The Real Rowdys

I was ganged up on by old ladies and men who supported the church and the Republican Party, and thus loahted my blog. This was before Crazy Trump got elected – after he admitted he grabs women’s pussy against their will. And how about those new oil derricks off the coast of Oregon?

Rosamond Press

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Once again I applaud Sarah Judd for listening to reason and avoiding trouble with the Real Rowdys that Frail Evonne, and Laura Laver, introduced into Springfield – to get me!  Kevin is wearing green because his father was a leader of the IRA, who used bombs to get their way. When 60 Minutes came to do their bit on the Eugene Anarchist, he hid. The boyfriend of Belle, the woman I allegedly terrorized, is wearing the multi-colored shirt. You’ve seen him in T.V. defending Whoville. That’s Belle with her Whoville Rabble who sleep next to her – in the gutter. This is a real Rogue’s Gallery! Let sleeping dogs lie.  That’s the new rowdy ringleader, Laura Laver, with camera.

I made a case for Democracy and a Free Press, and here come a military coup in Turkey – that failed! The venture that led to the run-in with Belle and her Anarchist…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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