Deep – Deep Red State – Blues

Jesus is supposed to be the Big Dude standing behind most conservatives. Now that they can not produce a Democratic Antichrist, and shame human genitalia for votes, Fox News invented the ‘Deep State’ – with secret society on the side!

This deep state is rooted in the East German ‘Love Clubs’ and the Viet Cong sex traffickers that did abortions and sex changes – for free! Above we see Commie Transgender Queens being shipped to Nebraska in order to undermine the heart of America.

I got your Deep State right here! Israel, treats women worse then crackers treated blacks down south. Where is the rage of Renabelle?

“On a podium erected for the journalists, the women were required to stand behind the men. The women finally removed a tarp and stood on chairs so they could see over their male colleagues.”

Look out! Here come the Transgender North Korean Hockey Players with luggage full of anti-Christian literature, some of it my stuff.


“Just what if, the quote-unquote intelligence community misrepresented on purpose the degree to which the Hussein had WMDs,” Limbaugh contemplated out loud. “Because I tell you it was a very, very embarrassing moment for the Bush administration.”

Likewise, Hannity—no surprise—is also all over this story. But the danger is that this is spreading.

Also on Tuesday, Senator Ron Johnson—the Senate Homeland Security Committee chairman!—appeared on Fox News’ Special Report, warning of a “secret society.” He was talking about the missing text messages (which now looks to have been the product of a glitch—not a nefarious cover-up) sent between counterintelligence agent Peter Strzok and Lisa Page.

What we are witnessing here is formerly mainstream conservative voices veering into Alex Jones territory to discredit Robert Mueller’s investigation into President Donald Trump.

And Wednesday evening, the Beast reported that the Nunes memo, so far unreleased and not even seen by the FBI itself, will name Robert Mueller, Andrew McCabe, and James Comey as among the bad actors who’ve conspired against Trump. There is little doubt that this will only serve to provide even more conspiracy fodder.


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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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