Jesus and Orpheus in Hades

In her letter Rena ask me to forgive her fr being abusive. “I came from a dark place.” In my past last I believe I was a pianist, perhaps a famous composer. I improvise on my guitar – while in a trance. When I looked into the sea, and asked “Where are you?” I now realize who I sought. I made an agreement with my beautiful wife in my past life, that we would find each other………..again! “Here I am! You beloved Muse!”

Rosamond Press

It is my revelation that priests who came to name John the Baptist, came in hope this eight day old child would speak to them in perfect Torah, and write in perfect Torah. When John was murdered, Salome the believer, came for John’s head so the Nazarites could consult Joh on difficult theological matters. Salome and Mary Magdalene go to Jesus’ tomb in order to sever the head of Jesus and keep it in a secret cave so he can be consulted when false teachers come to corrupt THE TEACHING as it has been corrupted in the past. This is why upon Jesus’ death, tombs are opened and Old Testament Saints and Prophets go into Jerusalem, to the temple, in order to RE-TEACH the Torah to many priests and scholars. These Nazarites were not creating a new religion to hand over to Paul and his pagans, but, cleansing the WORD…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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