Downgraded and Degraded

The Beast

The crest is a representation of the ‘Beast’ which has been our unofficial emblem since 1932 at least. The trident represents the Royal Navy, the lion the Army and the wings of the lion the Royal Air Force. The laurel wreath around the lion’s neck symbolises the civilian component of the college and was added in 1977 after consultation with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. The lion is shown sitting on a wreath, or torse, in accordance with heraldic custom.

Rosamond Press

Rachel Maddow did an alarming segment on the downgrading of our State Department. Trump will not be seeing the Queen of England due to a petition of Brits objecting to a ‘Pussy Grabber’ being in Elizabeth’s presence. Roy Moore resembles Bill Cornwell’s father who was my daughter’s ideal, and I suspect the ideal of the Christians around Rena who I suspect became afraid of me when here child-porno friend told her I was mentally ill and dangerous because I wanted to depict her as a goddess. I saw Rena as a model and muse for Britannia. I am a Seer not a Sex fiend and Sadist.   If you look at history many Seers and Prophets were brought low by false and degrading accusations – while the real perpetrators continue with their dirty work.

It is hard for most people to go after the rich and powerful, and will often…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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