Demonic Evangelical Destroyers

“They don’t use the word ‘Christmas’ because it’s not politically correct,” Trump said to heavy applause. “Well, guess what? We’re saying ‘Merry Christmas’ again.”

The Free Internet is under attack by the TeaVangelicals that born the Tea Party Movement. Most evangelical haves liberal siblings who vote the secular Democratic ticket. No doubt they have questioned the strange beliefs of their kindred, such as the Rapture and End Time. Not be to make a sound theological argument, the TVs have drawn a line in the sand, and encourage Believers to become Republicans so they can destroy our secular way of governing. They want to close down all government offices, so if a Democrat wins, there is no chair and desk for that elected official to sit in their Demonic Defunding and Deregulating. They are taught by Evangelical Leaders that the church will be the new meeting place, a Society of Jesus, if you will.

Trump is the President of the TeaVangelicals, and no one else. He pours gasoline on their destructive propaganda that is dividing our nation in half. They claim the Democrats are going out of their way to destroy American Tradition, such as Christmas. This is why Trump made a speech supporting Moore with a big “Merry Christmas” sign.

I became a Republican in order to uphold the traditional values of my kindred, John Fremont, who was a co-founder of America’s Abolitionist Party, and, was a candidate for President. I need help in taking away a tradition that is opposed to their racism and their worship of Confederate ghosts. The attack on the Free Press by the evangelical loon, Sarah Sanders, brings us close to the events that gave rise to Adolph Hitler, who mocked free election – everywhere!

Israeli Leaders and Rabbis must condemn the evil propaganda of the TeaVangelicals. This fake Liberal War on Christmas is on par with the propaganda that was aimed at the Jews of Germany who were depicted as anti-Christian and anti- Christmas. That this war comes with a tax cut that takes away billions from programs from the hungry and poor, is the same sign alleged ‘Good Germans’ – IGNORED!

Jon Presco

“Towards the end of a speech at the Heritage Foundation purportedly about pitching his tax reform plan, President Donald Trump went on a riff about the “War on Christmas” and the use of the term “Merry Christmas.”

Telling the crowd that he wanted to give them the “best Christmas present of all” in massive tax relief, Trump took the opportunity to go on about how stores don’t post signs saying “Merry Christmas” and people don’t use the phrase anymore.

“I will give you a bigger Christmas present,” Trump stated. “You’re gonna be saying Merry Christmas again. You’re gonna say Merry Christmas.”

He went on to claim that stores decorated for Christmas but didn’t say “Merry Christmas,” leading him to tell the audience it will occur this season.

“I want them to say, Merry Christmas,” he exclaimed. “Everybody. Happy New Year. Happy Holidays. But I want Merry Christmas. It’s happening already. You know it. You know it’s happening again.”

Earlier this month during another speech, the president claimed victory in the War on Christmas, stating that everyone will be “saying Merry Christmas again.”

Federal regulators are expected to vote Thursday morning to allow Internet providers to speed up service for some apps and websites — and block or slow down others — in a decision repealing landmark, Obama-era regulations for broadband companies such as AT&T and Verizon.

The move to deregulate the telecom and cable industry would be a major setback for tech companies, consumer groups and Democrats who lobbied heavily against the decision. And it would be a sweeping victory for Republicans who vowed to roll back the efforts of the prior administration, despite a recent survey showing that 83 percent of Americans…

At the end of The Evangelicals, her nearly 700-page history of white evangelical Americans from colonial times to the present, Frances FitzGerald settles on the last of these assessments. “The simplest explanation was that those evangelicals who voted for Trump had affinities with the Tea Party,” she writes. They seemed to care more about shrinking the government, creating jobs, and deporting illegal immigrants than about enforcing Christian morals. “The Trump victory had shown,” she goes on, “that the Christian right had lost its power.” Yet FitzGerald’s careful account offers grist for a much richer exploration of evangelicals’ affinity with Trump.

After bowing his head during a blessing before dinner with evangelical leaders in the Blue Room last month, President Donald Trump cracked a joke.

