Wylie’s Holy Gay Black Heresy

Kehinde Wiley (American, b. 1977). Arms of Nicolas Ruterius, Bishop of Arras, 2014. Stained glass, 54 x 36½ in. (137.2 x 92.7 cm). Courtesy of Galerie Daniel Templon, Paris. © Kehinde Wiley



My art patron is a famous white gay man. He has one of the largest collection of gay art in America. He told me he is going to open a  museum. Does he own a Wiley? I will ask. Am I homophobic – after seeing Kehinde’s Heretical Black Gay Swastikas all over the place? Yes! I didn’t vote for Trump, but, three years from now – I might have to! Best vote The Straight White Ticket next time.

Here is the devious and deviant dialogue of a reviewer who beheld the Gay Black Messiah and saw the holy-ass messages from La La Land. Most black people go to church. Gay black people do not? This is their choice, or, are they made to feel unwelcome? Did black ministers employ the Bible to drive home the truth – gay men and women are not welcome? Why doesn’t Wiley employ imagery from the black church to show how martyred gay black folks are there? If he did, he would not be able to round up any black female muses – whose mothers and grandmothers have traditional ties, and sing in the gospel choir, that has ties to Jazz, the sacred music of black people.

Using white religious objects makes this black gay artist feel more persecuted, and adds to his religious dialogue – he can’t get away from! Wiley is able to get away with this bullshit in the Race Guilty White World. A black minister would stomp the shit out of him, if he defiled his alter. Can I get a witness? I am four generation Oakland. I have had some bad-ass black friends who like to tell it like it is, and, not mince words.

“To RECTIFY this MISREPRESENTATION” RECTIFY!!!!!! Where does it say all churches, synagogues, and mosques have to be ALL INCLUSIVE, and, all poor black people have to be given royal gold coins? Where does Jesus say I come for all people of all races? Why does Wylie give a rat’s ass? He’s a HEDONIST! I assume he deflowers young black men on his many alters – after he converts them. When they wake up in the morning, he sprinkles flowers all over their nude form. I’m allowed to assume anything. Let’s explore the world of hedonism – where anything goes! If Wylie is allowed to set the Christian Church right, why should I practice RESTRAINT – or good manners?

Let me rectify the defacement by Wylie of a contemporary of my kindred. I include another candidate for Wylie’s father who is framed in a faux religious setting in Harlem. He rages on about flaming buttholes. I wonder who the artist is?

“This panel depicts the arms of Nicolaas Ruterius, who was Bishop of Arras from 1501 until his death in 1509. He was a dynamic religious leader and gave generously to educational institutions and to the church. He set up a college for pupils from Arras in the University of Louvain. He also endowed (made permanent provision for) a cell in the south-west corner of the Great Cloister of the Charterhouse of Louvain, and left money in his will to pay for four windows opposite the cell.

The windows were composed of panels depicting scenes from the life of his patron saint, St Nicholas. One of these is also in the Victoria and Albert Museum (Museum number: 213-1908). This panel with his coat of arms formed part of the decorative scheme. It shows the three vine leaves of his family quartered with the arms of the bishopric of Arras.

The Charterhouse in Louvain, a monastery of the Carthusian Order, was founded at the end of the 15th century by the Dukes of Burgundy. It was financed with donations from ducal family members, as well as from clerics of the surrounding areas, such as Nicolaas Ruterius, and from local residents.”

As a theologian I am able to read religious pretension. The first paragraph is saying because the Art World got mixed up with the Church, Wiley can do whatever he wants. He has more than secular permission to fuck art up – but good! He’s the Grand Rectifier! Poor and powerless black men might be impressed. But, what if things go wrong? What if outsiders get too nosy and start asking really good questions? Two of my friends were members of the Symbionese Liberation Army and were questioned by the FBI. Did Patty Hurst make love to a Black Cult leader?

My ancestor, Gottschalk Rosemondt, was the Master of Louvain, and the Falcon Art College. He defended the Great Erasmus. However, he was forced to try three Protestants, who were put to death. If a secretly gay black man stood up in a all white Catholic church and announced he was a sodomite, he would not be shown the door, but, taken to the Torture Chamber! Gay men kept their mouth shut. Smart!

Why does the secular art world of the twenty-first century have to rectify all this? Wiley keeps saying he is the Man of Now, and thus can use old things as he sees fit. How many black people own a Wylie?


WARNING! I will be using words I heard Reverend Manning use in video below.

Wylie is a fucking liar when he says he fell in love with the history of art. He hated this stuff, because he was a ugly, horny, black faggot who couldn’t get laid, so, he blamed it on Holy White Stuff. He ejaculates all over Whitey’s Stuff, then evicts Whitey from the church he and his faggots now claim! These ICONS were not created for Kehinde’s personal use, and he knows this. This is why he invited other faggots to join in. Most of his Art Buddies don’t know shit about art. How many would REFUSE be in this debasement – if they did!

