Sermon On Hill Jubilee

I decare The Year of the Poor!

Rosamond Press


Pope Francis gave what amounts to a Jubilee Sermon on the Mount to Congress.

In the painting above the artist depicts the followers of God on Jesus’ right, and the secular Democrats on his left. They are unhappy because the boy points out the words “under God” in the Constitution – that did not free the slaves, or, give women the right to vote. This goes against God’s Laws. What went wrong? Did Jesus somehow let the Founding Fathers know he does not want women and blacks to vote?

The truth, is, the End Time followers of John Darby, who raise up the rich and self-righteous by illegally using God and Jesus’ words, are gnashing their teeth. Their rulers on Wall Street are not happy with Francis, because he’s just like Saint Francis.

I, and one other, figured out Jesus was restoring the Jubilee. Only I figured out John spoke…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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