“I’m the only person on Fifth Avenue that would have a prayer like that,” the president said, according to two attendees, seeming to separate himself from much of Manhattan’s swanky Upper East Side.

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One evangelical leader present offered that Cardinal Timothy Dolan, whose palatial cathedral and residence is blocks from Trump Tower, may also suggest a blessing before dining. Trump agreed before commenting on the cardinal’s lavish digs.

He then pointed to several of the religious leaders before saying an iteration of: “The Christians, they know what I’m doing for them, right?” He grinned and nodded as he was praised.

The episode provides a window into Trump’s symbiotic relationship with evangelical voters, according to more than a dozen White House officials, advisers and religious leaders.

Several senior White House officials say they’ve never heard Trump reference the Bible privately or pray in the Oval Office — even though he has, at times, asked Vice President Mike Pence to pray. He swears frequently, even startling some aides with his coarse language. He was famously caught on tape saying he could grab women by their genitals because he is famous. In New York, he was well-known for cheating on his wives and encouraging coverage of his sex life in the tabloids.

“They believe they have a commander in chief that is effectively using the bully pulpit to advance a Judeo-Christian framework that has been minimized, scrutinized and ostracized for the last few decades,” said David Brody, who has enjoyed tremendous access to White House officials as a correspondent for the Christian Broadcasting Network. He says his viewers overwhelmingly support Trump and see him as unfairly under attack, a view shared by a dozen religious leaders interviewed for this story.

Trump alluded to that exact notion during Friday’s speech, promising that he is “stopping cold the attacks on Judeo-Christian values” and declaring the war on Christmas is over.

“They don’t use the word ‘Christmas’ because it’s not politically correct,” Trump said to heavy applause. “Well, guess what? We’re saying ‘Merry Christmas’ again.”

“Times have changed, but now they’re changing back again,” he added.

Those who have known Trump longest guffaw at his approach to evangelicals and say they believe he is only pandering. Even some of the religious leaders who wanted to praise Trump publicly asked to go off the record and say they don’t believe the self-described Presbyterian is religious.
Barbara Res, a longtime Trump executive, said she was “amazed” at his executive action on contraception, in which he allowed virtually any employer to claim a religious or moral objection to Obamacare’s birth control coverage mandate.
“He doesn’t care about that, ” Res said. “He has no idea what he signed. They just gave him that to sign.”
Timothy O’Brien, a longtime Trump biographer, said the president’s family wasn’t religiously observant and that Trump had attended church only occasionally over the years. “He has never, ever been consumed with classic Christian values like ‘love your neighbor’ and ‘treat others as you want to be treated,’” O’Brien said. “He has never tried to live by the values of the Bible. He is completely cynical about it.”
But Trump and his team have paid special care to their relationship with the evangelical community. The White House has called Christian leaders for input on a range of issues, including economic and foreign policy matters not closely associated with the religious community, said Johnnie Moore, a religious leader close to Trump. “They talk to us constantly,” Moore said.
Pence is beloved by many evangelicals, and Reed said many of his friends have visited the White House more often since January than in decades. On several occasions, Trump has brought pastors into the Oval Office for photos, including some showing them gathered around his chair with their hands on his shoulders. Trump has loved the idea of the pictures becoming public, one adviser said.
One adviser said Trump keeps a family Bible in the residence and has told people he has opened it from time to time.
Brody, the TV reporter, has interviewed Trump officials repeatedly on the West Wing lawn — and he scored almost a dozen campaign trail interviews with Trump, as well as the president’s third interview in office. Another one of Trump’s interviews was with Pat Robertson, the televangelist who leads the network.
Brody is now writing a book about the president’s religious “journey,” he said, which he admitted has drawn “chuckles” from liberals and skeptics. Trump is expected to participate in the book.
White House officials have told Brody that they see the network as important and that it provides fairer treatment, with questions that often focus on issues that are less contentious than the Russia probe, his administration’s legislative failures and chaos in the White House.

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