The Kaiser Is Coming

The Trumpire is here!

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Kaiser Wilhelm may have held the title ‘The Great King’. This is not completely clear because he was a Lutheran, unlike the Habsburgs, who were Catholics. This might have been the motive for the German Emperor’s trip to Jerusalem. German Colonies were built in Israel before it became a nation in 1947. A group of settlers called themselves ‘Knight Templers’. Where is the crazy rant of the evangelicals, the followers of John Darby? Well, John’s new religion, invented in 1840, had not caught on yet.

Was Wilhelm on a quest, he searching for the Holy Grail – and the Ark of the Covenant? Did he find either? If so, this would be a reason for a World War against England and France. Christians call Jesus “King” and say he will rule a Kingdom. What about American Democracy? Does Jesus hate Democracy? How many kings and queens did he bless as they ascended the thrones of…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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