Bundy Ignores State Rights

I saw the future when I associated Rena with the Bundy boys and Posse comitatus. The attempted arrest of the Mayor of London has to have links to the ult-right in the U.S. who may be reading this blog. This goes against everything Sir Ian Easton stood for.




The powers of sheriffs in England and Wales for posse comitatus were codified by section 8 of the Sheriffs Act 1887, the first subsection of which stated that:

Every person in a county shall be ready and apparelled at the command of the sheriff and at the cry of the country to arrest a felon whether within a franchise or without, and in default shall on conviction be liable to a fine, and if default be found in the lord of the franchise he shall forfeit the franchise to the Queen, and if in the bailiff he shall be liable besides the fine to imprisonment for not more than one year, or if he have not whereof to pay the fine, than two years.

This permitted the (high) sheriff of each county to call every citizen to his assistance to catch a person who had committed a felony—that is, a serious crime. It provided for fines for those who did not comply. The provisions for posse comitatus were repealed by the Criminal Law Act 1967.[6] The second subsection provided for the sheriff to take “the power of the county” if he faced resistance whilst executing a writ, and provided for the arrest of resisters.[7] This subsection is still in force.[8]

United States[edit]

The posse comitatus power continues to exist in those common law states that have not expressly repealed it by statute. As an example, it is codified in Georgia under OCGA 17-4-24:

Every law enforcement officer is bound to execute the penal warrants given to him to execute. He may summon to his assistance, either in writing or orally, any of the citizens of the neighborhood or county to assist in the execution of such warrants. The acts of the citizens formed as a posse by such officer shall be subject to the same protection and consequences as official acts.

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LaVoy Finicum told reporters that “this is intended to be a peaceful occupation.” (Caitlin Dickson/Yahoo News) LaVoy Finicum told reporters that “this is intended to be a peaceful occupation.” (Caitlin Dickson/Yahoo News)

Ammon Bundy is not a Citizen of Oregon. He is a citizen of Arizona. My kindred, John Fremont was appointed the Governor of Arizona – and California! No votes were cast. Bundy and his brother crossed State lines with guns, and encouraged other armed men to do the same, so as to administer Justice in my State. Name the Oregon citizens who gave Ammon a written or oral invitation to come right wrongs in my State? Did these Oregon citizens go to Salem to address their grievances before they invited un-elected citizens from another State to solve our problems? Is there a problem? If so, how can an outsider fix it? Why would this outsider be treated, or given the power of a Lawman? Does Ammon have any court documents singed by a Judge in his State giving him…

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