Knightfall of The Jealous MusesI

I 1988, I wrote on a piece of paper “I am a Nazarite!” and walked a hundred yards to the McKenzie River, and Baptized myself. Two months earlier I read all of Luke thru the night, and just before dawn, I asked Jesus to come into the darkness that surrounded me due to the incest in my family. He appeared, and said;

“Be not afraid. I and my father in heaven are already working on these matters. Spiritual Courage will be met with Spiritual Courage!”

Tonight, Lawrence O’Donnell, used these words to describe the latest woman who accuse Roy Moore, the Pretender Protector of God’s Commandments. To hear these words, again, forces my hand, or the Hand of God. How dark is the darkness around me?

“Courage creates more courage. It always has!”

In 1994 I called up my mother, born Rosemary Rosamond, and said;

“You seduced Bill. This is why he killed himself. Alas, I figured it out.”

There was a long silence. Bill was my childhood friend. Then, I heard this;

“What do you want me to do – cut my throat?”

I can count the days my mother was my mother. On this day I realize I had no mother. But, more than this, I was Un-born. I was going to write about my four jealous muses who have done everything to undermine My Books. They do not want to see them published. When Rena bid deputy Dan Mayland to give me a jingle, he assured me Rena was not trying to get me to quit writing in this blog. I wondered why she told him that, thinking Dan would tell me – if I asked! Rena – lied! After reading my beautiful letter, she flew into a fit of jealousy. Why? She agreed she was my muse, which means there would be a co-authorship of sorts. I would be bouncing all the beauty I have beheld in my life, off of her. Why did she saboatage this mutual experience?

An hour ago, I made a list of people who have been, and are jealous of me. I have to conclude Rosemary was jealus of me the moment I was born, because, I was born a minute past sunset, and, there was an amazing star shower. She told me she was in a divine state and was too spent to go to the window the nurses beckoned her to.  She lied! How could she pass up the chance to see the miracle, and, then tell all her friends. The star shower occurred the next night on October 9. Rosemary wanted to be a great sinner.

“What did you hear? What was the message?” I asked.

“I don’t recall.” Rosemary lied.

Then she told me the fight over how my name would be spelled. She named me after John the Baptist because I was born near Yom Kippur ‘The Day of Atonement’.  She told me how furious she was when she saw my birth certificate. She said she wanted it spelled JON, but the nurse put an H in my name. Again Rosemary lied. I was being UN-BORN, because, my mother wanted to BE CALLED. She wanted to be The Special One. This runs in the family and comes from her mother MARY MAGDALENE ROSAMOND.

I have seen, and talked to God before. I am just………………….THE MESSENGER!

In 1996 I joined the Priory of Sion Many writers were there. They hated me. They loathed my study of  The Nazarites I began in 1988. Here is my registered Copyright. I was evicted from this group. They were jealous of me. Why?

Rosemary came on to me for fifty years. I dare only see her more than once a year. She was a predator, after my light. Then there is my father, the incestuous pedophile. He too UN-BORN me. He seduced my sisters with alcohol. My family took my daughter away from me. She should have been my muse who would help me get my message out. She was jealous of me. She was meant to be the Star!

The history channel is doing a series on the Knight Templars, titled ‘Knightfall’.  No one has my amazing history of the Templars that I found doing my genealogy. I have proven they owned the Shroud of Turin. My information is still wanted. People await ‘The Messenger’.

Once upon a time I was born in the body of a beautiful woman. My mother named me JOAN. This is the name the angel told Rosemary to name me……….

JEANNE ‘The Nazarite’

I have been very in touch with my feminine side. This is attested in the battle over the Rosamond Women between Christine and I. She was witness to my amazing relationship with women. I also believe I am the embodiment of Saint Francis. We are connected to the Nazarite Mothers, especially the mother of Samson, who is in-named. WHY? Is it Joanna?

