Judaic Kingdom of Adiabene

This is of great interest to Rubar Sandi who is on the board of the Buck Institute – that will be linked to the attack on Thomas Benton’s mural.

Rosamond Press


Above is a photo of the powerful and wealthy kingdom of Adiabene that backed the Jews of Jerusalem in every way.  Why didn’t Jesus go here to teach, or, Paul, who was looking for more proselytes? Surely foreign prophets from Adiabene went to Jerusalem to preach to aliens, and Jews who had converted to Helenism. There had to be foreign Rabbis.

The Jewish Historian Josephus was a quisling descended from King David, thus, he had a vested interest in putting other royal people in a bad light, such as, having royal siblings marry each other and have children.

Jon Presco

Once part of the Assyrian heartland, Adiabene was annexed by the expanding Persian empire in the 6th century BC. Xenophon’s 10,000 passed through on their way to the Black Sea, and Alexander’s final confrontation with Darius III was at Gaugamela – probably in the territory of Adiabene east of Mosul. It…

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