Attack Of The 300 Pound Killer Lady Bug

Here’s what happens if two women touch each other improperly in the Emerald Valley. The good vibes that nurture The Egg of Total Goodness, is shattered. That’s  ‘Touch Me, Feel Me’ Angee dressed like a Lady Bug made of a fifty gallon oil drum especially fashioned to protect her from – the vicious female press! If Sarah Huckabee gets the hook, Angee is raren to go. I love her empty laugh of revenge. Reminds me Nelson from the Simpsons. And what is Cari Lampshire called?

“You corn-fed whore!”

I think that dudes has read some books. My guess this is out of ‘God’s Little Acre’ by Caldwell. But, nothing came up when I googled “corn-fed whore” and thus I sent a message to Cari to snap it up and .com it. One of the characters is Rosamund.


About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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