The Trillogy of Tryanny

Rubar Sandi, and the Kurds hate Erdogen, who allegedly hired Michael Flynn and his son to kidnap a Turkish cleric. The President of Lebanon may have been captured by Saudi Arabia who are at war with Yemen, with the help DynCorp. Is the Sandi group involved? It appears the Buck Institute is connected to these players.

Jon Presco

The latest allegations against former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn involving secret deals with Turkey open up some new vistas in the Mueller investigation of possible collusion between the Trump campaign and various Russian interests. For one thing, Flynn is now in so much trouble that he might more easily roll over on his former colleagues, giving Mueller information on them in order to save his own skin. For another, it shows Flynn as being so out of control that maybe he did something with respect to Russia that explains Trump’s panic-stricken firing of James Comey, as Christian Farias suggests.

The Hariri case has become just one in a profusion of bewildering events — from the Saudi Arabia’s arrest of princes and wealthy businessmen last weekend to ordering its citizens out of Lebanon on Thursday — that are escalating tensions in the Middle East and fueling anxiety about whether the region is on the verge of military conflict.

The American secretary of state Rex W. Tillerson warned Friday “against any party, within or outside Lebanon, using Lebanon as a venue for proxy conflicts or in any manner contributing to instability in that country,” a message apparently aimed at Hezbollah, Saudi Arabia and Iran.

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Even before the events of the past week, analysts and officials in the region had been increasingly anxious about what they see as a volatile combination: an impulsive, youthful Saudi leader escalating threats to roll back growing Iranian influence, an equally impulsive Trump administration signaling broad agreement with Saudi policies, and increasingly pointed warnings from Israel that it may eventually fight another war with Hezbollah.

A senior Lebanese official said President Michel Aoun told foreign ambassadors that Hariri, who resigned suddenly while in Saudi Arabia a week ago, had been “kidnapped” and should benefit from immunity as prime minister.

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