Satan Has Taken Over The Republican Party


Roy Moore does not know what Jesus wrote in the dust. Donald Trump is a liar and a moron – who just endorsed a child molester!  God is not on their side – or on the side of people who voted for them.

I order all Evangelical leaders and ministers – out of the Republican Party founded by my kindred, and the Socialist Forty-Eighters! The Fake President has declared war on the Democrats, and more than half the voters in the United States. He solicited the help of Russia to do this. Red State Evangelicals and Russia – hate the Free Press!

Get out – now!

John ‘The Nazarite

President Trump on Monday offered his most explicit endorsement to date of Roy Moore, the embattled Republican Senate candidate in Alabama who stands accused of making unwanted sexual advances on teenagers when he was in his 30s.
“We need Republican Roy Moore to win in Alabama,” Trump declared in an early morning tweet, leaving no question that he was supporting a Senate nominee that many other Republican leaders have repudiated and called upon to quit the race.
Trump tweeted: “Democrats refusal to give even one vote for massive Tax Cuts is why we need Republican Roy Moore to win in Alabama. We need his vote on stopping crime, illegal immigration, Border Wall, Military, Pro Life, V.A., Judges 2nd Amendment and more. No to Jones, a Pelosi/Schumer Puppet!”

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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