All The Money And Art In The World

Taylor, Elizabeth

John Paul Getty III (right) with his mother. His father, John Paul Getty jnr, had moved to Italy to run the Italian division of the Getty family’s oil business. In 1964, he had divorced his wife, Abigail, the mother of his four children, and married a model, Talitha Pol. They immersed themselves in the hippy lifestyle, spending much of their time in England and Morocco, until she died from a heroin overdose in 1971. When his father moved back to England, Paul Getty stayed behind in Italy, enjoying a party lifestyle fueled by alcohol and drugs. He posed naked for a sex magazine, crashed various cars and motorcycles and was arrested for throwing a Molotov cocktail during a political demonstration. After he was kidnapped, and the ransom demand was received, his rebellious nature and bohemian lifestyle initially led members of his family to suspect that he had faked his own kidnap to extract money from his notoriously mean grandfather.

I will be taking the photograph above to my doctor’s today, along with the evil biography of my late sister that was promoted by a partner of Robert Brevoort Buck whose law firm established the Beryl Buck Oil Foundation valued at  $1,700,000,000 billion dollars. On Christmas Day a movie about the kidnapping of John Paul Getty will be broadcast on the silver screen.

This is but a small portion of the BIG STORY I have been authoring in this blog, it TOO BIG to be one book. On top of this – I am rewriting the Bible. I have never gotten a dime from the Rosamond and Getty fortune. I am ‘The Proverbial Low Man on the Totem Pole’. I am the touchstone that several great fortunes guage its worth upon. The more money that is kept out of my hands, the more secure The Rich – feel! The Old Testment was written in order to explain this phoenonumum, this curse, that has destroyed one civilization after another, and, has now hit the United States of America like a tsunami with the Tax Cut For The Rich. Paul Ryan is coming after me in order to DEFUND ME, take away the $750 dollars I get from Social Security for dying on LSD in 1967.

What is truly astounding, is, all the kindred of Liz Taylor, and the Gettys, are too fucked up to write this story. They took a lot of LSD! Shit rolls downhill, right out of Paradise. As fucked up as I am, I have been elected. There are a google of grants I could apply for, including the ones Paul Mellon set up. But, I am too busing studying and writing articles for my newspaper, Rosamond Press.

Here is an article about my kindred, Elizabeth Rosemond Tayor being at the mock wedding of Aileen Getty to her son, Christopher. Timothy Leary was present, as was Sara Southern, the actress, that looks like a Rosamond painting. Liz knew she was establishing a Rosy Artistic Dynasty. As far as I can tell, I am the only real artist, writer, and poet in this Getty-Rosemond Tree. This is why I have been erased – rubbed out!

The War in Vietnam was just ending when Getty was kidnapped. As a hippie, I wondered if John was being punished for being a Liberal Leftist who hung with Warhol, took LSD, and was Anti-War. His father ended up with a Guttenberg Bible. Surely this book could have been exchanged for the life of his son!

What I will be discussing with my therapist, is how I once loved my siblings, until they became players in the Art World, and, thoroughly excluded me. They even kidnapped my daughter – and my grandson. Children are just pawns……… their game! My family, the Buck and the Getty folks, did not know I was kin to Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, and, thus the Gettys. This is a classic end-around flanking move.

I win!

Jon Presco

Copyright 2017

Warhol and Velvet Underground


John Paul Getty (1892 – 1976) American oil executive, multi-millionaire and art collector, with Zsa Zsa Gabor, exotic international Hungarian leading lady. May 16, 1972. Photo Getty Images.

There won’t be a wedding for three years because her grandfather’s will stipulates that Aileen will be disinherited (and lose $100,000 annually) if she marries before she is 23.

Rosamond’s highly commercial art may be the only art the Buck Oil&Tree folks handled. Above is the mural my niece’s father did for his friends, Ann and Gordon Getty whom Garth Benton successfully sued for $375,000 dollars. Garth was a good friend of attorney Lawrence Chazen, who was a friend and advisor of the Gettys.  He was a partner in the first Rosamond Gallery in Carmel. Chazen was the No.1 Creditor. He wanted his $90,000 dollars back. Larry was/is an executive of Noble Oil. Here is my nieces’ lawyer.

