Am I Guilty of Crimethink?

I suspect this was the paragraph that freaked Rena’s Christian friends – OUT! They used Deputy Dan to DETOUR my “psychic search” for the Divine Janitor put in their Tower! I rendered a painting of Rena as the High Priestess.

“I began a psychic search for you, to feel where you were. What had become of you? I wondered if you were held a prisoner of a abusive and crazy man who had to have you all to himself. I saw that you were in a very dark dungeon. I wanted to free you. I was heart broken when I could not. I have never known such emotions. I don’t know if anyone ever has. I had to stop working on your portrait.

Rosamond Press




Below is the letter I sent Rena Easton, and the letter I was about to send. Then, I got a call from Dan Wayland saying Rena had filed a Stalking report against me.
The two letters Rena and I sent one another were reconstucted from memory and shown to the Sheriff of Gallentin County. I made this offer in the second letter;

“Rena, if you and your husband are wondering if there is money to be made from my story that makes you a central character, than wonder aloud. I needed an ending to this story. If that ending has you and your husband riding off into the sunset with the cows, the dogs, ad the cats, then I am all for it! If, that is how you, my dear and honest friend, want your story to go, then I am behind it a hundred percent.”

Since I got that…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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