God, Trump, Bannon – DEFEATED!

Roy Moore’s angry quotation of the Bible tonight, suggested God was not going to allow him to lose. Meanwhile, Bannon rode away – pissed – without saying a word! Trump did send out a twitter congratulating Doug Jones. Roy claims a “unfaithful light” defeated him. Is he talking about Lucifer? ‘We’ve been put in a hole!” says Moore!

We do know that tens of thousands of evangelicals prayed for a Moore Victory, on top of casting a Earth Vote. The question is, why didn’t these prayers WORK, and, is God pissed the wrong people invoked His Name? However, what if God saw Roy and his supporter as His Champions?

What we are just seeing the tip of is APOLOGETICS. Evangelical Leaders will be burning the midnight oil, looking for a way to cast blame on anyone – BUT GOD! God can not be A LOSER! God is – A WINNER! When His Chosen Children were taken into captivity in Babylon, the Scribes, Leaders, and Prophets were desperate for an explanation. Moore stops short of blaming Satan for the hole he was cast down in. But, has he considered an evil spell was cast upon him by…………..THE WITCHDOCTOR OF LIBERTY?

Evangelical leaders have been secretly encouraging their flocks to register as Republicans so they can announce………….Everything that is not Republican – Is Evil! This is Theodicy for Morons, led by the Chief Moron.


Politics is no place for Piety, and Cry Babies For Jesus! This is SPIRITUAL VANITY! Roy should have withdrew from the race for the sake of God, the Republican Party, and Decency. But, his evangelical backers would…………LOOK BAD! They already told their families Jesus told them Moore would win, because, God heard their prayers – NOT!

We heard of ‘Snow Flakes’. Now we got ‘Glow Flakes’.




‘Realize when the vote is this close, then it’s not over,’ said Moore, who exasperated national party establishment leaders with his run. ‘And we’ve still got to go by the rules about this recount provision.’ 

‘We also know that God is always in control,’ Moore told his supporters, who were left stunned at their party in Montgomery as the race got called for Jones.

Moore complained in his speech: ‘Part of the problem with this campaign is we’ve been painted in an unfavorable and unfaithful light.’

‘We’ve been put in a hole, if you will,’ he said, referencing the Bible’s Psalm 40 and speaking rapidly.

‘I waited patiently for the Lord. That’s what we’ve got to do,’ Moore told his supporters, who include many evangelical voters. ‘And he inclined to me and heard my cry and brought us also out of a horrible pit out of the miry clay and set my feet on the rock and established my goings and put a new song in our mouth. He then prays unto our God. Many shall see it hear it, and shall be moved by that if you will.’

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Still, for Jews believing in an all-powerful God, the “attempt to vindicate God’s goodness in the face of the existence of so much evil in the world” [4], the logical problem already addressed by Euripides millennia ago and commonly referred to as theodicy, applies to Judaism in a similar way as to Christianity, like many other problems deriving from specific verses of the Bible [5], and I need not delve into details already covered in arguments challenging the truth of Christianity.

Especially since the Holocaust, many Jewish theologians acknowledge that


“in all likelihood, there probably is no satisfactory answer.
One of the dangers of theodicy, in fact, is that in its attempts to justify God’s ways to man, it frequently blames man for his sufferings. For example, one sometimes hears ultra-Orthodox Jews speak of the Holocaust as God’s punishment for Jewish irreligiosity.” [6]

Apart from the fact that such a position has been the traditional Jewish answer long before the Holocaust, indeed even long before the pogroms of the medieval crusades [7], like other Bible oriented faithful our Jewish theologians refuse to address the obvious answer: that an almighty and loving God as described in the Bible simply cannot exist.

This is hardly surprising – after all, most theologians have to make a living of the beliefs of their religions’ followers.

For the mentioned reasons this article will instead deal with the moral aspects of the Jewish religion. This is an all the more obvious approach, since in Judaism the “central stress has always been on performing [God’s] commandments, unlike in Christianity where far greater emphasis is placed on faith.”

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