My Disciple’s Beautiful Back

Capturing Beauty

My ex-friend Brian Purvis kidnapped Rena Easton on Pismo Beach. Rena had just put on the most amazing and beautiful show after we stopped to let Brian’s seven year old daughter, Julie Purvis, put her feet in the little waves that spent themselves on the shore. I had guessed correctly that Rena was afraid of the water when we stopped at the Beach in Santa Barbara. She was going to put that fear behind her. I watched her squirm out of her tight jeans, then, take off her halter-top. In her bikini, she came up to Julie who was running away from the waves.

“Are you afraid of the ocean?” Rena asked.

“Yesssss!” Julie shuddered.

“So am I. Let’s get over our fear together!”

Rena took Julie in her arms, and they walked into the big waves! Julie was estatic. She looked up at the most beautifuk face she had ever seen, and then at the next wave that crashed around them. Brian and I stood, there speechless. The sun behind them was getting low on the horizon, and created a aura around them.

We went to get back in the car, and as soon as Rena was in, Brian reached back and shut the door I was about to enter, then, drove down the beach. I was, flabbergasted. Two hundred yards away, it stopped, then returned. I got in. Rena is giving me a questioning look. I did not want her to panic, run towards the sea, and the last we see of her is her Mermaid tail. Later I asked why Brian came back.

“I insisted! I told him if he did not go back, he could let me out!”

If Brian had let Rena out, there we would be, utterly homeless and stranded. We had little money. I marvel at the irony of it all. This is California where rich men snap up beautiful women – just like that! Brian had his fifteen minutes of fame, and, if he wanted to remain in the presence of the Goddess, he would have to live with the idea – she was mine!

I told you about my search for a Rena look-a-like on the Victoria Secret’s show. Today, I found a winner – standing next to the President of the United States. Her name is, Lee Graham. She is seventeen. She won! Rena told me she was eighteen. She lied! Brian kidnapped a seventeen year old. I have said I this blog for the last ten years, the most important lessons I have received, came from a seventeen year old beauty. This is now applicable to the leaders of the Free World and Soviet Union.

The age of consent in Nebraska is sixteen. I had Rena call her mother every time we went to town. However, there is not more trouble I get into, then in my next post. The bite of the Asp has already been applied to me. I am impervious to the poison. For the last two years Trump has treated us to a covert beauty contest. What is the subliminal message?

The answer is………………..POWER!

I was twenty-four. We both had ‘The Walk’ . When we came down from our mountain we had this incredible aura around us that parted those who got in our way. We were California Super Hippies and the Beautiful People everyone heard about, but, never saw, until now. After camping for thirty days, Rena tells me she was a A+ student, and had a full scholarship to the University of Nebraska. She says she was skipped a grade.

“You’re not eighteen, are you?”

Jon Presco

Copyright 2017




Rosamond Press


When Brian shut Rena and I out, I reminded him I had just given up my apartment for his good friend. So, he grabs his tent, and throws it down on the ground, locks the door, and leaves. I set the tent of in the backyard, and that night Rena and I get in it. It is summer. We start taking off our clothes, so alas we can have sexual intercourse. Then I see her bare back with the flow of her auburn hair cascading down it.

“My God, Rena! You have the most beautiful back. Let’s leave our underwear on. I don’t think doing it in a backyard is right. Here, lie down and let me rub your back.”

For an hour we were both in heaven as my hand explored, my nails, tickled, and the palm of my hand lie on her abdomen. I worshipped a Goddess, and I filled…

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