Going After True Innocence

“I am a theologian who is writing a book on the Nazarites and have found a lineage of female prophets. I have exchanged information with Margaret Starbird and others who subscribe to ideas put forth in the Davinci Code.”

I went to see my doctor about my diabetes that is threatening my life along with prostate cancer. I have thirty years of sobriety. I told my doctor I did a ‘Me Too’ yesterday. We talked about me getting back into therapy. The last time, my therapist knew nothing about the dynamics of a celebrity family. When I read all of ‘When You Close Your Eyes’ I read a concerted effort by those around her – to see her fail! She had been dead for seven years.

What I now saw, was the effort to see me fail. My sixteen year old daughter was put in charge of this conspiracy by her alcoholic aunt Linda, who was threatened by my sobriety. But more than that, she was long envious of Rosamond. Linda was on her way to being a complete failure, when she married a drunken attorney twenty five years her senior. Heather called her a ‘Gold Digger’. She wanted my daughter to be a big star, and compliment her new wealth. She talked her niece into undermining my sobriety. They thought it was payback, and a big joke to post photos of my grandson with drinks all around him. They want me…….TO FAIL!

Here are my e-mails I and Tomas Ensley exchanged back 2010. He is undermining my efforts go unite with my muse, Rena Easton, who is responsible for Christine taking up art. At the time, Ensley is collecting child porn of young boys.

I had not one in my corner when I tried to save my grandson. No member of SLEEPS, nor Mark Gall and Ed Corbin. Somehow the loss of Tyler, was what I deserved, and, I would soon give up my delusions of being a writer, being…………..somebody!

Success can be a dark mirror which brings out the worst in people via their Self Doubt – for starters. In Easley’s case, he knows he is a Dirty, Filthy, Monsters. I suspect he turned Rena against me.

Many famous men are being brought low by accusations they sexually harassed women, or, fondled underage children. Who knows………for sure?

Kellyanne Conway has been called before the ethics committee for influencing the public with her desire to have Roy Moore -SEEN as being innocent, she not giving a rat’s ass if he is possibly a Serial Pedophile. This is a cheap whore-pimp for degenerates  She would sell children into sex-slavery, for the sake of politicians she favors. She is not about wrong or right, but, about success verses failure.

There are truly innocent adults and seniors in America, who find no problem doing the right thing, and believing in the truth – their whole life! The She-witch political whore, raked their eyes with her claws, and bit their ears with her bloody fangs.

Linda Comstock will destroy anyone who gets in her way from having her next drink. She will use anyone and everyone to keep the truth away from her. Child molesters are almost impossible to treat. They are targeting children – around the clock!

Jon Presco

Copyright 2017

Lincoln police arrested a man Thursday after investigators say they found images of child porn on his computers.

Officer Katie Flood says Tomas Ensley, 58, faces charges of Possession of Child Pornography and Generation of Child Pornography. Flood says back in April, a sergeant with LPD’s Electronic Analysis Unit learned Ensley had child porn on his computer.

On April 16th, officers served a search warrant at Ensley’s home at 6601 Colfax. Flood says police seized three computers. Flood says after an analysis of the computers, it was discovered they contained pornographic images of boys clearly under the age of 18.

“In addition, a video file was contained on the computer that was created by Mr. Ensley,” Flood says. “In the video, he was performing illicit sex acts while child pornography played on a nearby television.” Flood says that video was 22 minutes long.

Flood says a second search warrant was served Thursday at Ensley’s home, and he was arrested. Flood says police seized a TV, a computer and some web cameras in the search.


A prominent government ethics expert has filed a complaint against White House counselor Kellyanne Conway, alleging that she violated federal law Monday by appearing to oppose Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore’s Democratic opponent.

Walter Shaub, who resigned in July as the head of the Office of Government Ethics, said on Twitter on Wednesday that he lodged a complaint claiming that the top aide to President Donald Trump ran afoul of the Hatch Act when she discouraged Alabamans from voting for the Democratic nominee, Doug Jones.

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“I have filed a complaint with the U.S. Office of Special Counsel, which investigates Hatch Act violations,” Shaub tweeted.

During an interview earlier this week on “Fox and Friends,” Conway called Jones “weak on crime,” “weak on borders,” and “terrible for property owners.” Pressed on whether she was endorsing Moore, she never answered directly but suggested his vote was needed to advance Trump administration priorities.

