Fake Pulp News

I posted this two months ago. Things have gotten way more pulpy, hence. With the invention of Miriam Christmont, I have cobined sexy pulp, with religious pulp – and Christian comic books! What – genius!

Rosamond Press

It feels like war right now. If some radical young people (who are left-leaning) would build a street barricade, I would man it. But, then I might be heaved out due to my reputation with young women, who agreed to be my muse. How I saw myself, then, is topicle, because InTouch magazine just came out with the Stormy Trump Story, wherein Donald compares this Porn Star to his daughter. Where do you go from here? Do we stake the President of the United States on the nearest red ant hill?

I think I am still a newspaper man. But, I am tempted to drop out of society, change my name, and become a Pulp Fiction Writer along the lines of Kilgore Trout. Whatever went down between my muses, you will never find wrinkled old ladies on the cover of magazines. I am so in love with ‘The Wolf-girl of…

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About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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