Bret Harte and Jessie Benton

With the attack on Benton’s mural, I assume led by a black group, arrives the evidence, and reason, this blog is pertinent. Laziness and Ignorance go hand in hand. I work ten hours a day on this blog – and have just touched the surface of who I AM. To turn over one’s I AM to a mindless mob is the epidemy of laziness. Lazy Minds full of Fake Religious Causes put Lazy Trump in office. He refuses to do the assignment. This is YOUR LIFE. There are a thousand bridges to cross, guarded by ten thousand uncultured bigots and fools, who like water, seek the lowest course. Our Democracy dug a ditch to the Devil’s Outhouse, and we are all covered in shit!

Rosamond Press


Jessie Benton was a famous Abolitionist whose husband, John Fremont, was a the first presidential candidate for the Abolitionist Republican Party he co-founded. John was the first to emancipate slaves in America. My late sister, the world famous artist, Christine Rosamond Benton, is in Jessie’s family tree.

With my connections to the opening of the historic Mim’s House, my family history is now current and applicable to much of Oregon’s history. I believe I am the Heir to much of Oregon’s Western Style literature that Harte and Mark Twain made famous. Both men attended the Salon that Jessie held in San Francisco. My newspaper has been passed a Grail that H.L. Mencken brought west. My prophetic story ‘The Godzilla Run’ is in the style of Harte and Twain.

Here is Jessie’s father, Senator Thomas Hart Benton, on slavery. We need monuments to the Benton family and John Fremont in Oregon.

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