Tribalism – Destructive Covert Alliances

Many People are not acting as individuals. They are forming alliances with other people and groups in order to have more power they believe they are not getting as an individual. Quite often to prove to themselves they own EXTRA POWER they will go after someone – after getting their group to back them up. This someone is covertly examined to see if he or she is empowered by their own group. If not, this person becomes THEIR TARGET. When this person responds in a defensive manner, because they are confused and not sure what, rather than, who, they are dealing with, the group makes themselves visible and OVERPOWERS THE INDIVIDUAL. THEIR TARGET is judged and often demonized, made to feel inferior, weak, and in the wrong. Extended Families are tribal. THE TRUMP TRIBE builds TOTEM TOWERS all over the world so THE CHIEF can go from tower to tower to recharge his TOWER POWER. Trump is jealous of the North Korean and Saudi Tribes. He loves the Enforcer President of the Philippines who has his HIT SQUAD.  The American Mafia never owned such power as THE TRUMP TRIBE.

It is becoming evident to others Evangelical groups have gone TRIBAL and have taken the President of the United States into their tribe. I suspect evangelicals have successfully convinced our President the Secular State Department, and the Intelligence Community should be put out of THEIR HOLY CIRCLE and not made privy to CHIEF JESUS’ MASTER PLAN. Jesus no longer represent THE INDIVIDUAL. He is a POLITICAL ANIMAL who made the Republican Party his TRIBE, his EARTH BASE. We are in deep shit – as I predicted!

Jon Presco

There is, however, one advisory group that remains largely intact and resistant to any calls to moral accountability: the President’s Evangelical Advisory Board, whose members are listed below. As of the writing of this piece, only one of this board has separated himself from the hurtful and racist apologetics coming from the White House.

Tribalism is the state of being organized in or an advocate for a tribe or tribes. In terms of conformity, tribalism may also refer in popular cultural terms to a way of thinking or behaving in which people are loyal to their own tribe or social group.[1]

Tribalism has been defined as a ‘way of being’ based upon variable combinations of kinship-based organization, reciprocal exchange, manual production, oral communication and analogical enquiry.[2] Ontologically, tribalism is oriented around the valences of analogy, genealogy and mythology. That means that customary tribes have their social foundations in some variation of

SPINDALE, North Carolina — As a court-appointed advocate for two foster boys, it was Nancy Burnette’s job to ensure they were in good hands. So as part of her casework, she visited Word of Faith Fellowship, the evangelical church they attended with the couple seeking to adopt them.

What happened next haunts her: In the middle of the service, the chanting and singing suddenly stopped, Burnette said, and the fiery pastor pointed at Burnette, accusing her of being “wicked.” ”You are here to cause strife!” she recalled Jane Whaley shouting, as she sensed congregants begin to converge upon her. “You don’t think these kids are supposed to be here!”

Terrified, Burnette left, but not before promising the boys, ages 4 and almost 2, that she would return — a promise she ultimately could not keep.

“What I didn’t know was how hard Word of Faith would fight — and the tactics they would use — to keep the kids,” Burnette told The Associated Press.

That was not the only time Word of Faith Fellowship’s leaders and members have used positions of authority, intimidation or deception to bring children into the church’s folds or keep them from leaving — often at Whaley’s behest, according to dozens of interviews and hundreds of pages of court records, police reports and social services documents obtained by the AP.

As a result, children have been introduced to sometimes violent church practices that run counter to the North Carolina laws designed to protect them, the AP found.

The state promotes “family preservation,” designed to prevent the “unnecessary placement of children away from their families.” But the AP found that some young congregants have been separated from their parents for up to a decade — bounced from family to family — as leaders strive to keep them in the church.

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