“I am a member in good standing of the State Bar of California and an attorney
on record for 50% interest in Shannon Rosamond. In my 16 years as a member of
the State Bar California, I have never experienced a more deliberate fraud on
any court or more reckless and calculated attempt to fraudulently take control of a probate estate at the exclusion of the lawful heirs and total manipulation of a tester’s intent that the present efforts of Attorney’s Robin Beare, Lawrence J. Chazen and Garth Benton, the descendants former spouse.”

“Over the specific argument of Ms. Beare, Judge Silver refused to appoint Mr.
Chazen. Neither Ms. Beare nor Mr. Chazen disclosed to the court the very
critical fact that Mr. Chazen has the largest single creditor’s claim against
the estate and is a former business partner and business associate of Garth
Benton who the court had removed as Special Administer just moments before.”.

It was a match made in Hollywood: Elizabeth Taylor’s son and oil tycoon J. Paul Getty’s granddaughter. But the script had a peculiar twist—Christopher Wilding, 25, Liz’s offspring by her late second husband, Michael Wilding, could only plight his troth to Aileen Getty, 20, under a full moon and over salami and crackers at a cocktail party. There won’t be a wedding for three years because her grandfather’s will stipulates that Aileen will be disinherited (and lose $100,000 annually) if she marries before she is 23.
No matter, Elizabeth clearly dotes on the couple. Leaving her husband, Sen. John Warner, in Washington, she sallied West and rallied old friends. Martin Mull, Sissy Spacek, Roddy McDowell, Carol Burnett and Dudley Moore were among the 150 guests at a formal engagement party held at the Brentwood home of Aileen’s divorced mother, Gail Harris Getty. Timothy Leary showed up, as did Taylor’s mother, Sara, 89, and Aileen’s two brothers—J. Paul III, who lost an ear to Italian kidnappers in 1973, and Mark, in from his British prep school, Harrow.

Guthrie quoted former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg (I), who said in an op-ed earlier this month that such an argument is “pure fantasy.”

“CEOs aren’t waiting on a tax cut to ‘jump-start the economy’-a favorite phrase of politicians who have never run a company-or to hand out raises,” Bloomberg said. “It’s pure fantasy to think that the tax bill will lead to significantly higher wages and growth.”

“I’ll ask you plainly, are you living in a fantasy world?” Guthrie asked Ryan.

Ryan pushed back, citing a survey from the National Association of Business Manufacturers.

“Surveys would show the vast majority of businesses are going to do just what we say, reinvest in their workers, reinvest in their factories, pay people more money, higher wages,” he said.

John Paul Getty III (/ˈɡɛti/; 4 November 1956[2] – 5 February 2011),[3] also known as Paul Getty, was the eldest of the four children of John Paul Getty Jr. and Abigail (née Harris), and the grandson of oil tycoon J. Paul Getty. His son is actor Balthazar Getty.

Getty spent most of his childhood in Rome, Italy, while his father headed the Italian division for the Getty family’s oil business. His parents divorced in 1964 when he was 8 years old, and his father married again in 1966 to model and actress Talitha Pol. They adopted a hippie lifestyle and spent much time in England and Morocco during the 1960s.[4] Getty stayed in boarding school at St. George’s English School, in Rome. In early 1971, he was expelled from St. George’s after having painted the hallways of the school one night, taking inspiration from Charles Manson‘s Helter Skelter. Later that year, his stepmother died of a heroin overdose in Rome.[5] While his father moved back to England, he remained in Italy, where he lived a bohemian life, frequented nightclubs, and took part in left-wing demonstrations. Endowed with a considerable artistic inclination, he reportedly earned a living making jewelry, selling paintings and appearing as an extra in movies.[6]


At 3 a.m. on 10 July 1973, Getty, then age 16, was kidnapped in the Piazza Farnese in Rome.[2] He was blindfolded, transported, and imprisoned in a mountain hideout. A ransom note was received, demanding $17 million in exchange for his safe return. When that ransom message arrived, some family members suspected the kidnapping was merely a ploy by the rebellious youngster as he had frequently joked about staging his own kidnapping to extract money from his frugal grandfather.

