All The Ignorance In The World

Patricia Hearst is escorted from the Federal Building in San Francisco, March 5, 1976 by U.S. Marshals following a day in court. Miss Hearst was returned to the San Mateo County Jail some five hours after the court session ended after conferring with the team of defense attorneys. Deputy Marshall Janey Jimenez is at left. (AP Photo)

Steve Bannon said “Ivanka Trump “dumb as a brick”

I did well to refrain from calling my daughter a “moron” on Christmas Day as I looked at why I would not be seeing her and my grandson – again! I finally got a good idea of what “Tribalism” means, and what it does. My daughter did not own a clue as to what a Legacy entails. It is now BIG NEWS, that the alleged Trump Dynasty didn’t have a clue – nor does Steve Bannon – who turned on his Family-Tribe who adopted him and basically titles the Trumps ‘Dumb-ass Traitors’. How many times has my reader read such accusations, aimed at my families dealings with outsiders – and the greatest Legacy Law Firm of All Time’…………………..NOT!

The Trump Family History has now found a place next to the Getty Family History with the publication of  Michael Wolf’s HISTORY book – which is enshrined next to the Republican History created by my kindred, John and Jessie Fremont. This is the reason I became a Republican after Obama won. I foretold this day was coming. Fremont’s Dream lies in ruin. Why can’t these very wealthy families do something so simple? Well, it is not simple, or I would not have blogged on this topic – non-stop!

Here is an excellent review of the movie ‘All The Money In The World’. I have claimed the far-right has spent a trillion dollars to destroy me – The Last Hippie! The richest man in the world had a fear of being kidnapped that he transferred over to his grandson. What J. Paul considered, was his offspring would not pay his ransom, and, he could not get to his Will to rewrite it – once more!

Perhaps Paul kidnapped his grandson to see if any Getty had the ability to pay a ransom, most of them too stoned and living high on the Bohemian Hog? We are seeing the exact same drama going on in the White House as the Night of the Long Knives goes public. No one trusts – anybody! The ‘Love of Money’……….can only take you so far. It is clear Trump did not expect to win – and did not want to win! With the help of the Russians, he was making a mountain of money. This is what his children loved about him.

The reason I want to be the reincarnation of Hadrian, is, because he was a real historian bent on leaving a real legacy. He also may have destroyed the Real Jesus. Real History has value, and is meaningful. All the Trump Lies do not amount to a hill of beans. His Legacy and Dynasty lie in ruin. Donald should have hired an expert – if there is such a person! I charge a $1,000 an hour.

The only expert I know of, is Queen Elizabeth. But, she made THE DUMBEST MISTAKE of all time by trashing the mother of her grandchildren. She, lived and learned. Her dynasty survived – and flourishes!

Jon Presco

Though he had not seen his grandson often, Getty still disapproved of Paul, according to Pearson, because he was a hippie and because Getty “had heard enough about him to believe that he was like his father, and he wanted nothing to do with either until they changed their ways.”

For several months after the kidnapping, Getty believed that his grandson had staged the crisis to extort money from him. After realizing that his grandson had, in fact, been kidnapped by criminals, Getty still blamed the grandson—“for getting kidnapped in the first place, and thereby involving him, his grandfather, with the dreaded Mafia,” according to Pearson. “For the truth was that the old man had been terrified of kidnap even before Paul disappeared.”

Former White House strategist Steve Bannon once called President Donald Trump‘s daughter and White House adviser Ivanka Trump “dumb as a brick”, according to the latest excerpt from a book that claims to provide a near-inside view of the tumult within the West Wing during the first year of Mr Trump’s presidency.

Mr Bannon’s quote is detailed in an excerpt provided to the Wall Street Journal. The book has been met critically by some who point out seeming factual inaccuracies. The White House has also denied many of the allegations.

The former White House advisor, who left the White House to run Breitbart News, didn’t respond to requests for comment from that newspaper, but a source close to him reportedly did not deny the varacity of the insult.


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