Christopher Steele – James Bond

I heard Christopher Steele being compared to James Bond three hours after my last post. Diane Fienstein released papers concerning him. Senator Graham wanted Steele, a British subject investigated. Rena’s late husband is now very topical. Rena went public with my private letter to her. The sheriff’s department found it innocuous. I believe Graham and McCain know Trump is being blackmailed. If true, then Putin can be responsible for bringing down the President – and the Republican party!

CHUCK TODD: Welcome back. Even before President Trump was inaugurated, Republicans promised to get to the bottom of Russian interference with the 2016 presidential election. On Friday, Senators Chuck Grassley of Iowa and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina issued what’s called a “criminal referral” of Christopher Steele to the Justice Department. Steele, as some of you know, is the former British spy who produced the infamous dossier on candidate Donald Trump. In other words, the two Republican Senators are asking for an investigation of a man, who many believe was simply trying to expose Russian meddling.

Senator Dianne Feinstein of California released the transcripts without the Judiciary Committee’s Republican chairman, Senator Charles E. Grassley of Iowa, almost certainly escalating partisan tensions on the committee
Pete Marovich for The New York Times
WASHINGTON — Senator Dianne Feinstein of California, the top Democrat on the Judiciary Committee, defied her Republican colleagues on Tuesday to unilaterally make public a much-discussed transcript of the committee’s interview with one of the founders of the firm that produced a salacious and unsubstantiated dossier outlining a Russian effort to aid the Trump campaign.
The interview, with Glenn R. Simpson of Fusion GPS, provided few revelatory details about the firm’s findings on the Russian election effort or on President Trump and his campaign. But both the circumstances of its release and the vivid picture it paints of Mr. Simpson’s operation and his chief Russia investigator, Christopher Steele, provided fresh ammunition to both sides of a growing fight over the dossier.
In his testimony, Mr. Simpson sought to portray himself as an astute researcher well versed in the Russian government and that country’s organized crime. And he said Mr. Steele, the former British spy he hired to investigate the campaign’s ties to Russia, had “a Sterling reputation as a person who doesn’t exaggerate, doesn’t make things up, doesn’t sell baloney.”
Mr. Steele believed that his investigation had unearthed “a security issue about whether a presidential candidate was being blackmailed,” Mr. Simpson told the committee.

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Two days ago I said Trump is trapped in a James Bond movie. There is a connection to Ian Flemming I am saving for my first book of three titled ‘The Story of Rosamond’. I just read this, and changed my mind.

THE FATHER-in-law of  runaway spy Christopher Steele admits he’s ‘concerned’ about his sudden disappearance.

David Hunt said he’d just heard the headline news about Steele, who is reportedly ‘terrified for his safety’ after being named as the former MI6 officer behind the ‘sex’ dossier on Donald Trump.

I just posted this that was a draft made on December 28, 2016.

Carrie Fisher is in the Peerage due to her kinship to Dame Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor. These two actresses are in the Rosamond/Benton family tree. The world famous female artist, Christine Rosamond Benton, married Garth Benton, the cousin of the famous artist, Thomas Hart Benton…

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