The final insult in the creation of Wylie’s Mandala of Protection, is to form a ring of black heterosexual women holding the severed heads of white women. Consider Salome holding the head of John the Baptist, an ICONIC image. This is HATEFUL! Wylie is abusing women who do not know better, because Wylie CONCEALS his true intentions from them. This is DEMONIC PROPAGANDA! This is not art.


Wylie rips off Robert Colescott, who may have invented a new sense of humor. Robert had the guts to turn black and white heterosexuality into High Art.

They say art is the truth, and, contains subtle messages from the subconscious. What do you see going on? Watch video below and read this dialogue again.

My love affair with painting is bittersweet. I love the history of art — you asked me about that moment that I first looked at the stuff and when I first fell in love with it. It was only later that I understood that a lot of destruction and domination had to occur in order for all of this grand reality to exist. So what happens next? What happens is the artist grows up and tries to fashion a world that’s imperfect. Tries to say yes to the parts that he loves, and to say yes to the parts that he wants to see in the world, such as black and brown bodies — like my own — in the same vocabulary as that tradition that I had learned so many years before.

It’s an uncomfortable fit, but I don’t think that it’s something that I’m shying away from at all. In fact, I think what we’re arriving at is the meat of my project, which is that discomfort is where the work shines best. These inconvenient bedfellows that you’re seeing all over this museum are my life’s work.”

Here is a painting by Bosch that contains the images of my kindred who were Swan Brethren. Two figures were removed and replaced by a dog. One of these human beings was Pope Adrien, and, I believe Rosemondt, the executor of his will, and his best friend! Four generations of the Roover family are shown worshipping Our Sweet Lady. Some are Swan Brethen, and are in my Rosy Tree. This is the oldest surviving Dutch painting. Much are was destroyed in the Iconoclasm wars. These are the men who commissioned most of the art work of Hieronymus Bosch. Note the windmill part on their shields.


Take your propaganda to you local church Wylie – and get the hell out of the Art World! Stop using secular museums as your Sexy Brown CULT. Cultists always employ salvaged religious objects that have been rectified.


I love the graffiti above. Looks like a young black man forgot how to draw The Black Kehinde Cross of the Righteous Gay Erection! I guess he needs another lesson from the master.

Hey Wylie! I found your father! See video below.

If anyone feels like they have been sexually abused my Wylie, let me know. I am suspicious of why he has studios in foreign lands. How many men go through a strict grading system before they are chosen? How many rejects are there? That Wylie mentions Weinstein in his desire to go to Haiti, is revealing.

Kehindhe Wiley is conducting a racist homosexual inquisition of the Christian Church. He, and his followers, have run into a buzz saw! Every dog has his day! 

My illustrious ancestor signed his name with a Rose. Philip of Spaint may have owned his book. There is the Habsburg coat of arms on the title page with ‘The Falcon’.  Kehinde Wylie  put’s King Jackson on a Habsburg horse, a PALE HORSE.

Michael approached Wylie for art lessons. My kindred, Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor encouraged her dear friend to take up art. Gottschalk Rosemondt, is her ancestor, too. She used to be the Queen of the Hollywood Hedonist, but then she converted to Judaism.

Wylie is very concerned about his reputation, and, will fortify his good name, while trashing others. He thinks now that he’s got a Presidential Seal, he’s got away with it, the greatest con-job the real world of art has ever seen.

There is a great draught and famine in South Africa that is destroying the people God gave to me in the world so I will have a Go’el Redeemer. THINK WATER! I see myself in the old man with a white beard at the head of the dance.

Jon Presco ‘The Nazarite’

Then I saw when the Lamb broke one of the seven seals, and I heard one of the four living creatures saying as with a voice of thunder, “Come.” I looked, and behold, a white horse, and he who sat on it had a bow; and a crown was given to him, and he went out conquering and to conquer.



Biblical (Mis)representation Apart from the secular rulers who held power in Europe well into the 19th and early 20th centuries, the church was the second power that determined the course of history. Portraits of biblical figures had a commanding presence in churches, palaces, and in the European imagination—often these were the only portraits that ordinary people would see. The biblical protagonists in these paintings reflected European Christian values, and were fashioned in the image of the white ruling class. Wiley’s religious portraits intervene on several levels—most importantly, they insert black men and women into the canon of biblical figures to rectify this misrepresentation. His gilded images mark a distinctive contrast between the church’s exaltation of spiritual passions and the denial of the flesh. Wiley’s saints put the body front and center—fitted tank tops and T-shirts expose beautiful physiques, the men’s flexed muscles amplified by the golden glow of their skin

Starting in the 15th century, portraits allowed for the negotiation of class outside the church within a strictly hierarchical system. Wiley’s intimate portraits, based on Netherlandish artist Hans Memling’s 15th-century paintings of the rising merchant class, drive this point home. The class selected the format of devotional prayer portraits, which amplified their character and moral fiber—a message that Wiley underscores by embedding the paintings in small, altar-like frames and prayer stools. Other details, such as those in After Memling’s Portrait of Man with a Coin of the Emperor Nero, claim a powerful legacy to match their own ambition. Read through the lens of young black individuals, that claim takes on a radically contemporary meaning.