A second demand was received, but had been delayed by an Italian postal strike.[7]

John Paul Getty Jr. asked his father, J. Paul Getty, for the money, but was refused arguing that, were he to pay the ransom, his 14 other grandchildren could also be kidnapped.

In November 1973, an envelope containing a lock of hair and a human ear was delivered to a daily newspaper with a threat of further mutilation of Paul, unless $3.2 million was paid: “This is Paul’s ear. If we don’t get some money within 10 days, then the other ear will arrive. In other words, he will arrive in little bits.”[8]

At this point the reluctant Getty Sr. negotiated a deal to get his grandson back for about $2.9 million. Getty Sr. paid $2.2 million–the maximum amount that was tax deductible–and he loaned the remainder to his son who was responsible for repaying the sum at 4% interest[9].

Getty III was found alive in a petrol station of Lauria, in the province of Potenza, on 15 December 1973, shortly after the ransom was paid.[10] At his mother’s suggestion, he called his grandfather to thank him for paying the ransom, but J. Paul Getty refused to come to the phone.[11]

Nine of the kidnappers were apprehended, including a carpenter, a hospital orderly, an ex-con, and an olive-oil dealer from Calabria, as well as high-ranking members of the ‘Ndrangheta—a Mafia organization in CalabriaGirolamo Piromalli and Saverio Mammoliti.[10] Two were convicted and sent to prison; the others, including the ‘Ndrangheta bosses, were acquitted for lack of evidence. Most of the ransom money was never recovered.[9][12] In 1977, Getty had an operation to rebuild the ear that had been cut off by his kidnappers.[2]

Later life[edit]

In 1974, Getty married German Gisela Martine Zacher (née Schmidt), who was five months pregnant. He had known her and her twin sister Jutta since before his kidnapping. Getty was 18 years old when his son, Balthazar, was born in 1975. The couple divorced in 1993.[2]

Getty tried his hand at acting in European films: he played supporting parts in Raúl RuizThe Territory and in Wim Wenders‘s The State of Things, which was shot at the same time as Ruiz’s film, using part of its cast and crew.[13] He and his wife lived for a time in New York, where they consorted with Andy Warhol‘s art crowd.[11]

Permanently affected by his kidnapping, Getty suffered from drug and alcohol addiction during the years that followed.[11] In 1981, he imbibed a Valium, methadone, and alcohol cocktail which caused liver failure and a stroke, leaving him quadriplegic, partially blind and unable to speak.[14][15] Afterwards, he was taken care of by his mother. He eventually sued his father for $28,000 a month to cover his medical needs.[11] He never fully recovered and remained severely handicapped for the rest of his life. By 1987, however, he was able to regain some degree of autonomy. He could again visit concerts and cinema, and was even able to ski when strapped to a metal frame.[13]

In 1999, Getty, along with several other members of his family, became citizens of Ireland in return for investments in that country of approximately £1 million each, under a law which has since been repealed.[16]


On 5 February 2011, aged 54, Getty died at Wormsley, Buckinghamshire, following a long illness. He had been in poor health since his 1981 drug overdose.[3] He was survived by his son and his mother.

Of course, if you guessed from her surname that she is one of the fabulously rich Getty family, you’d be correct. Has it often occurred to you that often the richest families are the ones who seem to have the most tragedies and disasters in their lives? The Onassis and Kennedy families come to mind.

Aileen Getty was one of these people who suffered because of her family’s enormous wealth – yet she’s a survivor.

How did it all start?

Aileen was the second child of Jean Paul Getty II and his first wife, Gail. They had four children including Jean Paul III who was famously kidnapped in the 1970s.  The couple were divorced in 1964 and Gail received custody. Although Aileen’s father became known eventually as a philanthropist, during Aileen’s childhood he lived a ‘rich hippie’ lifestyle which included the mandatory drug problem.

After Gail and Jean Paul split up, Gail went to live with a man you Aileen resented. She was brought up in Italy but as a teenager sent to boarding school in England. She hated it and rebelled against the discipline of the school. The idea of this expensive education was to make her into a young society woman but it had the opposite effect – she became a rebel.

