My Natal and Sober Birthday

Today is my natal birthday. No one who shares my DNA will wish me a happy birthday. This is because I continue to question the accounts surrounding the alleged drowning of my famous sister at Rocky Point. For this reason, I will transfer The Family Miracle of Recovery over to my sober birthday April 7. Christine’s funeral fell on her first sober birthday. In ‘When You Close Your Eyes’ Rosamond is demonized, her twelve step program nullified by her ex-husband, Garth Benton, who is given another dievorce hearing by Snyder and Pierrot who hired several ghost writers to tell OUR FAMILY STORY.

None of the outsiders – who were sold our creative legacy by the law firm of Robert Brevoort Buck – are/were, members of Alcoholic Anonymous, whose success is built upon Anonymity. This is why I was horrified to read the input of several brothers and sisters in AA. Meinda and Mike McCurdy are/were members of AA, were the neighbors of the Bentons, and, Mike worked in the Rosamond gallery. Then there is ‘The Public Sharing’ of Marian Sayler who was Christine’s sponsor – thus she knew of all the outside controversies, such as, Garth fighting the adult Heir in court to become executor – after Jacci Belford and Vicki dropped out.

Anonymity is a Core Principle of AA

Alcoholics Anonymous is community based self-help group where alcoholics come together to help each other. From the early days of this movement the concept of anonymity was important. This is not only to protect the individual but also the group as a whole. In the meetings the members will discuss personal matters that they may not wish to be known outside the rooms. Anonymity also prevents strong personalities from dominating the movement in order to seek personal glory. It is unlikely that this organization could have survived if it wasn’t for anonymity principle.”

Tom talks about Christine’s millionaire friends. The idea of the surviving creative and sober brother going forward with the Family Literary, Artistic, and Sober Legacy, has been successfully SQASHED! There will be no talk about his twelve years of sobriety (when book was published)

““Christine and I met while I was living with my husband,” Sande says, “who had a mural painted by Garth Benton, together with some Rosamond originals. I’d heard of Rosamond and remembered her work from the 1970’s, though I knew nothing of Garth. But one of our favorite places to go – my husband had a private jet that could take us anywhere on a moments notice – was the Monterey Peninsula. We’d fly in whenever we wanted, a limousine would pick us up, and we’d hang out for a few days!”

On page 166 we get more inside stuff from Mike McCurdy;

“So was Christine’s death untimely? Maybe it was, maybe it wasn’t. was she afraid of the ocean? Mike said she told him that she was terrified of the water. Yet there she is, even saying that a big wave could take her. And it did. How about that for the mystery of life?

Snyder and Mike do not talk about this big wave taking Drew into the mystery, into the water. For some strange reason, this alleged fact is not – THAT MYSTERIOUS – because Drew is only a budding eight year old artist – and not a world famous member of AA! Why isn’t Drew terrified of the water? Like mother, like daughter? Ask her!

Vicki told me Christine accused Garth of having a incestuous relationship with his daughter Drew, which would be a motive for disappearing Rosamond’s autobiography, and other things. I had put off reading ALL of Sneaky Snyder’s lies until four months ago. I am still in shock! The Special Executor, Sydney Morris, is HEARING AND READING THINGS. Why exactly did he decide selling everything to Pierrot – was the solution? Read this! Instead of Garth being labeled a ‘Sexual Abuser’ in my sister’s autobiography, we see a posthumous flip-flop that could only have occurred, posthumously, when the Famous Person lost control of her Soap Box.

“Her mother had stolen her boyfriends from Christine when she was in her very early teens – and by the time Christine’s daughter was in her early teens, she was fully capable of doing the same.”

What family member told Snyder – this lie! “Early teens” would suggest – thirteen?

“Garth recalls an encounter between Clint eastwood and Christine that reflected her rising malaise.”

Christine is beaten down by this alleged sexual theft of Shannon Rosamond – who is thirteen?

“Yet, it was not so much that Christine was baffled; she simply felt beaten, and had given up. Her own mother had been enough for Christine to bear, now to be saddled with a daughter that was every bit Rosemary, and then some, was more than Christine could handle.”

