Buck Sister Ships

Aileen Getty is in the Peerage as is the actor, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Paris Hilton, Carrie and Eddie Fisher, Richard Burton, Michael Wilding, and Liz Taylor. Bertolomeo dei Principi Ruspoli1
M, #465109, b. 6 October 1978

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Bertolomeo dei Principi Ruspoli was born illegitimately on 6 October 1978 at Rome, ItalyG.1 He is the son of Alessandro Ruspoli, 9th Principe di Cerveteri and Debra Berger.1 He married Aileen Getty, daughter of Sir John Paul Getty II and Gail Harris, in November 2004.1
[S130] Wikipedia, online http;//www.wikipedia.org. Hereinafter cited as Wikipedia.
Aileen Getty1
F, #465110, b. 14 July 1957

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Aileen Getty was born on 14 July 1957.1 She is the daughter of Sir John Paul Getty II and Gail Harris.1 She married, firstly, Christopher Edward Wilding, son of Michael Wilding and Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, circa 1980.1 She and Christopher Edward Wilding were divorced in 1989. She married, secondly, Bertolomeo dei Principi Ruspoli, son of Alessandro Ruspoli, 9th Principe di Cerveteri and Debra Berger, in November 2004.1
Her married name became Wilding.1 From November 2004, her married name became Ruspoli.1

Michael Wilding was an actor who was in the movie ‘The Sweet Ride’ produced by Joseph Pasternak who son is my friend. We went to Uni Hi. Jeff Pasternak tried to get The Doors in this hippie flic, which is what the series ‘Trust’is.



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The Frank Buck ran aground near ‘The Great Tidepool’ that is located four miles from where Christine Rosamond Benton lived in Pacific Grove. Sydney Morris, of the lawfirm Heisinger, Morris, and Buck, blessed a bad biography that insisted four members of my family went out to Rocky Point to look in non-existent tide-pools.

Robert Buck is kin to Frank Buck, and founder of the Buck Trust that came o be worth 1.7 billion dollars thanks to stock in Belridge Oil. Jean Paul Getty owned stock in Belridge. I suspect Frank kept stock away from Getty, who did make an offer to buy the whole company. Something smells fishy.

I will be writing to my Congressman, Peter DeFazio, suggesting he and Lane County bring suit against the Buck Trust and have half of it applied to the poor people of Lane County. Frank built the city of Springfield, and enriched his…

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