The Fountain of Eternal Return

I blogged on another mural under attack by a group of Native Americans. The attck on Benton’s mural is not only synchronistic, but prophetic. Here is proof I am a Prophet. People hate me. Why? Royal Rosamond Press was founded in 1997 as a newspaper dedicated to the protection, and the preservation of The Arts. The attack upon the Rosamond-Benton Creative Legacy began minutes after my late sister, Christine Rosamond Benton, was pronounced dead. My un-talented brother and sister kept me from the meeting that was held in my famous sister’s house in Pebble Beach. They got behind a Art Forger and her biography that another ghost writer completed. Not once is the world-famous artist Thomas Hart Benton, mentioned in their book if lies.
Today, I announce I am the protector and preserver of Thomas’ artistic legacy, and guardian-caretaker of the Lost Synchromism Movement co-founded by Stanton MacDonald Wright. This movement is under attack by Oscar de la Torre and AIM.
Today I saw our black President give a speech for the 150th Anniversry of the Emancipation of Slaves. However, my kindred, Jessie Benton, and her husband, John Fremont, emancipated the slaves of Missouri several years before.
“Latino activist Oscar de la Torre declared war on the 74-year-old art work last week and vowed to launch a campaign to “take this mural down”
Calling it “the Santa Monica confederate flag,” De la Torre said the mural is an insult to Native Americans because it shows them “bowing down to the Spaniards who came and oppressed and murdered and committed genocide in the Americas.”

Rosamond Press


Yesterday I discovered my Fountain of Youth. For a year now I have been preparing my chapter on Marilyn Reed. With this discovery I will now try to get out my first book in a month from now. Posting on this blog will slow to a trickle.

Native peoples have declared cultural warfare on a mural, a work of art rendered by the mentor of the muralist, Thomas Hart Benton. I have found a Cultural El Dorado, a Civic La Brea Tar Pit that will allow me to establish ‘Little Bohemia’ in the Sawtelle that was recently renamed ‘Japantown’. Whoa! Not so fast! They should have consulted the Art Detective! How about a Master Augur? There are real rules one must follow. You just can’t lay new lines over old lines and rename cities, or, you are going to find yourself stuck in a cultural no-man’s-land, up to your neck in dinosaur…

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