“Manoah’s wife was one of the few people who the angel of the Lord appeared to. The angel appeared as a man (Judges 13:11-15) and his words gave the barren couple a child. What an amazing God we serve. God took the trouble to send his “messenger” to a woman that seemed totally insignificant (we do not even know her name). ”

In 1992 I began my first biography ‘Bonds With Angels’ that begins with the blue angel Christine and Vicki saw standing at the foot of their bed when the ten and six. No one wanted me to complete this book that is included in ‘Notes of the New Nazarite. Lynn, Clive, and Dan were lurking in the background. They hated my religiosity, and thus they posed as cryptologists and gnostic scholars. I could have ruined them.

All day long the world has heard “Get out!” in regards to Roy, the false prophet. I have been saying this for ten years. I told you I became a Republican so I can shout “GET OUT!”. I followed this by “REPENT!” and now the News Bringers are all over Alabama, asking women if Moore should “GET OUT!”

Today, it is safe to say these words. When this prophet said them, I was reviled, slimed, insulted, shamed, and made out to be insane. My grandson was taken from me in one more attempt to…………………………………Kill the Messenger!

Rena and I were too beautiful to be seen in public. So we hid atop our mountain, and I painted her portrait with the stars.

Jon Presco

What may have been the highlight of this event was the appearance of a large blue-white fireball over Southern California at 3:38 UT. Forsyth said it left a yellow train which lasted over three minutes. As the train drifted and became diffuse, it took on the shape of a horseshoe.

October 9, 1946 (Wednesday)

  • One of the most spectacular meteor showers visible from Earth was seen after the planet passed through the debris left by Comet Giacobini-Zinner. A greater number of meteors (referred to as Giacobinids or Draconids) burned up in the atmosphere than usual because of a closer approach. The comet and the Earth came within 131,000 miles of each other.[22]

Medieval English form of Johanne, an Old French form of Iohanna (see JOANNA). This was the usual English feminine form of John in the Middle Ages, but it was surpassed in popularity by Jane in the 17th century.This name (in various spellings) has been common among European royalty, being borne by ruling queens of Naples, Navarre and Castile. Another famous bearer was Joan of Arc, a patron saint of France (where she is known as Jeanne d’Arc). She was a 15th-century peasant girl who, after claiming she heard messages from God, was given leadership of the French army. She defeated the English in the battle of Orléans but was eventually captured and burned at the stake.

The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell 11/13/17

Lawrence on the courage of Roy Moore’s accusers

GOP Senate leaders abandoned Roy Moore on the day another woman came forward to speak against him. Beverly Young Nelson says he sexually assaulted her at age 16 and she was moved to speak by the courage of the women who told their stories to the Washington Post.

Da Vinci and The Turin Shroud

Did Leonardo fake the face of Christ?

By James Clark, Columnist

You might not realise it but you’ve probably seen Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince before. They’re there as passengers on the double-decker bus taking Robert Langdon (played by Tom Hanks) to London’s Temple Church in the film adaptation of The Da Vinci Code, and their presence in the scene was no accident. Rather, it was an acknowledgement of that story’s debt to their research.

When Dan Brown was writing his best-selling novel, he drew heavily on ideas in Lynn and Clive’s 1997 book The Templar Revelation, which had offered interpretations of Jesus Christ, John the Baptist, and Mary Magdalene that were very different from those presented by the Roman Catholic Church. Unsurprisingly, publication of The Templar Revelation prompted an outcry from various quarters. It was, however, only one step along Lynn and Clive’s esoteric journey.

The Templar Revelation had come about as they continued their research into the works of Leonardo da Vinci, in which they see hidden and heretical symbolism. That same research has now led them to announce a new discovery, one supporting their long-held and controversial belief that the Italian genius was responsible for what might be the greatest fraud of all time – namely, that he faked one of Christianity’s most holy relics.

I asked Lynn and Clive to tell me more.

For the benefit of readers unfamiliar with your books, could you briefly outline your theory regarding the connection between Leonardo da Vinci and the Turin Shroud?

In our 1994 book Turin Shroud: In Whose Image?, revised in 2006 as Turin Shroud: How Leonardo da Vinci Fooled History, we argued that he faked the alleged holy relic – believed to be the actual burial cloth of Jesus, miraculously imprinted with his image and bearing his redemptive blood.