Later, she dropped out of the University of Southern California and did what most rebels of her day enjoyed – creating controversial artworks, protesting against the Vietnam war and using a good deals of drug, in particular cocaine which was favoured by the rich and famous.

Then there was sex. She lived for a while with a jazz pianist and then with a film director but soon became sidetracked by someone else and decided to marry. She had been spending time with a young man called Michael Wilding Jr and had got to know his younger brother, Christopher. People who know their movie history might know who the mother of the two young men was…

Elizabeth Taylor

A wedding between the son of one of the most famous women in America and the granddaughter of one of the richest men in the world was bound to be quite an undertaking and the logistics seemed impossible so, with their parents’ knowledge, the couple eloped and were secretly married at a wedding chapel on Sunset Strip.
But the marriage wasn’t to succeed.

Aileen later said that she became insecure when her parents were divorced and that the five month kidnapping ordeal of her brother Paul had made her realise distrust her family — and the family wealth. By the time she married Christopher she had already had a nervous breakdown.

Drugs didn’t help the situation. Her new husband was a kind man who indulged her. But the drugs caused massive mood swings. There was also the problem that, as two rich kids, they did not have the struggles that most young married couples have to go through to bond the the relationship.

Miscarriages, another nervous breakdown and a  several week disappearance were to follow. Although Christopher’s friends later said that he was ‘getting tired of being Aileen’s nursemaid’ the couple decided to adopt a son in an effort to cement their marriage.

As often happens, Aileen became pregnant shortly after the adoption and the couple now had another little boy born in 1985.

It was eight months later that she was confessing her terrible secret to Elizabeth Taylor

Aileen was severely depressed after the birth of her son and her mother-in-law, Elizabeth Taylor, decided that she needed to get away for a short spell. Ms Taylor was travelling to Paris in her role as president of the American Foundation for AIDS Research and took Aileen with her.

Aileen was horrified when she found out more about AIDS during the vacation. It made her aware of various risks she had taken in the past. She confessed to her mother-in-law that it was possible that she was HIV positive. Ms Taylor was incredibly reassuring and comforting.

After the Paris trip, she took Aileen to stay at her Bel Air mansion. And Aileen took blood tests. Although those who knew her were aware that she had a drama-queen side to her personality, in this instance she was right – the tests revealed that she was HIV positive.

Aileen knew that she couldn’t stay with her mother-in-law forever so fled to New York. She hit the bars – and the drugs scene – hard. She believed that it would be more ‘respectable’ if she died of a drug overdose. This demonstrates the stigma that was attached to AIDS in those days.

However she lived and returned to her husband and children, but Christopher was now talking about divorce. Christopher and his mother were the only people at this stage who knew about Aileen’s illness. She tried several supposed cures but nothing worked and eventually she told her family.

Divorce and remarriage

Christopher divorced Aileen in 1987. He also gained custody of the children. Those in the know thought that this might be the final blow for her but the following year she announced that she was marrying a young man she had met at her latest rehab clinic. When the couple returned from their honeymoon, Aileen was found unconscious the following day – a drug overdose. The second marriage ended.


Less than three years later, she developed the first symptoms of AIDS itself. Her doctors told her that she might only have a few months to live. Her inherent rebelliousness kicked in. She hated people pitying her and she hated the stigma that was attached to her disease.  But for a time she was very ill.

When she was fitter, she announced publicly that she had AIDS and with the name of Getty (and that of Elizabeth Taylor) backing her up she became a champion for the rights of her fellow-sufferers, particularly women. She made no secret of the fact that she had contracted the disease by having unprotected sex with someone who she later discovered was HIV positive but repeatedly said that the way the disease was contracted was not important, that sufferers should be treated with the dignity that sufferers of any other disease were granted.

Aileen put her own house in order

As she gained fame for her campaigning she was determined to sort out her life. She tried to get out of her drug habit. She re-established a friendship with Christopher Wilding and was allowed custody of her children on four days of the week. In 2014 she was honoured with the Elizabeth Taylor Leadership Award. In the audience at the event were numerous members of the Getty family, plus many from the Wilding family.

In her acceptance speech, Aileen said “Thank you to my family. You have been my constant anchor. I am blown away every day by your love and support. I am so grateful to be surrounded by so much love here this evening.”


