Huckabee – Queen of Morlocks

For months I have been trying to identify who Sarah Huckabee looks like. She looks like a Morlock! I hated the Morlocks as a Teen. Why? How did things turn out this way? After Sarah delivered her snide “Russian Fever” insult, then gave The Free Press a sneer of total disdain, I got it. Sarah is from the future – the Doomsday Future! She is preparing humanity for our fate starting with news folks, because, they are on our side. The Press is asking questions – for us! Huckabee hates this fact. She hates – us! She does love her End Time Rapture and Tribulation Species, those who are never quite with us, they having one foot in The Kingdom. It pains her to be fully human, to be in The Human Pit of Secular Woe. She tolerates the Liberal Kind because she is protecting The Messiah Builder of Third Temple, where the Chosen Ones will gather and be lifted up to Heaven.  Being from the future, Sarah knows the Blessed End of The World never comes. Uh oh!

Her mission is to stop the Leftist Liberals from asking embarrassing questions, from now – to Doomsday! She is training the Press to be apathetic. She has reporters eating out of the palm of her hand knowing how HUNGRY they are for the news, a story! We want proof that just a handful of rich and powerful men are feeding off the poor. This is why they treat us like cattle. After the Supreme Court ruled that Corporations are people too, the Christian-owned Hobby Lobby shoppers evolve. Instead of sucking us bone dry via advertisements, they find great pleasure in eating us – directly! We can never be one of them, anymore. We have a (yummy) purpose – after all!

The Queen of Morlocks pushes a button that sets off the sirens. The Docile Reporters stop doing what they are doing (nothing) and head for the Daily White House Briefing. Once inside, the thick doors are closed and locked behind them. The Feeding Frenzy begins.

“You wanted goddess worship? I got your goddess worship right here!”

Every time I walk past my local Hobby Lobby, I get the Heebie-Jeebies!

Jon Presco

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders added another term to the Trump administration lexicon Monday when, during an exchange with CNN reporter Jim Acosta, Sanders referred to the media’s interest in the Russia investigation as “Russia fever.” Following reports that the president ordered the special prosecutor leading the Russia investigation to be fired for vague reasons, Sanders said that the administration isn’t actually applying pressure on Mueller or trying to discredit him and his team. They just want the story over and done with so they can focus on national security and Making America Great Again:

“The only thing the president has applied pressure to is to make sure we get this is resolved so that you guys and everyone else can focus on the things that Americans care about. And that is making sure everybody gets the Russia fever out of their system once and for all [and] that you’re all reminded once again there was no collusion.”

Sanders later added that the White House had gone “above and beyond” to accommodate the special counsel’s investigation by supplying documents and making people available for interviews.

People on Twitter quickly latched onto the turn of phrase to point out that the investigation had already netted guilty pleas and sounded a lot like the sort of thing Richard Nixon used to say, among other things.

By the year AD 802,701, humanity has evolved into two separate species: the Eloi and the Morlocks, whereof the Eloi live a banal life of ease on the surface of the earth, while the Morlocks live underground, tending machinery and providing food, clothing, and inventory for the Eloi. The narration suggests that the separation of species may have been the result of a widening split between different social classes. Having solved all problems that required strength, intelligence, or virtue, the Eloi have slowly become dissolute and naive: they are described as smaller than modern humans, with shoulder-length curly hair, pointed chins, large eyes, small ears, small mouths with bright red thin lips, and sub-human intelligence. They do not perform much work, except to feed, play, and mate; and when Weena falls into a river, none of the other Eloi helps her (she is rescued instead by the Time Traveler). Periodically, the Morlocks capture individual Eloi for food; and because this typically happens on moonless nights, the Eloi are terrified of darkness.

The Morlocks are at first a mysterious presence in the book, in so far as the protagonist initially believes the Eloi are the sole descendants of humanity. Later, the Morlocks are made the story’s antagonists. They dwell underground in the English countryside of AD 802,701, maintaining ancient machines that they may or may not remember how to build. Their only access to the surface world is through a series of well-like structures that dot the countryside of future England.