  1. put (something) right; correct.
    “mistakes made now cannot be rectified later”
    synonyms: correct, right, put right, put to rights, sort out, deal with, amend, remedy, repair, fix, make good, resolve, settle;

    informalpatch up
    “Perry is willing to do anything to rectify the situation with his estranged grandfather”
    • purify or refine (a substance), especially by repeated distillation.
      “add 10 cc of rectified alcohol”
  2. 2.
    convert (alternating current) to direct current.
    “rectified AC power systems”

Papal College of Poor Boys

thom thom2 thom4 thom5 thom6falconc2 falconc3kastlem6

I believe I have been ordained to reconcile the split between the Protestant and Catholic religions so that God can do battle with His enemies. The Swan Brethren admitted members of the new Protestant religion. A life-size statue of William ‘The Silent’ graces the façade of their meeting hall. Godschalk Rosemondt was the executor of Pope Adrian and built ‘The Pope’s College’ as his good friend instructed. Adrian came to believe only poor boys should be raised up to rule the Vatican. He hated the excesses of the Medicis. Pope Francis is the embodiment of this humble vision that my ancestor carried forth.

My Democracy was not founded as a sanctuary for the Rich, as is the claim of the false Evangelical cosmology invented in Ireland in 1840 by John Darby. Our Democracy was grounded upon the ideal of Pope Adrian, that was inspired by the teaching of Jesus;

“The meek shall inherit the earth.”

Thomas Moore had four children that he raised after his wife died. He was made a Saint and Martyr of the Catholic Church. Erasmus mentions my ancestor, Godschalk Rosemondt, in his letter to Moore in regards to the Inquisitor, Egmondamus, who is accusing this famous Biblical scholar of being in league with Martin Luther, and thus – is guilty of heresy! Erasmus knows his life is at stake – along with his reputation.

Rosemondt is the Rector of Leuven, and the Master of the Falcon Art College. He is a good friend of Pope Adrian. Perhaps he is lurking in the background of the painting we see above, where Moore’s daughter is in distress when her father is arrested. This is the calm before the storm my ancestor is trying to prevent.

I hereby offer the history of my illustrious family, and my Biblical knowledge in defense of the President of the United States in regards to the false accusations made by Catholic Bishops in order to hurt his reputation in the coming Presidential elections.

In this Democracy we all are presumed innocent until found guilty. To be found guilty, there must be a crime. Show me the crime, or, forever hold your peace!

If there is no crime, or, breach of the Constitution, then the Catholic Church is guilty of using the pulpit to spread a political agenda. If this is the case, then the Catholic Church should loose its tax exemption, along with all Federal funding, for it appears the Catholic church is against the Federal Government while they harbour a secret agenda that should be made visible to all!

Behind every crime, there lies a motive! What motive does our President have in any attack on religion? Establish the motive, or hold your slanderous tongue: Because things have changed in the world since the Pope’s people could freely go around destroying the lives of innocent people, first with their tongues, and then with a branding iron!

“Defamation—also called calumny, vilification, traducement, slander (for transitory statements), and libel (for written, broadcast, or otherwise published words)—is the communication of a statement that makes a claim, expressly stated or implied to be factual, that may give an individual, business, product, group, government, or nation a negative image. This can be also any disparaging statement made by one person about another, which is communicated or published. It is usually a requirement that this claim be false and that the publication is communicated to someone other than the person defamed (the claimant).[1]

In law, a class action, a class suit, or a representative action is a form of lawsuit in which a large group of people collectively bring a claim to court and/or in which a class of defendants is being sued. Class actions are commonly referred to as “class action suits,” however this phrase is redundant as the historical distinction between “actions” at law and “suits” in equity is no longer recognized. This form of collective lawsuit originated in the United States and is still predominantly a U.S. phenomenon. However, in several European countries with civil law, as opposed to the Anglo-American common law system, changes have been made in recent years that allow consumer organizations to bring claims on behalf of large groups of consumers.

Jon Presco ‘The Nazarite’

“I had written to the rector of the university to protest against the
attacks made on me by Egmondamus in the pulpit and he wrote back
that if I was prepared to listen in person while he did his tale
unfold, we might perhaps come to some agreement.”