Sir John Paul Getty, KBE (born Eugene Paul Getty; 7 September 1932 – 17 April 2003), was a wealthy American-born British philanthropist and book collector. He was the elder son of Jean Paul Getty Sr. (1892–1976), one of the richest men in the world at the time, and his wife Ann Rork. The Getty family‘s wealth was the result of the oil business founded by George Franklin Getty. At birth he was given the name Eugene Paul Getty, but in later life he adopted other names, including Paul Getty, John Paul Getty, Jean Paul Getty Jr., and John Paul Getty II. A long-time Anglophile,[2] he became a British citizen in 1997. In 1986, he was awarded an honorary knighthood for services to causes ranging from cricket, to art and to the Conservative Party. His honorary knighthood became substantive when he became a British citizen. In 1998 he changed his name by deed poll when he renounced the first name Eugene and wished to be known as Sir Paul Getty, KBE.[3]


His first marriage was to Abigail “Gail” Harris, a former water polo champion. They divorced in 1964, having had four children including John Paul Getty III and Mark Getty.[4]

His second marriage was to the Dutch actress, model and style icon Talitha Pol (stepdaughter of Augustus John‘s daughter Poppet) on 10 December 1966. The two posed for an iconic photograph on a roof-top in Marrakesh, Morocco in January 1969. The photo, taken by Patrick Lichfield, shows Talitha Getty crouched down leaning on a wall and her husband in the background in hood and sunglasses. The photo appeared in American Vogue and again in the September 1999 issue of American Vogue and is part of the collection of the National Portrait Gallery in London. Two and a half years after the photo was taken, Talitha died of a heroin overdose on 14 July 1971. She was survived by her son with Getty: Tara Gabriel Gramophone Galaxy Getty (born June 1968), an ecological conservationist in Africa.[5] In 1994, he married for the third and final time, to Victoria Holdsworth.


Getty moved to Rome as head of Getty Oil Italiana. After the death of his second wife in 1971, he moved back to England and was reclusive for a time. In 1973, his eldest son, John Paul Getty III, was kidnapped in Rome by Calabrian ‘Ndrangheta mobsters and held in the Calabrian Mountains, chained to a stake in a cave. Getty did not have enough money to pay the $17 million ransom demand, and his father refused to help, saying “I have 14 other grandchildren, and if I pay one penny now, then I will have 14 kidnapped grandchildren.”[this quote needs a citation] However, when one of his son’s ears was delivered by mail to a newspaper in Rome (delivery had been delayed by three weeks because of a postal strike), his father finally agreed to help out with the ransom payment by making the ransom payment a loan to his son.[citation needed]

In 1976, Getty’s father died. Over the next decade Getty suffered from depression and, in a final attempt to end his drug addiction, checked himself into a London clinic in 1984. While there he received a visit from the then Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher to thank him for large donations to the National Gallery. She reportedly helped speed his recovery by telling him, “My dear Mr. Getty, we mustn’t let things get us down, must we? We’ll have you out of here as soon as possible.” During a low period in the 1970s Getty had been cheered up by the former England cricketer and later President of the MCC, Gubby Allen, having previously been introduced to the game by Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones.[6]


Getty donated over £140m to various artistic and cultural causes. The National Gallery alone received £50m from him. He was awarded a knighthood in the Order of the British Empire (KBE) in 1987, but as a foreign national he could not use the title “Sir”. In December 1997 he was granted British citizenship and immediately renounced his US nationality. The Queen reportedly commented: “Now you can use your title, that’s nice.”


His personal fortune was estimated as about £1.6 billion. He donated significant support for the National Gallery, the British Museum, the British Film Institute, Hereford Cathedral, St Paul’s Cathedral, the Imperial War Museum, and St. James Catholic Church.[1] Some of his donations, especially contributions towards the purchases of Canova‘s The Three Graces by The National Galleries of Scotland[7] and the Madonna of the Pinks by Raphael, foiled acquisition efforts by the J. Paul Getty Museum endowed by his father. In June 2001, he gave £5 million to the Conservative Party. He endowed a charitable trust which supports the arts, conservation and social welfare.

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