to expand the scope of mainstream
cinema by recognizing and rewarding feature-length scripts in two distinct      categories: screenplays which feature compelling female protagonists;  and screenplays that showcase diversity (ethnicity, race, sexuality, disability, etc.).   In 2011, we are proud to offer two (2) $3000 cash prizes to the top entrant in each category.  Also, each winner will be granted a Cynosure Mentorship.

lynch3 lynch8 lynch9 lynch11

Rosemary 1955 at Company Party 3 Rosemary 1959 as Flapper (color)

If Christine’s parents had embraced her talent, there might be existing works from her childhood, but this was not to be. Fearing that Christine would steal her brother’s spotlight as the family artist, Christine’s mother, Rosemary, forbade Christine to draw at home. The only time she could express herself was at school or in her closet, by flashlight, when everyone else was asleep. Though we don’t have images to prove it, Christine’s kindergarten teacher has said that, by age five, Christine was already drawing with adult skill. She can remember Christine’s pictures of animals having near perfect detail and perspective.

In addition to oppressing Christine artistically, Rosemary also dominated Christine with physical violence. Trying to support four children with only a high school education and little help from her alcoholic husband, Rosemary was often enraged. She took this rage out on Christine and Christine’s earliest known works reflect it. In Teenage Drawing II, her subject is reticent and withdrawn.  In Teenage Drawing III, the woman looks shocked and angry.

