Evangelicals Play Politics With Sinner Trump

I am now seeking a attorney so that I may bring a lawsuit that will bid the Evangelical Church to leave the Republican Party, and form their own party along their church lines that are completely entrenched in right-wing politics that goes against traditional Republican party beliefs and values.

All adult Americans became concerned about the moral fiber of Trump when he became a Republican candidate for President – of all the people!  Not once did We the People hear from a collective of political-evangelical leaders, whose interests have to be what God and Jesus think about this morass. Only when recent elections have shown a Blue Wave is coming, do they begin to do their job, their duty, that Jesus and God entrusted them to do.

I believe this church message and mission should result in all evangelical churches losing their tax exempt status, because it clearly shows Politics come first, and being a traditional religious church, comes second. Ministering to all the people, and all sinners – no matter what party they belong to – is no longer the interest of this so called church, that has not once admonished their President for not being the President of all Sinners.

We saw Trumps willingness to overlook the sins of Roy Moore for purely political reasons. Did evangelical-political leaders give our President instructions from behind their holy curtain? The motives are purely political. They have turned the party founded by my kindred, into a perverse cult that tramples on the existence of the Invisible Church that God directly takes part in, in order that His Salvation will be open to all.

The Road and Gate to Heaven does not go through the Republican Party. This party was founded to accommodate, and cater to VOTERS, and the sacred trust and duty our Founding Fathers believed they would hold most dear. God may give unto us divine opinions, but, Trust in our Fellow Man is the glue that binds us to an equally high ideal. Therefor, this CRISIS OF THEIRS does not belong to all Freedom Loving People, but to a handful of tyrants bent on making their will, the will of the land. Only tyrants forgive, and overlook the sins of those who are loyal to them and their cause.

Jon Presco


NPR reports several sources familiar with negotiations between top faith leaders and the Trump White House want the president to appear and take questions from supporters at a gathering of faith leaders on June 19 at his hotel in Washington, D.C.

“We’re very concerned” about the allegations, the leader of one ministry told NPR.

“There’s things that are like fingernails on the chalkboard to people of faith. That’s not who we are; that’s not a ‘fruit of the Spirit’; that’s not leading with humility,” said another person familiar with the talks.

Trump has denied the affair and any knowledge of his lawyer Michael Cohen’s payment to Daniels, whose lawyer is seeking to depose the president over claims he defamed Daniels by denying it.

One source working to set up the meeting with the White House told NPR that it sprung from concerns about Republicans’ performance heading into the 2018 midterm elections.

“It is a concern of ours that 2018 could be very detrimental to some of the other issues that we hold dear,” the source said.

The faith leaders hope to find a way to galvanize right-leaning support heading into fall, when Trump will not be on the ballot but his agenda will face a test as voters decide whether to protect GOP majorities in both houses of Congress.

“Let’s reconvene,” one NPR source said, “and let’s see what we can do to encourage enthusiasm — beyond Trump, so to speak.”

Recent polls suggest Democrats could hold as much as a 10-point lead over generic Republican opponents heading into fall, while a plurality of voters said they also want to see Democrats retake the Senate.

Many Protestants believe that the Christian Church, as described in the Bible, has a twofold character that can be described as the visible and invisible church.

In this view, the church invisible consists of all those from every time and place who are vitally united to Christ through regeneration and salvation and who will be eternally united to Jesus Christ in eternal life. The universal, invisible church refers to the “invisible” body of the elect who are known only to God, and contrasts with the “visible church”—that is, the institutional body on earth which preaches the gospel and administers the sacraments. Every member of the invisible church is considered saved, while the visible church contains some individuals who are saved and others who are unsaved.[comp. Mt. 7:21-24] This concept has been attributed to St Augustine of Hippo as part of his refutation of the Donatist sect,[62] but others question whether Augustine really held to some form of an “invisible true Church” concept.[63] Catholics and Eastern Orthodox see this dual ecclesiology as semi-Donatism and a deviation from historic teaching.

The church visible, in this same view, consists of all those who visibly join themselves to a profession of faith and gathering together to know and serve the head of the church, Jesus Christ. It exists globally in all who identify themselves as Christians and locally in particular places where believers gather for the worship of God. The visible church may also refer to an association of particular churches from multiple locations who unite themselves under a common charter and set of governmental principles. The church in the visible sense is often governed by office-bearers carrying titles such as minister, pastor, teacher, elder, and deacon.

For the Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Church, making a real distinction between “the heavenly and invisible Church, alone true and absolute” and “the earthly Church (or rather “the churches”), imperfect and relative” is a “Nestorian ecclesiology[64] and is thus deemed by both as heretical.

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