1153/ To Godschalk Rosemondt Louvain 18 October 1520

Gottschalk Rosemondt of Eindhoven in Northern Brabant, matriculated
at the University of Louvain on 1499 and remained there until his
death in 1526. A doctor of divinity in 1516, he succeeded in 1520 to
the chair o f theology formerly held by Jan Briart. Like Briart he
was a personal friend of the future Pope Adrian V1. His prominent
position in the theological faculty notwithstanding , he retained an
mind towards humanists studies and a measure of sympathy for
Erasmus. This letter is addressed to him in his capacity as rector
of the university for the winter term of 1520-21 (cf Matricule de
Louvain 111-1963) It was published in the Epistolae ad diverse.In
preparation for a confrontations with the theologian Nicolass
Baechem Egmondanus, to be held in the presence of the rector,
Erasmus launches an elaborate protest against his opponent, who had
attacked him from the pulpit of St, Peter’s church on 9 and 14

cf Ep 1162s1162/ To Thomas More Louvain November? 1520

This letter give a spirited account between Erasmus and Nicolas
Egmondanus before the rector of the of the university of Louvain,
Godschlak Rosemondt. Printed in the Epistle ad diverse, it was no
doubt composed with a wider public in mind; Thomas More, to whom it
is addressed, need not have been told at length an episode of which
he was himself a protagonist. Erasmus also described the
confrontation with Baecahmen in Ep 1173:29-109


The story that has reached you about my little dispute with Nicolaus
Egdmondanus in the pressed of the rector of this university is not
wholly true, and yet not quite devoid of truth; such is the way of
rumor, which likes to enhance the facts and tell the story with a
difference. Nor are he and I so much at variance that I would
willingly see him the victim of false reports. So here is the true
story, since I see that in your part of the world you are so idle
you can find time to follow the silly things we do here.

I had written to the rector of the university to protest against the
attacks made on me by Egmondamus in the pulpit and he wrote back
that if I was prepared to listen in person while he did his tale
unfold, we might perhaps come to some agreement. I replied that I
had no objection, though well aware that no lasting good would come
of it. So we met, and the rector took the chair, with me on the
right and Egmondamus on the left. This arrangement was not without
point. He knew Egmondamu’s temperament, and of me he had quite the
wrong idea: he thought I was capable of losing my temper. So he sat
between us, to keep the combatants apart. There upon the rector
opened the subject in a few words, and then, with a countenance of
wonderful and comical gravity Egmondanus began: `I have spoken ill
of no man in my sermon. If Erasmus thinks he has suffered an injury,
let him declare it, and I will answer him.’I asked him whether there
could be a more atrocious injury that to traduce an innocent man in
a public sermon with a string of lies. That roused him at once;
dropping the mask he assumed, and almost purple in the face (his
face was red already, for it was after dinner), `And why, pray, says
he. `do you traduce me in your religious books, `I replied, `your
name is never mentioned.’ Nor has your,’ he retorted, `ever been
uttered in my sermons.’

I denied that my books were religious books, for in them I set down
my down my own imaginings and write whatever come into my head – a
thing, I added, which is not allowed in the pulpit. `Beside which’,
I said’ `I have written for less about you then the facts warrant.
You have told lies about me in public, calling me a supporter of
Luther, whom I have never supported in the sense that the public
reads into your words and you mean yourself.’ By this time he was
not merely exited, he was like a madman. `No, no’, he shouted, `you
are behind the whole lot. You are the slippery customer, the double-
dealer; you can twist everything somehow by the tail.’ And he spewed
up, rather than uttered, much more of the same kind, which
glittering bile at the moment put into his head.I felt my own
hackles rising, and already let out a word which was the forerunner
of rather intemperate language, not exactly `Thou fool’ but
something of the sort that would smell worse then it sounds. But I
controlled myself instantly, thinking it better to respect my won
health ( for I was poorly) and that of the rector, who was also in
the doctor’s hands, beside which it seemed foolish and undignified
to answer a madman in his own language.. So I turned to the rector
with a smile and said,’ I could bring evidence of his outrageous
calumnies, and I could return his abuse. He calls me slippery; I
could call him in my turn a fox..1164/ To Godschalk RosemondtThis
undated letter follows Ep 1153 and Erasmus’s visit to Cologne. It
also report an event that took place on 25 November. It was
published in the Epistle ad diversoss.


I have no desire to interrupt you so often with a letter, and yet it
is better for us both. We had enjoyed silence for a time from the
Frisian Domnican who put a gloss long ago on my Moria and since on
my Antibarbari, pouring every sort of rant and calummy on my name
and reputation. And he supposes he is doing right, for this reason
if no other, that I have touched on monks in what I write, although
I always refrain from the outrageous tales told of them too often –
and let us hope, without foundation – by common report, and repeated
of late at the crowded dinner table of the cardinal of Sion, and
have always avoided names of men and even of orders.

the pursuit of pleasure; sensual self-indulgence.










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