Black Arthurian Knights?

This was posted before the movie ‘Black Panther’ came out, and Wylie did Obama’s portrait. This white man has been esteeming black men since I became a member of Shembe’s Zulu Nazarite Movement.

Rosamond Press


There is evidence there were black knights sitting at the round table. I have already considered the possibility the first Nazarites were black, and the wanton destruction of Carthage by Roman slave masters, suggests there was an enlightened democracy there that was destroyed and erased because enlightened back people were the leaders and easily recognized in what amounted to a world-wide race war. That this possibility is made manifest and duplicated in the Americas, needs an unbiased study by a group of scholars.

I have spent 30 years searching for the Nazarites and restoring much of the Bible – both books! I have recovered several Lost Roads. Have I found the Grail? Yes! I can write another book – from here! My cup runneth over! I am overwhelmed and would like twelve authors to help me. We can write the script of tomorrow – right now!  We have been ruled…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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