Orthodox Jews Spitting on Evangelicals

I am going to compose a letter to Oprah Windrey and Reese Withersoon, and ask them to intervene on the behalf of Jewish women in Israel who are treated like shit by Rabid Zealots.

Rosamond Press

Below is an article written in 2002 that reveals why Evangelicals support radical Jews. Evangelicals follow the false prophecy a fifteen year old Irish girl made while in a fever. John Darby ran with it in 1840, that calls for the Jews to return to Zion and rebuild the Temple so Christians can get on board it when Jesus raises it into the air in a rescue mission from the End Times.

Are the Haredi supported by evangelicals passing the basket in America? This religious infighting is behind the insanity we behold in choosing a Republican candidate for office of the United States. Ten of millions of evangelical voters have been told they are voting for Jesus and his End Time Plan.

No one has been able to control Sex – or predict the end of the world! Why should us normal Americans give them their best shot over and…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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