After thousands of generations of living without sunlight, the Morlocks have dull grey-to-white skin, chinless faces, large greyish-red eyes with a capacity for reflecting light, and flaxen hair on the head and back. They are smaller than humans (presumably of the same height as the Eloi). Like the Eloi, they are significantly weaker than the average human (the Time Traveller hurt or killed some barehandedly with relative ease), but a large swarm of them can be a serious threat for a single man, especially unarmed and/or with no portable light source. Their sensitivity to light usually prevents them from attacking during the day. The Morlocks and the Eloi have something of a symbiotic relationship: the Eloi are clothed and fed by the Morlocks, and in return, the Morlocks eat the Eloi. The Time Traveler perceives this, and suggests that the Eloi–Morlock relationship developed from a class distinction present in his own time: the Morlocks are the working class who had to work underground so that the rich upper class could live in luxury. With time, the balance of power changed – the surface people no longer dominating the underground dwellers but on the contrary, becoming their livestock.

We weren’t confused,” Huckabee Sanders said, when asked to explain the president’s obvious about-face. “Some of you guys were.”

His tweet today was contradictory,” NBC Chief White House correspondent Hallie Jackson said. “It was confusing. It just was.”

Noting that various surrogates for the Trump administration had been publicly urging the passage of the bill, Jackson asked Huckabee Sanders how the public could trust what anyone said Trump’s position was.

Uh…” Huckabee Sanders replied, “I think that the premise of your question is completely ridiculous and shows the lack of knowledge that you have on this process.”

Because when all else fails, switch to insults and hope to god everyone just leaves you alone, right?

Are we facing a “Constitutional crisis”?

The Trump administration’s announcement on Monday that it would not impose sanctions on countries that buy Russian military equipment sparked an angry response in Congress, where the Senate and House overwhelmingly approved the sanctions to punish Russia for interfering in the 2016 election.

Senator Claire McCaskill, Democrat of Missouri who faces a difficult re-election campaign this year, set the tone with a blast on Twitter.

That concern is bipartisan, at least in some quarters of the Republican Party. Senator Susan Collins, Republican of Maine, was flummoxed by the administration’s decision:

“That bill passed with only two dissenting votes in the Senate. It was not partisan in the least,” she said on CNN. “The one thing we know for sure already is the Russians did attempt to meddle in our elections, and not only should there be a price to pay in terms of sanctions, but also we need to put safeguards in place right now for the elections for this year, because we know that the Russians have not given up on their disinformation campaign and their attempt to sow discord in this country and also to undermine faith in democratic institutions.”

I wonder if Sarah Huckabee Sanders, deputy White House press secretary, is a little confused. After all, being raised by a minister father, Gov. Mike Huckabee, who claimed to be a Christian of the love-the-poor, suffer-the-little-children variety, and who claimed at one point to be the loving face of the kinder, friendlier GOP, she must have believed herself and her party to stand for these things.

Nowadays, her face often seems to reflect an attempt to cover dismay with a kind of faith and good cheer as she defends the latest ruling from the Trump administration — from banning the poor children of Syria to stripping the sick and impoverished of their health coverage. As she defends the Muslim ban, does she think of the 2008 presidential candidate, Mike Huckabee? Huckabee said, “I want to be clear: If someone is looking for a president who is going to have a mean spirit toward other human beings, I’m not their guy. I’ll fix the borders, I’ll secure them, but what I won’t do is to do it because I’m angry at them for wanting to come here for the same reason that the rest of us love America.”

Does she remember that? (Surely she does since she was his national political director.)

One wonders what she really thinks — in her heart of hearts — when she reads that her dad tweeted on March 16: “Hoping @POTUS tells Hawaii judge what Andrew Jackson told overreaching court — ‘I’ll ignore it and let the court enforce their order.’

The same Huckabee who wanted to transform the GOP in 2008 (to represent all Americans) here publicly embraces the moment in which Andrew Jackson both rejected the Constitution and its notion of checks and balances, and decided not to honor our treaty with the Native Americans. Instead, he marched them off their land and across the country, an upheaval that would cost thousands of Cherokee lives. Ignoring the Supreme Court, Jackson chose gold over honor, might over mercy and presidential power over the governing structure of the land.

If Sarah Sanders believes in benefits to the rich over the poor, corporations over individuals, the sick over the well, and if she still calls herself a Christian, then what is Christianity? If she believes that the court’s rulings should be overthrown by a single president (one not elected by a majority), that a president should act like a monarch, then what is a Republican?

Perhaps Sarah Huckabee Sanders tells herself that she is still a good Christian and still a good Republican. However, the rest of us may have to change our definitions of those words. As for me, I remember the words of the younger and less cynical Mike Huckabee, who said: “Let us never sacrifice our principles for anybody’s politics. Not now, not ever.”

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