Is Trump the Reincarnation of Caligula?

Some folks are saying Trump is the reincarnation of Emperior Caligula, or, General Patton – even Hitler!

Rosamond Press


I am forced to digress here. Trump declares his Crusade for Wounded Vet to be the Academy Awards, and three hours later it is revealed he told Fox he would have forsaken the Veterans – if they gave FIVE MILLION DOLLARS to charity! This is Emperor Trumps, fine, his ongoing punishment of Kelly whom he accused to being on the bloody rag when she asked him why he denigrates women – with impunity! Evangelical Nut-job, Falwell Jr. didn’t mind if his Beloved Deity suggested women are prettier down on their knees sucking his you-know-what!

Has it occurred to anyone that Trump is putting on a show for his Super Rich friends, who are sniggering behind the curtain because – everyone has a price? This mad man dare tempt our wounded veterans on his televised extravaganza. This money-lust of cynicism has not been seen on the earth since Caligula abused Roman citizens in every…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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