Launching a Cyber Crusade

ted on January 16, 2015
by Royal Rosamond Press

Louis Kossuth and the Jewish Emancipation
Louis Kossuth was a good friend of John and Jesse Fremont. Jesse
Benton accompanied Kossuth on his speaking tours of American. Louis
was titled the ‘Angel of Freedom’ due to his call for the true
emanncipation of humnity. In 1948, Kossuth granted complete civil
rights to the Jews of Hungary. This act may have inspired John
Fremont to emmancipate the slaves of Missouri where many Forty-
Eighters called home.
This emmancipation, born of the love of freedom, is a family
tradition that led to the foundation of the State of Israel. It is
time to step back and take a good look at who we are. It is time for
all Americans to step forth and call for peace in Lebanon until we
can discover who our real enemies are, what our real enemy, is.
“Ignorance of thy ignorance is thy fiercest foe.” The Kasiadah
Jon Presco

Rosamond Press

belgium2belgium4belgium5belgium6merkel3Two nights ago I heard the President of the United States say ISIL is good at what they do in regards to recruiting Jihadists on the internet. How many Killer Koran Keyboardists do they got typing away most of the day like I do, two, five, sixteen?  I could probably do most of their material – by myself! Just look at the volume of posts I produce on this blog – WHICH WANT MY READERS TO SAVE BECAUSE I MIGHT COME UNDER CYBER-ATTACK FOR WHAT I AM ABOUT TO DO.

Europe has all but declared war on ISIS and all Islamic Terrorists. Benjamin Netanyahu declared French Jews have another home and can seek sanctuary in Israel – that offers dual-citizenship to Jews! What about non-Jews? Do they own dual-citizenship of come kind?

Millions of people all over the world have found a second home on the Word Wide Web. Many…

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