Kurds Going To War?

Was Trump and his backers going to make a deal with the Kurds involving the Russians?


Rosamond Press

What will Rubar Sandi do? The poor never profit from war. Warfare shortens lives. The military gets half of the tax pie in peacetime. The Buck Institute is given money by war profiteers, those who own stock portfolios. They should look for another way. I have been watching The Vietnam War on OPB. Lying to the people in a cunning and devious manner does not work.

Jon Presco

ERBIL, Iraq — The president of Iraq’s Kurdish region warned on Friday that the Kurds might be forced to retaliate if the central government persists with what his spokesman called a “very aggressive” stance toward the pro-independence referendum.

Overseas flights were canceled on Friday from the international airport in Erbil, hours before a ban by the Iraqi government took effect, while officials in Baghdad warned that land borders might also be closed. There were also reports of some internal…

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