Hours after my sister drowned, an evil game of Qualifying  and Disqualifying, began. Vicki and Mark invited the outsiders to come and play. My siblings were behind Garth during the divorce. The ex is not DISQUALIFIED, because Drew is an Heir. At eight, Drew knew this game.


Rosemary – Gave birth to famous artist.

Jon Gregory – Was Rosamond’s mentor.

Shannon – was the adult Heir.

Christine – out of there due to untimely death!

Sydeny Morris gave Pierrot permission to write a biography – and make a movie. The book was a BIG FLOP. Pierrot made a deal with Julie Lynch to author a book, and make a movie. Julie wrote two scripts. ‘Denim and Silk’ was going to be broadcast on the silver screen for all my friends and neighbors to see. And ‘Before The Wave’ was going to be a HBO series. My nieces would receive no monies from the movie and series.

I will no longer honor my natal birthday. No one in Snyder’s book cares a rat’s ass about my sobriety, and whether my Creative Integrity has been corrupted – or whether or not I have been sexually abused? This is no SHOUT OUT to me from my brothers and sisters in AA from Pierrot’s Books of The Liars! The Newcomer is always honored in AA, and never famous Dead Drunks. Christine’s anonymity is severely broken – when dead! She is put side by side with a man who hated her, and she hated in turn. Garth Benton destroys my sister’s reputation.

Why didn’t Sydney Morris of Heisinger, Morris, Rose, and Buck, give Shannon Rosamond permission to write a traditional tell-all book, wherein she might confess stealing her mother’s lovers – FOR PROFIT? Oh sure her reputation would be ruined, and all her friends would gossip about her on their I-phones, but, it would be THE HEIR laughing all the way to the bank after signing a movie deal.

The only answer can be, Sydney Morris was contacted in order to protect Garth’s reputation. I am sure Shannon was not shown her mother’s DISAPEARED TELL-ALL AUTOBIOGRAPHY. Garth had wealthy clients and friends, including Gordon Getty and his financial advisor, Lawrence Chazen, who in court, tried to become the Special Executor after Judge Silver disqualified my ex-brother-in-law. He was dismissed because he was the No.1 creditor and ex-partner in first Rosamond gallery.

Keep coming back. It works if you work it.


“Keep coming back, John Gregory Presco!……………….IT WORKS!”

A funny thing happened to me this morning on my way to gather evidence almost ALL tell-all books are written by victims of abuse! I could not GET TO the articles via the hedge of AD THORNS! There was EXPLOITATION – along the whole way!

From now on, when I get lonely, and long to hear how my family is doing, I’ll just pick up Snooty Snyder’s, and Uppity Sydney’s ritzy biography.

‘Artists and Millionaires Gone Hog Wild’

Jon Presco


A college-age artist, Jennifer Spencer, and her sister are raped by a group of young men, after being betrayed by female friend Ray Parkins. The brutal rape leaves Jennifer’s sister in a vegetative state from the physical and emotional trauma. Ten years later, Spencer seeks revenge on the attackers.

When she began writing the script, her main character was engaging in meaningless sex and drinking heavily to suppress the memory of a gang rape during college. Lynch believed the gang rape served as a metaphor for her own childhood trauma, not something she had experienced while enrolled at Villanova University in Philadelphia.

However, in the final stages of production, Lynch met a music supervisor who knew some fraternity guys from her days at Villanova. Hearing the names of those guys triggered a memory, and suddenly she realized she was the one who had been gang raped. For years, she had suppressed the traumatic event.

Jan Kerouac began to speak out against Sampas’s handling of the estate, arguing that her father’s archive should be deposited in a single collection with a university library.

A harrowing chronicle of alcoholism and self-doubt, Big Sur finds Kerouac replacing his alter ego Sal Paradise from On the Road with another troubled, thinly veiled stand-in, Jack Duluoz. Five years after a New York Times review of On the Road compared the novel’s importance to that of Ernest Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises and proclaimed Kerouac the “avatar” of the Beats, Big Sur received a decidedly more mixed reception.

Anonymity in AA

Anonymity is a Core Principle of AA

Alcoholics Anonymous is community based self-help group where alcoholics come together to help each other. From the early days of this movement the concept of anonymity was important. This is not only to protect the individual but also the group as a whole. In the meetings the members will discuss personal matters that they may not wish to be known outside the rooms. Anonymity also prevents strong personalities from dominating the movement in order to seek personal glory. It is unlikely that this organization could have survived if it wasn’t for anonymity principle.

