Jesus Is Not Coming – Ever!

Jesus is not returning – ever! This is the prophecy of Jon Presco ‘The Nazarite Prophet’. I am not alone in this – truth! Every Jew that practices Judaism, does not believe Jesus is going to return. Also, millions of voters for Trump believe the Anti-Christ must come before Jesus comes back to earth. I predict the Anti-Christ is a NO-SHOW too!  The false evangelical leaders can not even produce the Anti-Christ, least The Son of God!

The penalty for being a false prophet, is death. Trump is trying to throw transgender people out of the military.  They want to fight for Freedom of the Press, and protect our Nation’s Children. Where in the Bible are the laws that punish these people? When will Trump start obeying the Bible, and start putting false prophets – to death! Instead of being with the Children in Washington, he is golfing and greasing the palms of the rich! Jesus will not come until at least half of the false prophets are stoned to death.

So be it!

I am willing to be the Anti-Christ. I will need much money and power – along with obedient followers. If you love Jesus, make me richer than Trump, make me more powerful than Trump. Stop wasting your time and money on a LOSER!

Jon ‘The Prophet’


About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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