Hope Hicks & Rena Easton

Von Trump Wants More Norwegian Sex Slaves! The world is almost there, at one with the truth………Emperor Trump thinks with his dick! The term “shithole” is on par with a shitty whore house, verses the blonde babes Putin provided for citizen Trump to sweeten the deal. Trump and I are the same age. We and our peers read Stag and New Man, then played with our new found erections – behind locked doors! Most of us grew out of this faze, and no longer wanted to watch a big ape rape a young Norwegian girl. The dude with the arm band looks like Donald who backs beauty contestants up against a wall, and grabs their pussies – that don’t want to be grabbed!

Rosamond Press

Rena betrayed me. She turned on me. She caved to her white racist fears and went for the Redneck Nazi Cowboy type like Roy Moore. She is a Redneck Trump Woman, like Hope Hicks – who sees this Rape Artist as her father. I know Rena has been reading this blog for the last three years, and judged I was completely insane about Capturing Beauty.  She was glad she called The Deputy on me. Rena wanted me to be on the wrong side of the law.

Today, Hope Hicks is being DRILLED and HARASSED by the FBI. She may got to Federal Prison.  My blog is a PREDICTION of the things to come! I nailed it! I am right. Rena is wrong. She will be placed in my bother’s camp, too. There exist no spiritual work between us. Like others, she thought if she destroyed me, the Creative Spiritual Light…

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About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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