The Mind Dancers

We were Guinea Pigs. We thought we owned Flower Power, but when they started taking our blood, we got paranoid. During the 1960s the Valley became a magnet for “Flower Children” from San Francisco, who set up camps and other unconventional abodes in the hills of San Geronimo Valley, much to the horror of many Valley residents.
In 1972 a Countywide Plan was proposed for adoption by the Marin County Board of Supervisors, and was adopted in 1973, emphasizing low density and the preservation of open space, rural areas, and agriculture. Also in 1972, Lagunitas resident Jean Berensmeier was informed that growth was a-comin’ to the Valley, based on the 1961 Valley Master Plan. “

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I quit taking drugs in 1967 and encourage others to stop. I gave lessons to Rena Easton about Meher Baba. Darian lived in the Mel Lyman commune in 1970 to…….? I lived down the street that year. Rena became a dancer. Darian lives in Marin County. She married Dennis Hopper.

The Gideon Computer is about the Last Hippie Standing. This blog preserves the history of Hippies and the Bohemians. I do not promote drugs.


Dropped out of University of California, where she studied Anthropology, to make her acting debut in Zabriskie Point (1970). Following filming, she lived in the Mel Lyman-led Boston commune with her Zabriskie Point co-star Mark Frechette, who after robbing a bank, died in prison. In May 1972 she married Dennis Hopper.Halprin studied with Fritz Perl, the creator of Gestalt Therapy, and she has a Master’s in Psychology. She is co-founder (with her…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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