Anonymity in the AA Traditions

The 12 Traditions are the guiding principles of AA. The last 3 of these traditions brush upon the importance of anonymity in the organization:

* Alcoholics Anonymous has no opinion on outside issues; hence the A.A. name ought never be drawn into public controversy.
* Our public relations policy is based on attraction rather than promotion; we need always maintain personal anonymity at the level of press, radio, and films.
* Anonymity is the spiritual foundation of all our traditions, ever reminding us to place principles before personalities.

The Reasons for Anonymity

There are a number of reasons why anonymity is needed in Alcoholics Anonymous including:

* There is a bit of a social stigma attached to being a recovering alcoholic. Some individuals are happy to share their past history with everyone, but others are more reticent about this. This is because admitting their alcoholism could cause problems in their life; people might treat them differently because of it. The principle of anonymity means that they can benefit from the group without having to admit this information publically.
* People would be less likely to turn to AA for help if they believed they would be identified, or if there was any type of attendance record kept.
* At most AA meetings they will read the following warning: what you see here, what you hear here, when you leave here, let it stay here. This is to remind members not to repeat anything they have heard in the meetings. Those who speak or share at the meetings will disclose personal information that they may not want to become common knowledge. If such information were to be divulged outside of the rooms it could embarrass them or even have legal ramifications.
* Anonymity can encourage humility
* If people are identified as members of AA they will be viewed by members of the public as representatives of the group. Should they behave badly then this will reflect badly on the group as a whole. Therefore anonymity should make it harder for individuals to bring the whole group into disrepute.
* Anonymity prevents individual members from aligning the organization with any political, religious, or social cause. By having no opinion on outside issues, the group is made more appealing to a greater number of people. It also means that they are less likely to be dragged into any controversies. No member acts as spokesperson for the group. The preamble of AA states:

> A.A. is not allied with any sect, denomination, politics, organization or institution; does not wish to engage in any controversy, neither endorses nor opposes any causes.

* Some people have strong personalities and a strong need for fame. Such individuals could use AA as a promotional tool for themselves. Anonymity prevents this from occurring.

Breaking Anonymity in AA

Most members of AA will break anonymity on at least some level, but still remain within the spirit of the principle. It is acceptable that the individual tells family and friends that they are a member of the organization. It is also necessary for them to admit their affiliation if they are trying to help an acquaintance who is struggling with addiction. There are other instances where breaking anonymity is more dubious:

* There are a number of celebrities who openly admit that they are members of the AA. The worry is that such people may be viewed as representatives of the group. If they should relapse it will also damage the reputation of AA.
* It is never acceptable to break the anonymity of another individual who is a member of AA. This can happen with just a slip of the tongue. Members need to be careful when they meet outside the group so as not to raise questions of how they know each other. This is why some members will ignore other members outside of the group unless they feel it is safe to communicate.
* One of the biggest concerns about anonymity is when members attempt to speak for the group at a media level.

Anonymity Problems in AA

Anonymity is a noble principle but it is impossible to completely protect the identity of members. Some even claim that anonymity is a collective fiction. Most cities will have open meetings where any member of the public can walk in to observe. Even at closed meetings there can be members who are prepared to break the tradition of anonymity. Most people who go to an AA meeting will relapse, and alcohol is renowned for its ability to loosen tongues.

Julie Lynch – Sexpot

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EDITOR’S NOTE: Keep in mind there exist a 276 page autobiography that Christine Rosamond wrote, that has been closeted – disappeared. Any movie based upon Christine’s words would belong to my two nieces, and the outsiders would not get any money. Outsiders did not want my nieces, or myself, to author a biography for the same reason. They were not in Christine’s Will. Consider what Walter Keane did to Margaret Keane in the movie ‘Big Eyes’. This is IDENTITY THEFT!


Denim and Silk: The True Life Story of Rosamond (Drama/Biopic) by Julie Lynch
Duster (Action/Drama) by Micah Wright & Jay Lender
Friendly Fire (Action Adventure) by Cecile Silvers
Heaven & Nell (Modern Fantasy) by Wendy Wheeler

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