Christine Rosamond Benton 1947-1994


Rosamond Publishing - Biography

An essay by Julie Lynch
      From simple sketches in pencil to finely detailed watercolors and oils, this comprehensive collection provides a rare opportunity to experience the breadth of Christine Rosamond’s work. It also gives us a chance to understand the artist behind the work and see her evolve from a teenager, struggling to balance her need for expression with her fear of what her art might reveal, to a self-actualized woman, strong enough to make peace with her past and surrounded herself with the people she loved.
THE BEGINNING: Oakland, California
If Christine’s parents had embraced her talent, there might be existing works from her childhood, but this was not to be. Fearing that Christine would steal her brother’s spotlight as the family artist, Christine’s mother, Rosemary, forbade Christine to draw at home. The only time she could express herself was at school or in her closet, by flashlight, when everyone else was asleep. Though we don’t have images to prove it, Christine’s kindergarten teacher has said that, by age five, Christine was already drawing with adult skill. She can remember Christine’s pictures of animals having near perfect detail and perspective.
In addition to oppressing Christine artistically, Rosemary also dominated Christine with physical violence. Trying to support four children with only a high school education and little help from her alcoholic husband, Rosemary was often enraged. She took this rage out on Christine and Christine’s earliest known works reflect it. In Teenage Drawing II, her subject is reticent and withdrawn.  In Teenage Drawing III, the woman looks shocked and angry.
OVERNIGHT SENSATION: Los Angeles, California
After a failed marriage and the birth of her daughter Shannon, Christine fell in love with Scott Hale, an ambitious and demanding lighting designer. Recognizing Christine’s talent, Scott invited her to move in with him so that she could concentrate on her art.  Feeling encouraged for the first time, Christine was able to paint with a bold new energy.  A year later, at Scott’s insistence, Christine showed a number of these portraits at the 1972 Westwood Art Fair.  Recognizing a fresh voice, art dealer Ira Kaplan bought out the collection and commissioned Christine to create an additional painting for him every week thereafter.
In journal entries, Christine articulated that, for her, painting was not only a means to a better life, it was also a way to prove that Rosemary could no longer control her. This rebellious energy is what I believe led to Christine’s success and can be seen in her now classic portraits: Summer Mood, Denim and Silk, and Simone.  As defiant as they are beautiful, the penetrating eyes in each of these paintings tell the viewer that times have changed. Women are standing up for themselves and taking their power. Right in step with the ‘70’s feminist zeitgeist, the public – especially women – identified with this combination of strength and beauty and bought millions of Christine’s prints.
The rebellious energy that gave Christine her success would also, in the end, foil her relationship with Scott. Already a drinker, Christine started consuming more alcohol to quiet her fears and anxiety.  But the drinking made things worse. Every time Christine got drunk, she would become convinced that Scott didn’t love her and would fly into a rage. Even though Scott adored Christine and was deeply bonded with Shannon, the attacks were too much for him and he ended the relationship. Christine was devastated by this loss; though, as we can see in Mother and Child, she was even more concerned that the break up was hurting Shannon.
FAME: New York, New York
In an attempt to elevate her work from mass merchandise to fine art, Christine started making lithographs for Jack Solomon and found herself falling for a fine art printer who was married. Older and more mature, the printer knew how to make Christine feel safe and appreciated. We can see that as Christine softened during this time, her subjects softened as well (Autumn) We can also see Christine becoming more technically proficient as she captured her subjects with greater detail (Victoria ) and emotional depth (Contemplation). Perhaps the longer that Christine was away from Rosemary’s tyranny, the better able she was to connect to her own self and, as she healed, her subjects became more complete.
Besides being a happy and productive time for Christine, this was also her most successful period. With the meteoric sales of these lithographs, Christine became the most published artist in the world, eclipsing even Norman Rockwell, Salvador Dali, and Alexander Calder. Unfortunately, this joyous time would not last. Tristesse expresses the sense of longing that Christine felt as she began to realize that her married lover was ultimately unattainable.
FREEDOM & DESPAIR: Encino, California
In a moment of vulnerability, Christine reconnected with Rosemary and allowed her mother to introduce her to actor Rick Partlow.  Rick was attentive and charming and soon Christine was swept off her feet. Galletea and The Ascent reflect this dreamy, romantic energy. Not long after their wedding, Rick tired of Christine’s rigid schedule and persuaded her to leave Ira Kaplan and let him manage her career. After four years of strict deadlines, Christine was so exhausted, she agreed. However, without a rudder to keep her steady, she soon found herself in the undertow of Rick’s never ending parties, drinking and cocaine use.
After giving Rick more than a year to build the business, Christine saw that he still had no viable way to distribute her work. She also saw that he was draining her bank accounts and, if she didn’t leave him, she and Shannon would soon be bankrupt. As her frustration with the relationship climaxed, Christine created Crescendo: a woman who’s been so twisted and manipulated she’s ready to break.
INTROSPECTION:  Monterey, California
Soon after her divorce, Christine met and married the famous muralist, Garth Benton. Garth was deeply involved with Jungian psychology and encouraged Christine to use meditation to mine her subconscious for new images. As Christine painted these images, Garth would title and interpret them. According to Garth, in Off The Wall, since Christine was painfully shy in public, her subconscious was advising her to stop blending in with the background and allow her true self to be recognized.  Fatal Position was a warning that she would only find her fortune if she pulled herself out of the fetal position. Bus Stop was showing Christine that there were two sides of her – her conscious and unconscious self – and that if she wanted to be whole, she would have to find a balance between the two.
Though Garth believed these images to be Christine’s best, the public didn’t agree and sales were disastrous.  Humiliated by the response, Christine returned to the style that had served her in the past. Working with fine art printers in Paris, Christine again created beautiful, defiant women like Dimanche and Dominique.
Though Christine had stopped the meditations, Garth continued to encourage her to dig into her subconscious. He believed that there was unexamined trauma that needed her attention. As if on cue, the universe cooperated and Christine’s father, Vic, who had left the family when Christine was eleven years old, returned to reacquaint himself with his daughter.  Within months, Vic molested a teenage girl. The moment that Christine heard of the attack, she knew that this was not the first time Vic had transgressed. Childhood memories of being violated came flooding back to her.
This epiphany was too much for Christine. Aware that she had a problem with alcohol, she’d been abstaining throughout her marriage to Garth. But now, she needed an anesthetic and started drinking with a vengeance. She also decided that all men were capable of abusing their daughters and, fearing that Garth might hurt their seven-year-old daughter, Drew, she asked him for a divorce.
Recognizing that she needed help, Christine started attending AA meetings and got truly sober for the first time. Without Garth to run her business, Christine brought in a number of women including her sister Vicki to help. It’s no coincidence that after almost exclusively painting solitary subjects for more than two decades, Christine started to surround her central figures with supportive women.
The Travelers is the first work that shows this sense of camaraderie. When she started to sketch the piece, her first instinct was to lean the three women against their luggage (The Travelers Baggage. In what now seems like a symbolic move, Christine decided to pull the suitcases out of the painting and, in effect, leave the women’s baggage behind.
In the completed work we see today the women appear, as if after a long journey, to be leaning on each other and, while the central figure’s companions are sleeping, the central figure is awake and composed. Perhaps after repressing the truth of her childhood for so many years, Christine was announcing with this work that she was no longer asleep or frozen in time. Emboldened by the truth, she could now move forward and go places.
A year later, Christine created Storyteller I, in which a female narrator tells six other women what looks like a serious and shocking story. One wonders if this might be Christine unburdening herself of the family secret.  Given the fact that Christine included her daughter Shannon, and her stepdaughter Bree, in this image, it is also possible that Christine is warning the next generation to stay away from the family predator.
The year 1992 marked yet another shift in Christine’s work. As she continued to heal, she created First Bloom which I believe symbolized a rebirthing for her. This energy continued over the next two years as she created the most celebratory images of her career: Russian Dancers, Cienna and Celeste.  In early 1994, Christine brought these jubilant images to the Art Expo in New York and was embraced by the public once again. She reconnected with Jack Solomon and made a deal to release the images as lithographs. Sadly, these lithographs would never be made in Christine’s lifetime.
THE END: Big Sur, California
Just weeks after the Expo, Christine was tide pooling in a cove in Big Sur with Vicki and Drew when a rogue wave filled the cove.  Christine screamed to Vicki, who was just inches from her daughter, to save Drew, which Vicki did. When Vicki then tried to rescue Christine, it was too late. The wave that had filled the cove had already begun its retreat into the ocean and had taken Christine with it. On March 26th, 1994, at the age of 46, Christine was swept out to sea and drowned.
Though we don’t know when The Sea was completed or what Christine was thinking when she created it, it’s hard not to look at this image without believing that, on some level, Christine knew her destiny.
Though Christine could not have known that Last Work I and Last Work II would be her final effort, the twin paintings are certainly representative of the two sides of Christine: one beautiful woman shrouded by the darkness of a violent childhood, while another, after a long journey of insight and healing, is bathed in white light.
Julie Lynch,

