Tale of Two Cities

I just had an encouter with a gentleman named Kirk. He knows the network of pipes under the cemented symbols from another dimension. Here is my e-mail. braskewitz@yahoo.com Marilyn’s brother was a disciple of Anton Wilson who signed his copy of ‘The Cosmic Trigger. Wilson explores the Net of Coincidence, as does Dr. Beitman who Christine heard on the radio. When I saw the boy creating art with a wheelchair, the photo of Stefan with bicycle wheel came to mind. I then noticed the pink lines marking spaces reserved for artists – that had not yet appeared!
“please provide time and location…who knows…we might make it…….”
“Synchronicity literally means “moving together in time.” Dr. Beitman explained it in some of his writings as “the surprise that occurs when a thought in the mind is mirrored by an external event to which it has no apparent causal connection.”

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On August 13, 2015,  “reality portal” opened connecting New York City to Springfield Oregon when Christine Wandel and Marilyn Reed spoke for the first time on the telephone. Good Cosmic Sparks like Zephyrs, criss-crossed the continent. In June I invited Christine and Stefan to the Whiteaker Block Party. On FB Stefan replied – the day before the event.

“please provide time and location…who knows…we might make it…….”

After attending the Springfield Art Walk, I met a woman who invited me to the Chalk Festival. Betty looks like Marge Simpson. On Sunday I talked to Christine about the Synchronicity that was going on. She told me she listened to a talk on this subject, Saturday, on Coast to Coast. A week after meeting Stefan, Christine told me I conjured him up, and brought him into her life because she was besieged, and I could not be there.

“You need a friend, someone on your…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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