My Friend – Moses Buyinza

I was posting on a Christian Prophecy site, when Moses Buyinza sent a friend request. I went to his page, and saw there was a light of peace around him, and everyone who came near him. This is a True Teacher! I then noticed there wasn’t a chair to be seen. I studied how he stood. I sent him a message about “chairs”. I wanted him to describe what it feels like to live without chairs. In America, we have a billion places to rest our butt upon. He did not get what I was asking. There are two norms – a world apart!

I asked Moses where Jesus sits, and he said, on a throne in heaven. I said I will help him. I told him I am poor. This morning the movie ‘Black Panther’ broke a record by selling $218 billion dollar worth of tickets. The movie goers get seated, and, behold black people sitting on Mighty Thrones. Many will dream of an African-like Kingdom – come! What I suggest, The Dreamers donate a dollar to Moses, when they purchase a ticket. How much is the admittance to The Kingdom of the Lord?

When I look at the children sitting around the teacher in the tree, I see mankind’s oldest church, and all the power in the world! This is a True Legacy! We are here to empower one another, and teach our children so they can empower their children.

John ‘The Rock’

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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