2007 Winners, Semifinalists and Quarterfinalists



GRAND PRIZE WINNER: The Lion and the Eagle (Drama) by Christine Nelson Wenger

LOGLINE:  The Lion and the Eagle follows the steady rise of Eleanor of Aquitaine as she struggles to keep her lands and ensure a kingdom for her son, Richard the Lionheart.

ABOUT THE WRITER:  Christine Nelson Wenger is a double graduate of Northwestern University (Bachelors and Masters). In a former life, Christi led corporate communications for Attorney Liability Assurance Society, where she endeavored to add color and drama to annual reports and company safety videos. She is a mother of three, lifelong Chicago resident, and Cubs fan. In her spare time, she judges figure skating and scribbles screenplay ideas on (hopefully) clean napkins. “The Lion and The Eagle” is her first screenplay to survive infancy.  Christi hopes one day to support her Starbucks habit with screenwriting.

: Freshly Popped (Comedy) by Megan Parsons

LOGLINE:  A nerdy, self-loathing female Cineplex employee decides it’s finally time to knock boots and sets out to find a worthy recipient.

THIRD PLACE: Matri-money (Romantic Comedy) by Hal Katkov

LOGLINE:  An ailing wealthy grandmother gives her two single granddaughters an ultimatum: get married in three months OR be disinherited. Chaos ensues.


GRAND PRIZE WINNERThe Lost Brigade (Historical/Drama/Action) by Paul Gulino

LOGLINE:  A brigade of black WWII soldiers lobby for the right to fight, only to find themselves having to prove themselves beyond expectation on the German front.

ABOUT THE WRITER:  Paul Joseph Gulino is an award-winning screenwriter, playwright, teacher and script consultant, whose book, Screenwriting: The Sequence Approach has been adopted as a textbook at leading film schools around the world. He currently teaches screenwriting at Chapman University in Orange, California.

2ND PLACE: Algo Por Mi (Drama) by Juan Sebastian Jacome

LOGLINE:  After being diagnosed with terminal cancer, a poor young woman tries to sneak her son into America to stay with her grandmother.

Boat People (Action Adventure) by David Kane

LOGLINE: During the fall of Saigon in 1975, and with the help of a very brave American soldier, a young Vietnamese woman learns the true meaning of sacrifice as she struggles through one hardship after another to pursue her mother’s dream of one day performing at Carnegie Hall.



Denim and Silk: The True Life Story of Rosamond (Drama/Biopic) by Julie Lynch
Duster (Action/Drama) by Micah Wright & Jay Lender
Friendly Fire (Action Adventure) by Cecile Silvers
Heaven & Nell (Modern Fantasy) by Wendy Wheeler
Iron Maidens (Drama) by David McEwing
Kat in the Cradle (Coming of Age Drama) by L.A. Workman
Lone Star Rising (Dramedy) by Carol Strickland
Season of Speed (Sports/Action) by Doug Solter



Blue Cellophane (Drama Noir) by Robert Ian Simpson
Master Ch’ien (Drama) by Cynthia Daigle Xenakis
Mr. Smith’s Class Goes To Washington (Family Comedy) by Lisa Yoffee & Steven Samuels
No Running (Drama) by Elizabeth Savage Sullivan
Unnatural Disaster (Dramedy) by Kathy King
Western Avenue (Comedy) by Jihoon Cho

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