“I’m telling you that we want the votes in the Senate to get this tax bill through,” she said, as she stood on the White House’s North Lawn with the executive mansion in the background.

John Ambrose <braskewitz@yahoo.com>


Tomas Ensley

01/21/10 at 7:40 AM

For years I identified Rena as my Muse, and my sister’s Muse because a painting I did of Rena inspired Christine to become an artist. I do not believe she will laugh at this historic connection. There exists one very bad biography about Christine and her family, and a coffee table book is coming out. In my story I call Rena the goddess, because she took a pose like the goddess, Diana, in the University Museum in her green cape, saying this would make a better sculpture then the one we beheld. She had shown me the life-size sculpture her boyfriend was doing of – himself – and I was flabbergasted he was not rendering Rena, and said so. How narcissistic that he put himself up on a pedestal. Rena looked dismayed herself. I am sure she would get what I am referring to.


I might rename my story ‘The Last Time I Saw My Muse’. A Muse is a goddess. You have this name in your e-mail. Why? Can I deduce you believe in a goddess? Are you a Christian? How about the others you refer to as “we”? Sounds like you people are being a bit provincial – in God’s Country! Do you believe Jesus is God?


I am a theologian who is writing a book on the Nazarites and have found a lineage of female prophets. I have exchanged information with Margaret Starbird and others who subscribe to ideas put forth in the Davinci Code.


Rena acted like a goddess when I met her. She claimed I was the first to look behind her façade and communicate directly with the simple young woman I found TRAPPED there, by her beauty. The title of the autobiography I have been working on for a number of years is titled ‘Capturing Beauty’ as in taking Beauty hostage. Rena and her sisters who were models are at the core of story. Christine, who was once a simple and lovely person, used models from fashion magazines to render her paintings that made her millions, and were found all over the world.


Men and women worship beautiful women. Apparently you worship Rena. Why are you so interested in finding her, if you had no relationship with her? How about the others, that you employ in a information game – against me? I have GIVEN freely of privileged information that belongs to Rena and I. You and the alleged others are acting stingy. Why? You had your shot at her when she was your schoolmate. Why was a search launched – just to find Rena? I am sure there are less pretty girls un-accounted for that are just aching to get some attention.


You, and maybe other – contacted me!


It looks like Rena and you went to the University of Nebraska at the same time. You didn’t tell me that! Why? Because you have been covert, while I have been overt, I have to imply what you are implying – that I am stalking Rena in some manner and for reasons she would have no interest in, and would object to! How dare you!


You had no relationship with her – like I did – and this seems to be upsetting you. People who have played information games with me in the past – have lost! You are playing a game. You bid me to reveal very private and personal matters in order to find the whereabouts of someone you have a forty year crush on. Get over it!


Have you considered Rena might be dead? People have accidents. Also, if she married a British Admiral, then he might have been wealthy and a member of British aristocracy. It appears the Isle of Wight attracts retired Naval people who are probably a tight bunch, and thus, Rena is no out of OUR league! She is probably a citizen of the Commonwealth, and considers Britain her country. She may not be looking homeward in any manner. She might have felt lost when her husband died, and briefly touched her roots when she got scanty information to her Highschool alumni.


I plan to REVEAL more about Rena then you will ever be able to reveal to me. I am only interested in finding her. If you are suggesting you are going to prevent me from finding Rena in any manner, with the alleged help of fellow teenage classmates, then, think again! I will make the cover, overt, and let Rena see all the information regarding her.


If I had not been generous with you, then you would know next to nothing about her! Next to nothing! You do not want to fight with me, for our correspondence is already HISTORIC, a part of real Art History. This is why I bothered to give you a lengthy response.


Why do you say she was troubled? Are you speaking for yourself?


“We knew her as a lovely, sweet and troubled young woman.”


She was troubled because most people around her acted weird around her because she was so beautiful. This is what she told me – at length! How many plain, or ugly classmates would you title “troubled”? Perhaps you are projecting your own troubles on Rena, such as feeling awkward in her presence, the presence of the goddess – you put on a pedestal before I allegedly did?


I have to laugh, because, what we got here looks like a High School rivalry! But, then there might not be anything to laugh at, because you are stalking her, and she knows it! That you project that on me, and asked me not to reveal your name on my blog, is suspicious. Did you persue her while you two were in college? Did she reject you – again?




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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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