We also argued, based on intensive research, that he created the image using a basic form of photography – a camera obscura – which is why it has puzzled so many people for so long.

And to cap it all, we believe that he used his own face as the model for that of Christ. All of this was not only within his capabilities – he was known to experiment with camera obscuras, for example – but it also perfectly fits his mind-set.

We believe that Leonardo’s Shroud was first displayed in 1494 in a town very close to Milan (where he was working at the time) and replaced an earlier, cruder, and more obviously faked “Holy Shroud” which had been exhibited in France.

An exhibition of Leonardo’s work has just opened at The National Gallery in London, and among the treasures being shown is his painting Christ as Salvator Mundi (Christ as the Saviour of the World), which dates from around 1499. It is this painting that you say presents “compelling new evidence” of a connection between Leonardo and the Shroud. What is this new evidence?

As you can see from the YouTube video (below), the face of Leonardo’s Saviour of the World matches that of Shroudman to an astonishing degree. Given all the other evidence we present in our book to link him with the Shroud, the match between the two images is surely way beyond coincidence. We’ve tried to match the image to many other portraits, but none come anywhere near as close as this.

Watching your video, I can certainly see a resemblance between the Salvator Mundi face and the image on the Shroud, but are you suggesting that both are actually images of Leonardo? Could it not be that Leonardo simply based his painting of Christ on the Shroud image?

Either way, it shows Leonardo had an intimate knowledge of the Shroud of Turin, which is the most important thing as far as we’re concerned because our critics have always said there was no hard or documentary evidence to link the two. Now there is.

The bottom line is that if he’s the man on the Shroud, and he painted the Saviour of the World from it, then yes, both are images of himself.

We weren’t the first or the only people to notice the resemblance between Leonardo and the Shroud. Even some who still believe it is Jesus’ relic have independently mused on the similarity!

The picture you paint (sorry!) of Leonardo is one that has provoked much controversy among art historians. Why do you think this is so?

Art historians tend to dismiss us because we’re not art historians, basically. And if we were talking about anyone other than Leonardo, they might have a point, but in his case there is a major difference.

The mistake art historians make is regarding him as just an artist. He was so much more than that in ways that Michelangelo and other big names of the day simply weren’t. Just look at his inventions – most obviously helicopters, but also sewing machines – and the enormous breadth of his interests and insights. In any case, it’s clear that Leonardo himself regarded his ability to paint amazing pictures as the least of his talents. And, more importantly, art historians routinely ignore what Leonardo’s own contemporaries always drew attention to – his playfulness, humour, love of jokes, conjuring, and illusions (at which he was highly accomplished).

Whoever faked the Shroud had to possess, to say the least, not only the mind of a genius, but also the attitude of a joker. And in order to fake Christ’s redemptive blood the hoaxer would have had to have no fear for his immortal soul. Leonardo was known to be at best an agnostic but – as our own research has shown – one could go further and describe him as a hard-core heretic.

In the light of your latest research, will you be revising your previous book on the Shroud, or do you have plans to bring out a new book?

We’re hoping there will be a revised and updated edition of our Shroud book early next year.

Thank you both very much!

To keep up with research by Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince, and to watch out for news of their revised book, visit their website.

Leonardo da Vinci’s painting, Christ as Salvator Mundi, is currently on display at The National Gallery in London.

All images courtesy of Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince.

Seven years after this book was published, some of the ideas presented in this and other similar books, have become central to the best-selling novel The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. It may seem that The Templar Revelation even provided Brown with the title of his novel: one chapter is called “The Secret Code of Leonardo Da Vinci”. Brown’s reliance on The Templar Revelation is also confirmed by the fact that he imports certain factual errors from this book (see Église Saint-Sulpice, Paris for an example).

Picknett and Prince’s book was inspired by The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail by Michael Baigent, Henry Lincoln and Richard Leigh (1982). Picknett and Prince likely took Baigent et al.’s book at face value and fully accepted their claims that the Priory of Sion was a real, medieval, secret society, while there is substantial evidence that the Priory of Sion is a late-20th-century hoax.

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