“The historical manifestation of the Rose of the World is seen as the joining of authentic world religions into a new union. The union will not be the dissolution of the great religions, but a harmonization. The five petals of the Rose of the World are the five great world religions joining together. The Rose of the World will be a moral and spiritual authority rather than a political power, but the influence of the Rose on the world’s political, economic and cultural life will lead to a transformation of human society across the world. Harmony, justice, peace and spiritual life will flower under the guidance of the Rose. The historical development of the Rose will be led by that culture that accepts Zventa-Sventana’s guidance, and Andreev sees that task falling to Russia and the Slavonic world.
The Rose of the World will also lead to the metaphysical construction of a new world Zatomis, representing the highest development of world spiritual culture. Andreev believes this new Zatomis is already being created, as well as a set of planes at the pinnacle of the world tentatively called the World Salvaterra.
The planetary Logos is the Christ, the expression of the Divine Logos. Zventa-Sventana is the Bride of Christ, the expression of the Divine Feminine. This is the nuptial image of the New Jerusalem descending as the Bride of the Logos from the Revelation of St John. Her descent however is not the end of history, but in a sense the beginning of the end. The Rose of the World is a preparation for the end of the current world age, which will require the separation of the world from the powers of metaphysical evil.

Rosamond Press

True visionaries, seers, and prophets, are made to suffer in the world. The first thing they do to us, is make us out to be insane, so no one will listen to us. Yesterday America went insane when a new poll showed Roy Moore had surged ahead. His original followers got behind him once again after POTUS and Evangelical Leaders declared Moor a victim of the Liberal Press. Christians are now allowed to go back to sleep, curl up behind their Jesus Voo-Doll, and go back into their eternal sleep. They will be awoken from their Doomsday Dream when it time to vote again.

President Trump has gone insane!

I will show you how and why Jesus and his followers practiced The Resuscitation of the Dead. I will reveal the amazing vision and mission they had for Jew and Gentile alike that proceeded Christianity, and has been oppressed! I am…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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