Trump Is Not The Messiah

Many false prophets are saying Trump is the messiah. The penalty for false prophets, is death. This is what God says.

My cousin, Daryl Bulkley, helped turn my daughter against me, she pointing to my Biblical observations as proof I am insane. Both she and my daughter, voted for Trump. My ex-friend, Christine Wandel, sees Trump as her Savior. Millions of Americans are severely mentally ill. Tonight, a porn star will give witness to the inner Trump. Does Bolton believe Trump is his Savior?

If Trump and Bolton get us into another Republican Holy War, then it should be fought by, and paid for, by the Evangelicals and their False Church! Let their neo-Confederate Racist Armed Militias BE DRAFTED, and sent overseas to die! Send them on ships paid for by Hobby Lobby, and other companies that support the NRA, Jesus, and Gun Violence! Empty their bank accounts – in the name of Jesus – and send these lovers of Doomsday – TO DIE for Trump&Jesus!

Sane Children are in the streets today, saying………….STOP KILLING US!


About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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