Baja-Israel and Math Wizards

My kindred, John Fremont, took part in the Bear Flag Rebellion, and helped rest California from Mexico. This is a blemish on my family history that I want to rectify with the formation of North Mexico. The name California will be no more. I have been calling for the foundation of Baja-Israel since 2001. What better way to serve The Mission of Abraham than to stop being Selfish Shits. I invite Muslims to take the Vow of the Nazarite.

Moon Ass McSwine is calling to his Racist Dogs From Hell.

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On August 1st. I had a conversation with my friend, Xander Klaus Vasilyev, about Sofia Vasilyevna Kovalevskaya whom Thomas Pynchons character Yashmeen Halfcourt is based upon. I have gone fishing with Xander who was a neighbor of my friend, Mark Gall. Xander’s father makes a living as a mathematician. He is a Jew who fled Russia. I asked Xander if he was kin to Sofia, and got this answer.

Xander Klaus Vasilyev: Haha, Vasilyevna means “daughter of Vasily.” But the thought is appreciated 🙂

Xander is fluent in several languages including Russian and Yiddish. He has a mind for math and plays chess.

“Vasilyev means “of Vasily,” of which the female version would be Vasilyeva. My last name actually is Berenstein, but my grandmother’s maiden name is Vasilyeva, so I decided to adopt it into my Facebook name. He doesn’t have one, no, but he’s mentioned in his docroral advisor’s…

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