Releasing The Shekinah From The Chains of Chaos

Two years ago I posted this prophecy. When I saw the Channel Islands blanketed by smoke, I knew the Light of God was awakened.

“Jerusalem “is perhaps the most emotionally charged and difficult subject” among the final status issues in the conflict.
“The United Nations has repeatedly declared that any unilateral decision that seeks to alter the character and status of Jerusalem or that may alter these long-standing principles could seriously undermine current peace efforts and may have repercussions across the region,” Mladenov said.
He added that he was “particularly concerned about the potential risk of a violent escalation” in response to the US decision.
Mladenov said the world was standing at a “critical moment in the long-running history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict”.

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The world is polarized. The parasitical co-terrorists are feeding on the dead in Paris. Evangelical politicians plot on how to bring down the President of the United States, take the White House, defund the Social Safety Net, and launch another Crusade in Iraq.

The Red State Demons are hell bent on the South rising again, and is why they talked Moron Bush into winning one for the Neo-Confederacy, and once and for all destroy the anti-War Civil Rights Movement. The Lovers of Peace will be trampled to death in the Rush To War. Liberating Jews and Christians from Muslim oppression will put an end to Equal Rights for former slaves. ISIS is the new slave master of the world.

Here is Rabbi Boteach blaming the black President of the United States for the State of Terror the world is in.

“Nevertheless, he must admit that radical Islam is a threat to our…

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